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CentAUR - Quick Guide for new depositors

Access and log in

  1. or off campus
  2. Log in with your Reading username and password. Reading staff only
  3. Go to 'Manage Deposits' and choose 'New item' or 'Import item'

Timesaving tips

  1. Avoid adding duplicates: search your publications on CentAUR first to check whether your co-author has already added it
  2. Complete only the mandatory fields (red asterisks) and the Funders and Projects fields
  3. Use the 'Import' option on the Manage Deposits page to populate the key bibliographic fields for journal articles. (import via DOI, PubMed ID)

What to add

  1. Bibliographic details: (author, title etc.) for all recent research publications that are published or accepted for publication (in press) and for other research outputs that have reached the public domain through exhibition or performance. They should usually be a peer reviewed or equivalent research output.
  2. Full Text:
    1. The associated full text for all journal articles and conference proceedings, if practical and if allowed by the publisher's copyright agreement. For further information see copyright guidelines. Please note:
      1. Most publishers do not permit the deposit of the publisher's typeset PDF
      2. More publishers allow the postprint (i.e. author prepared final version after peer review, as accepted for publication but not in the publisher's typesetting)
      If you are in doubt, attach both versions. We will delete one or both if not allowed
    2. The full text for all other types of publication or output is optional, although a representative version or excerpt is appreciated
  3. Format of full text: this should be in a human readable format and usually saved as a PDF

Older publications

  1. Older publications can be added but may wait for many months to be checked and made live by CentAUR staff. Priority is given to checking REF period publications (2008 owards.)
  2. Items published before you joined the University can be added

Making your deposit publicly visible

Once you have completed the deposit process for your publication, repository staff will check it and make it 'live'.

The Service note, linked from your Manage Deposits page when you log in, indicates current processing timescales. Contact if you need an item to be made live urgently.

Last updated: 17th May 2012

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