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Rutherford, I. (2012) Grecheskaya Poetika i Blishini Vostik: problemi i perspektivi (Greek poetics and the Near East: problems and perspectives). Arbor Mundi, 12. pp. 46-62.

Rutherford, I. and Mouton, A. (2010) The sun deity of the Hilammar: an unnoticed 'Pan-Luwian' deity? Bibliotheca Orientalis, 67 (3-4). pp. 276-281. ISSN 0006-1913 doi: 10.2143/BIOR.67.3.2057456

Rutherford, I. (2007) Network theory and theoric networks. Mediterranean Historical Review, 22 (1). pp. 23-37. ISSN 1743-940X doi: 10.1080/09518960701538523

Rutherford, I. (2006) Preface. Journal of ancient Near Eastern religions, 6 (1). pp. 1-8. ISSN 1569-2124 doi: 10.1163/156921206780602663

Rutherford, I. C. (2004) The Keian theoria to Delphi: neglected data from the accounts of the Delphic naopoioi (CID 2.1-28). Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik, 147. pp. 107-114. ISSN 0084-5388

Book or Report Section

Rutherford, I. (2013) The immortal words of Paean. In: Faraone, C. A. and Obbink, D. (eds.) The Getty Hexameters: Poetry, Magic, and Mystery in Ancient Selinous. Oxford University Press, pp. 157-170. ISBN 9780199664108

Rutherford, I. (2013) Dithyrambus, Thriambos, Triumphus: Dionysiac discourse at Rome. In: Kowalzig, B. and Wilson, P. (eds.) The Dithyramb in context. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 409-423. ISBN 9780199574681

Rutherford, I. (2013) Luwian religion, a research project: the case of 'Hittite' augury. In: Mouton, A., Rutherford, I. and Yakubovich, I. (eds.) Luwian Identities. Culture, Language and Religion Between Anatolia and the Aegean. Culture and History of the Ancient Near East (64). Brill, Leiden, pp. 329-343. ISBN 9789004252790

Rutherford, I. (2013) Strictly ballroom: Egyptian Mousike and Plato's comparative poetics. In: Peponi, A.-E. (ed.) Performance and Culture in Plato's Laws. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 67-86. ISBN 9781107016873

Rutherford, I. C. (2012) Travel and pilgrimage in Roman Egypt. In: Riggs, C. (ed.) The Oxford Companion to Roman Egypt. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 701-716. ISBN 9780199571451

Rutherford, I. (2012) On the impossibility of Centaurs: the reception of Pindar in the Roman Empire. In: Agocs, P., Carey, C. and Rawles, R. (eds.) Receiving the Komos. Ancient and Modern Receptions of the Victory Ode. BICS Supplement (112). Institute of Classical Studies, London, pp. 93-104. ISBN 9781905670345

Rutherford, I. (2011) Mythology of the Black Land: Greek myths and Egyptian origins. In: Dowden, K. and Livingstone, N. (eds.) A companion to Greek mythology. Blackwell companions to the ancient world. Blackwells, Chichester, pp. 459-470. ISBN 9781405111782

Rutherford, I. (2011) Singing myth: Pindar. In: Dowden, K. and Livingstone, N. (eds.) A companion to Greek mythology. Blackwell companions to the ancient world. Blackwells, Chicester, pp. 109-123. ISBN 9781405111782

Rutherford, I. (2011) Ea and the beast: the Hittite text and its relation to the Greek poetry. In: Hutter, M. and Hutter-Braunsar , S. (eds.) Hethitische Literatur: Überliefe­rungs­pro­zesse, Text­strukturen, Ausdrucksformen und Nachwirken. Akten des Sym­posiums vom 18. bis 20. Februar 2010 in Bonn. Alter Orient und Altes Testament (391). Ugarit-Verlag, Münster, pp. 217-226. ISBN 9783868350630

Rutherford, I. (2010) 'The Thearion of the Pythian one': the Aeginetan Thearoi in context. In: Fearn, D. (ed.) Aegina: contexts for choral lyric poetry: myth, history, and identity in the fifth century BC. Oxford University Press, Oxford , pp. 114-128. ISBN 9780199546510

Rutherford, I. (2010) Canonizing the Pantheon: the Dodekatheon in Greek religion and its origins. In: Bremmer, J. and Erskine, A. (eds.) The gods of ancient Greece: identities and transformations. Edinburgh Leventis Studies (5). Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, pp. 43-55. ISBN 9780748637980

Rutherford, I. (2009) Bilingualism in Roman Egypt: exploring the archive of Phatres of Narmuthis. In: Evans, T.V. and Obbink, D.D. (eds.) The language of the papyri. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 198-207. ISBN 9780199237081

Rutherford, I. (2009) Aristodama and the Aetolians. An itinerant poetess and her agenda. In: Rutherford, I. and Hunter, R. (eds.) Wandering Poets in Ancient Greek culture: Travel, locality, and Pan-hellenism. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 237-248. ISBN 9780521898782

