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Devaney, S., McAllister, P. and Nanda, A. (2017) Which factors determine transaction activity across US Metropolitan office markets? Journal of Portfolio Management. ISSN 0095-4918 (In Press)

Devaney, S. and Scofield, D. (2017) Do ‘foreigners’ pay more? The effects of investor type and nationality on office transaction prices in New York City. Journal of Property Research. ISSN 1466-4453 doi: 10.1080/09599916.2017.1299197

Devaney, S., Livingstone, N., McAllister, P. and Nanda, A. (2017) Institutional convergence in real estate markets: a comparative study of brokerage models and transaction costs. Journal of Real Estate Literature. ISSN 0927-7544 (In Press)

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Xiao, Q. and Devaney, S. (2016) Are mortgage lenders guilty of the housing bubble? A UK perspective. Applied Economics, 48 (45). pp. 4271-4290. ISSN 1466-4283 doi: 10.1080/00036846.2016.1156231

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Conference or Workshop Item

Pain, K., Devaney, S. and Akakandelwa, N. (2016) Social networks and sales transactions in South African office markets. In: 16th AfRES Annual Conference, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, pp. 291-312.

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