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CentAUR - FAQs

Why don't all my publications in CentAUR appear when I click on my name on the Browse by Author page?

Your publication needs to be associated with your unique CentAUR Reading ID number. This should have been done manually by whoever added the publication for you (by selecting your name from the autocomplete list that appears as you start to type an author name into the record when it is created). To add this retrospectively, please ask

How do I change my name/title in Browse by Author and in my Profile page?

CentAUR picks up your 'Preferred' first name and 'Known as Surname' in Trent (the HR system). You can change this yourself by logging into Employee Self Service via the link on the staff home page. Select the Personal details option, then Personal information. You will then be able to update your names.

To change your title, please contact to request the change.

The above changes may take up to 48 hours to take effect in CentAUR. They change your name in Browse by Author, your Profile and in the author autocomplete suggestion that appears when you create a new publication record. They do not affect publications records already created.

If your author name needs changing in a publications record in CentAUR, contact

Can I make changes to a publication that has already been deposited?

Yes, for items in the review area. You can make changes yourself to an item that you have deposited only whilst it is 'Under Review', before it has been moved to the 'Live Archive' by an editor. In your Manage Deposits area: click on the spyglass next to the item, click Actions, click Return to Work Area, click Edit. Open up the relevant deposit pages (Type, