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Chapman, R. (2008) Producing Inequalities: Regional Sequences in Later Prehistoric Southern Spain. Journal of World Prehistory, 21 (3-4). pp. 195-260. ISSN 0892-7537 doi: 10.1007/s10963-008-9014-y

Chapman, R.W. (2003) Beyond the archaeology of death. Historiae Mortis, 1. pp. 1-12.

Chapman, R.W. (2003) Death, society and archaeology: the social dimensions of mortuary practices. Mortality, 8 (3). pp. 308-315. ISSN 1469-9885 doi: 10.1080/13576270310001599849

Book or Report Section

Chapman, R. and Wylie, A. (2015) Material evidence: learning from archaeological practice. In: Chapman, R. and Wylie, A. (eds.) Material Evidence. Learning from archaeological practice. Routledge, New York and London, pp. 1-20. ISBN 9780415837453

Chapman, R. (2014) Scales, interaction and movement in later Mediterranean prehistory. In: Souvatzi, S. and Hadji, A. (eds.) Space and Time in Mediterranean Prehistory. Routledge Studies in Archaeology. Routledge, New York and London, pp. 32-48. ISBN 9780415837323

Chapman, R. (2010) Downsizers, upgraders, cultural constructors and social producers. In: Alt, S. M. (ed.) Ancient complexities: new perspectives in pre-Columbian North America. University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City, pp. 205-219. ISBN 9781607810261

Chapman, R. (2009) Working with the dead. In: Sayer, D. and Williams, H. (eds.) Mortuary practices and social identities in the Middle Ages. University of Exeter Press, UK, pp. 23-37. ISBN 9780859898317

Chapman, R. (2007) Evolution, complexity and the state. In: Kohring, S. and Wynne-Jones, S. (eds.) Socialising Complexity. Structure, Interaction and Power in Social Discourse. Oxbow Books, Oxford, pp. 13-28. ISBN 9781842172940

Chapman, R.W. (2006) Alternative states. In: Habu, J., Fawcett, C. and Matsunaga, J. (eds.) Beyond Nationalist, Colonialist and Imperialist Archaeologies: Evaluating Multiple Narratives. UNSPECIFIED.

Chapman, R. (2006) Middle Woodland/Hopewell. A view from beyond the periphery. In: Charles, D.K. and Buikstra, J.E. (eds.) Recreating Hopewell. University of Florida Press, Gainesville, pp. 510-528.

Chapman, R.W. (2005) Changing social relations in the Mediterranean Copper and Bronze Ages. In: Blake, E. and Knapp, A.B. (eds.) The Archaeology of Mediterranean Prehistory. Blackwell, Oxford, pp. 77-101.

Chapman, R.W. (2005) Food systems, power structures and social differentiation: case studies from the prehistoric Mediterranean. In: Kuijt, I. and Prentiss, W.C. (eds.) Social and Economic Dynamics among New World and Old World Middle-Range Societies: Changing Food Systems and New Power Structures. University of Arizona Press.

Chapman, R.W. (2005) Mortuary analysis. A matter of time? In: Rakita, G.F.M., Buikstra, J.E., Beck, L.A. and Williams, S.R. (eds.) Interacting with the Dead. Perspectives on Mortuary Archaeology for the New Millennium. University Press of Florida, Gainesville, pp. 25-40.

Chapman, R.W. (2003) Other archaeologies and disciplines: mortuary analysis in the twenty-first century. In: Jeske, R.J. and Charles, D.K. (eds.) Theory, Method and Practice in Modern Archaeology. Praeger, Westport, pp. 3-13.


Chapman, R. and Wylie, A. (2015) Material evidence: learning from archaeological practice. Routledge, New York and London, pp380. ISBN 9780415837453

Chapman, R.W. and Black, S. (2006) (on the Vera Basin). UNSPECIFIED.

Chapman, R.W. (2003) Archaeologies of complexity. Routledge, London.

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