Rutherford, I. (2009) Black sails to Achilles. Pilgrimage and initiation in Philostratus' Heroicus. In: Bowie, E. and Elsner, J. (eds.) Philostratus. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 230-247. ISBN 9780521827201

Rutherford, I. (2009) Hesiod and the literary traditions of the Near East. In: Montanri, F., Rengakos, A. and Tsagalis, C. (eds.) Brill's companion to Hesiod. Brill, Leiden, pp. 9-35. ISBN 9789004178403

Rutherford, I. C. (2009) The Koan-Delian ritual complex. Apollo and Theoria in a sacred law from Kos. In: Athanassaki, R.P. and Miller, J.F. (eds.) Apolline politics and poetics: international symposium, Delphi 4-11 July 2003. Hellenic Ministry of Culture: European Cultural Centre at Delphi, Athens, pp. 655-687. ISBN 9789608852044

Rutherford, I. (2008) 'When you go to the meadow, do not pull the cord.' The performance of the taptara-women in the Hittite funerary ritual. In: Suter, A. (ed.) Lament studies in the Ancient Mediterranean and beyond. Oxford UP, New York, pp. 73-84. ISBN 9780195336924

Rutherford, I. (2007) The Song of the Zintuhis. Choral and ritual in Anatolia and Greece. In: Collins, B. J., Bachvarova, M. and Rutherford, I. (eds.) Anatolian interfaces: Hittites, Greeks and their neighbours: proceedings of an international conference on cross-cultural interaction, September 17-19, 2004. Oxbow Books, Oxford, pp. 73-84. ISBN 9781842179635

Rutherford, I. (2007) Achilles and the Sallis Wastais ritual. Performing death in Greece and Anatolia. In: Laneri, N. (ed.) Performing Death. Social analyses of funerary traditions in the ancient Near East and Mediterranean. Oriental Institute, Chicago, pp. 223-236. ISBN 1885923503

Rutherford, I. (2007) Theoria and theatre at Samothrace. The Dardanos of Dymas. In: Wilson, P. (ed.) The Greek theatre and festivals documentary studies. Oxford Studies in Ancient Documents. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 279-293. ISBN 9780199277476

Rutherford, I. (2007) Trouble in Snake Town. Interpreting an oracle from Hierapolis-Pamukkale. In: Swain, S., Harrison, S. and Elsner, J. (eds.) Severan culture. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 449-457. ISBN 9780521859820

Rutherford, I. C. (2004) Khoros heis ek tesde tes polews: song-dance and state pilgrimage at Athens. In: Murray, P. and Wilson, P. (eds.) Music and the muses: the culture of 'mousike' in the classical Athenian city. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, pp. 67-90. ISBN 9780199242399

Rutherford, I. C. (2004) Theoria and the Olympic Games: a neglected aspect of ancient athletics. In: Kaila, M. (ed.) The Olympic Games in antiquity. Bring forth rain and bear fruit. Atropos, Athens, Greece, pp. 171-183. ISBN 9789608325739

Rutherford, I. C. (2004) Women singers and the religious organisation of Hatti: on the interpretation of CTH235.7, CTH235.2 and other texts. In: Hutter, M. and Hutter-Braunsar, S. (eds.) Offizielle Religion, lokale Kulte und individuelle Religiosität. Ugarit-Verlag, Münster, Germany, pp. 377-394. ISBN 9783934628588

Rutherford, I. C. (2003) Pilgrimage in Greco-Roman Egypt: new perspectives on graffiti from the Memnonion at Abydos. In: Roemer, C. and Matthews, R. (eds.) Ancient perspectives on Egypt. Encounters with ancient Egypt, 7. UCL Press, London, UK, pp. 171-190. ISBN 9781844720026

Rutherford, I. C. (2003) The prosodion: approaches to a lyric genre. In: Benedetti, F. and Grandolini, S. (eds.) Studi di filologia e tradizione greca in memoria di Aristide Colonna. Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane, Naples, Italy, pp. 713-726.

Conference or Workshop Item

Rutherford, I. (2005) The dance of the wolf-men of Ankuwa. Networks, amphictionies and pilgrimage in Hittite religion. In: The 5th International Congress of Hittitology, Corum, pp. 623-37. (Unpublished)


Rutherford, I. (2013) State pilgrims and sacred observers in Ancient Greece. A study of Theōriā and Theōroi. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. ISBN 9781107038226

Rutherford, I. (2013) Luwian identities: culture, language and religion between Anatolia and the Aegean. Culture and History of the Ancient Near East, 64. Brill, Leiden, pp604. ISBN 9789004252790

Rutherford, I. and Hunter, R., eds. (2009) Wandering poets in Ancient Greek culture: travel, locality, and Pan-hellenism. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp328. ISBN 9780521898782

Collins, B. J., Bachvarova, M. and Rutherford, I. C., eds. (2007) Anatolian interfaces. Oxbow Books, Oxford. ISBN 9781842179635

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