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Al Amoudi, I. and Latsis, J. (2017) The limits of ontological critique: from judgmental rationality to justification. Cambridge Journal of Economics. ISSN 1464-3545 (In Press)

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Book or Report Section

Latsis, J. and Repapis, C. (2016) From neoclassical theory to mainstream modelling: fifty years of moral hazard in perspective. In: Morgan, J. (ed.) What is this ‘school’ called neoclassical economics? Debating the Issues. Economics as Social Theory Series. Routledge. ISBN 9781138962071

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Lawson, C., Latsis, J. S. and Martins, N. M. O., eds. (2006) Contributions to social ontology. Routledge, London, pp272. ISBN 9780415403733

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