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Ioppolo, G. (2014) Introduction: entire hands and main fingers. Early Theatre, 7 (2). pp. 119-121. ISSN 1206-9078 doi: 10.12745/et.17.2.1204

Ioppolo, G. (2014) Thomas Heywood: just in time. Early Theatre, 17 (2). pp. 122-133. ISSN 1206-9078 doi: 10.12745/et.17.2.1209

Ioppolo, G. (2011) "If I could not liu by it & be honest": putting the Henslowe-Alleyn Manuscript Archive online. Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England (24). pp. 38-45.

Ioppolo, G. (2009) The Monckton-Milnes Manuscript and the "Truest" Version of Ben Jonson’s "A Satyricall Shrubb". Ben Jonson Journal, 16 (1-2). pp. 117-131. ISSN 1755-165X doi: 10.3366/E1079345309000522

Book or Report Section

Ioppolo, G. (2015) Those Essex girls: the lives and letters of Lettice Knollys, Penelope Rich, Dorothy Perrott Percy, and Frances Walsingham. In: The Ashgate Research Companion to the Sidneys, 1500-1700. Ashgate, London, pp. 77-92. ISBN 9781409450382

Ioppolo, G. (2014) Shakespeare: from author to audience to print, 1608-1616. In: Late Shakespeare, 1608-1613. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, pp. 139-157. ISBN 9781107463196

Ioppolo, G. (2014) The Clitherow manuscript of 'The Destruction of Hierusalem’. In: Beal, P. (ed.) Discovering, Identifying and Editing Early Modern Manuscripts. English Manuscript Studies 1100-1700, 18. University of Chicago Press, pp. 55-67. ISBN 9780712358934

Ioppolo, G. (2013) Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, and the practice of theatre. In: Connolly , A. and Hopkins, L. (eds.) The Life and Times of an Elizabethan Courtier. Manchester University Press, pp. 63-80. ISBN 9780719084942

Ioppolo, G. (2012) Shakespeare: from author to audience to print, 1608–13. In: Power , A. J. and Loughnane, R. (eds.) Late Shakespeare, 1608-1613. Cambridge University Press, pp. 139-157. ISBN 97810107016194

Ioppolo, G. (2012) Creating the first Early Modern English theatre history archive: Edward Alleyn, William Cartwright and British Library Egerton manuscript 1994. In: Cerasano , S. P. and May, S. W. (eds.) In the Prayse of Writing: Early Modern Manuscript Studies. British Library, London, pp. 145-168. ISBN 9780712358576

Ioppolo, G. (2011) Thomas Heywood, script-doctor. In: Jansohn, C., Orlin , L. C. and Wells, S. (eds.) Shakespeare without boundaries: essays in honor of Dieter Mehl. University of Delaware Press, USA, pp. 47-59. ISBN 9781611490268

Ioppolo, G. (2010) Early modern handwriting. In: Hattaway, M. (ed.) A new companion to English renaissance literature and culture. Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 177-189. ISBN 9781405187626

Ioppolo, G. (2007) The Earl of Essex constructs himself and his queen in the Hulton letters. In: Beal, P. and Ioppolo, G. (eds.) Elizabeth I and the culture of writing. British Library Publishing, London, pp. 43-69. ISBN 9780712306782

Ioppolo, G. (2006) 'I desire to be helde in your memory': reading Penelope Rich through her letters. In: Callaghan, D. (ed.) The impact of feminism in English renaissance studies. Palgrave, Basinstoke, pp. 299-325. ISBN 9781403992123

Ioppolo, G. (2006) "I desire to be helde in your memory": reading Penelope Rich through her letters. In: Callaghan, D. (ed.) The impact of feminism in the Renaissance. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke. ISBN 9781403992123

Ioppolo, G. (2005) 'A jointure/more or less': re-measuring the true chronicle history of King Leir. In: Pitcher, J. and Cerasano, S. P. (eds.) Medieval and renaissance drama in England, Vol. 17. FDU Press, New Jersey, pp. 165-179. ISBN 083864032X

Ioppolo, G. (2004) The future of early modern dramatic manuscripts in a 'switched-on' world. In: Zimmerman, S. (ed.) Shakespeare studies: volume XXXII. Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, Madison, NJ, USA, pp. 66-74. ISBN 0848640338

Ioppolo, G. (2003) 'Much they ought not to have attempted': editors of collected editions of Shakespeare from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries. In: Nash, A. (ed.) The culture of collected editions. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, pp. 157-171. ISBN 9781403902665


Ioppolo, G., ed. (2012) The honest man’s fortune. Malone Society Reprints. Manchester University Press. ISBN 9780719086113

Ioppolo, G., ed. (2009) 'Measure for Measure' by William Shakespeare. Norton Critical Editions. Norton, pp272. ISBN 9780393931716

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Ioppolo, G. (2008) Dramatists and their manuscripts in the age of Shakespeare, Jonson, Middleton and Heywood: authorship, authority and the playhouse. Routledge, London, pp256. ISBN 9780415470315

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Ioppolo, G., ed. (2003) A Routledge literary sourcebook on William Shakespeare's 'King Lear'. Routledge, London, pp200. ISBN 9780415234726

Web Resource

Ioppolo, G., (2009) The Henslowe-Allyen Digitisation Project. King's College London Department of Digital Humanities, King's College London.


Ioppolo, G. (2010) Henslowe-Alleyn Digitisation Project. King's College London, UK.

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