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Murphy, P. (2011) Britain and the Commonwealth: confronting the past - imagining the future. Round Table: the Commonwealth Journal of Commonwealth International Affairs, 100 (414). pp. 267-283. ISSN 1474-029X doi: 10.1080/00358533.2011.574901

Murphy, P. (2010) A police state? The Nyasaland emergency and colonial intelligence. Journal of South African Studies, 36 (4). pp. 765-780. ISSN 1465-3893 doi: 10.1080/03057070.2010.527634

Murphy, P. (2008) Independence Day and the crown. Round Table, 97 (398). pp. 667-676. ISSN 1474-029x doi: 10.1080/00358530802327852

Murphy, P. V. (2006) Breaking the bad news: plans for the announcement to the Empire of the death of Elizabeth II and the proclamation of her successor, 1952-67. The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, 34 (1). pp. 139-154. ISSN 1743-9329 doi: 10.1080/03086530500412173

Murphy, P. V. (2006) 'An intricate and distasteful subject': British planning for the use of force against the European settlers of Central Africa, 1952-65. English Historical Review, CXXI (492). pp. 746-777. ISSN 0013-8266 doi: 10.1093/ehr/cel105

Murphy, P. V. (2005) By invitation only: Lord Mountbatten, Prince Philip, and the attempt to create a Commonwealth ‘Bilderberg group’, 1964–66. The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, 33 (2). pp. 245-265. ISSN 1743-9329 doi: 10.1080/03086530500123853

Murphy, P. (2003) The African queen? Republicanism and defensive decolonization in British tropical Africa, 1958–64. Twentieth Century British History, 14 (3). pp. 243-263. ISSN 1477-4674 doi: 10.1093/tcbh/14.3.243

Murphy, P. (2003) Censorship, declassification and the history of end of empire in Central Africa. African Research and Documentation (92). pp. 3-26. ISSN 0305-862X

Lanfranco, A. M., Schofield, P. F., Murphy, P. J., Hodson, M. E., Mosselmans, J. F. W. and Valsami-Jones, E. (2003) Characterization and identification of mixed-metal phosphates in soils: the application, of Raman spectroscopy. Mineralogical Magazine, 67 (6). pp. 1299-1316. ISSN 0026-461X doi: 10.1180/0026461036760166

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Murphy, P. (2011) Britain as a global power in the twentieth century. In: Thompson, A. (ed.) Britain's Experience of Empire in the Twentieth Century. Oxford History of the British Empire. Companion series. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 33-75. ISBN 9780199236589 doi: 10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199236589.003.0002

Murphy, P. (2009) South African intelligence, the Wilson plot and post-Imperial trauma. In: Major, P. and Moran, C. R. (eds.) Spooked: Britain, Empire and Intelligence since 1945. Cambridge Scholars Press, Newcastle, pp. 97-118. ISBN 9781443813129

Murphy, P. (2008) Telling tales out of school: Nutting, Eden and the attempted suppression of no end of a lesson. In: Smith, S. C. (ed.) Reassessing Suex 1956: new perspectives on the crisis and its aftermath. Ashgate, Aldershot, pp. 195-214. ISBN 9780754661702

Murphy, P. V. (2006) 'Government by blackmail': the origins of the Central African Federation reconsidered. In: Lynn, M. (ed.) The British Empire in the 1950s: retreat or revival? Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, UK. ISBN 9781403932266

Lewis, J. and Murphy, P. V. (2006) 'The old pals' protection society'? The Colonial Office and the British press on the eve of decolonisation. In: Kaul, C. (ed.) Media and the British Empire. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, UK, pp. 55-69. ISBN 9781403948823

Murphy, P. (2004) Boyd, Alan Tindal Lennox-, first Viscount Boyd of Merton (1904–1983). In: Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Oxford University Press, UK, pp. 23-25. doi: 10.1093/ref:odnb/31352

Murphy, P. (2004) Lyttelton, Oliver, first Viscount Chandos (1893–1972). In: Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Oxford University Press, UK, pp. 968-970. doi: 10.1093/ref:odnb/31385


Murphy, P. (2013) Monarchy and the end of empire: the House of Windsor, the British government and the post-war Commonwealth. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp274. ISBN 9780199214235

Murphy, P. V., ed. (2005) Central Africa: part 2, crisis and dissolution 1959-1965. British documents on the end of empire, series B, 9. The Stationery Office, London, pp642. ISBN 9780112905875

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