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Thomas, G., Pluskowski, A., Gilchrist, R., Ruiz, G. G.-C., Andrén, A., Augenti, A., Astill, G., Staecker, J. and Valk, H. (2017) Religious transformations in the Middle Ages: towards a new archaeological agenda. Medieval Archaeology, 61 (2). ISSN 0076-6097 doi: 10.1080/00766097.2017.1374764 (In Press)

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Gilchrist, R. (2006) Fornleifafræði og lífshlaup: Tími, aldur og kyngervi. In: Kristjánsdóttir, S. (ed.) Kynjafornleifafræði. Ólafía Rit Fornleifafræðingafélags Íslands I, Reykjavik, pp. 77-96.

Gilchrist, R. (2005) Cuidando a los muertos: las mujeres medievales en las pampa fúnebres familiares (Taking care to the Dead: the medieval women in the family funeral Pompas ). Treballs d'Arqueologie, 11. pp. 51-72. ISSN 1134-9263

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Gilchrist, R. (2003) Introduction: towards a social archaeology of warfare. World Archaeology, 35 (1). pp. 1-6. ISSN 0043-8243 doi: 10.1080/0043824032000078045

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