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CentAUR - How to Deposit an Output

Also see our quick video guide to take you through the steps of depositing your research outputs in CentAUR Video guide: how to add an article to CentAUR

Adding a new item manually

  1. Go to Manage Deposits and select New Item. This opens a blank record in your User Workarea.
  2. There are a maximum of 8 screens to complete, although not all are mandatory.
  3. You can stop and resume work on a new item at any stage, by clicking 'Save and Return'. Items that are in progress appear in the User Workarea of your Manage Deposits screen, highlighted yellow. Click on the pencil icon to resume work
  4. Agreement to the deposit licence (Deposit screen) completes the deposit process and sends the item to the editorial buffer. Here repository staff will check and complete the metadata, and check the copyright agreement of any full text attached (provided that the agreement is publicly available on the publisher's web site) and make the item 'live' (publicly visible).
  5. If you have not completed all the mandatory fields you will receive a warning with links to the incomplete fields. Please complete them and click 'Deposit'.
  6. You will now be able to see the item in Under Review in Manage Deposits, highlighted purple.
  7. When an editor has made the item 'live' you will be able to see it in Live Archive in Manage Deposits, highlighted green.

Adding a new item by importing the reference details

Import Item is for importing via e.g. DOI, PubMedID or EndNote. DOI import is the advised option.

  1. Go to Manage Deposits, select Import and follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. Once the bibliographic reference has been imported you will need to open up the record to complete it. Follow the steps from point 2. above.

Uploading full text

  1. In the Upload screen (the second of the deposit screens), 'Browse' for the full text file and click 'Upload'.
  2. Although CentAUR can accommodate a variety of formats, it does not knit files together to convert them into a readable document. You must upload it in a human readable format e.g. Word or PDF.

To add a full text retrospectively to a 'live' record, please email it

Making changes

    You can make changes to an item that you have deposited if it is still Under Review; in your Manage Deposits page, click on the spyglass icon next to the item to open and edit it. To request changes to an item in the Live Archive, please email

Last updated: 27th January 2018

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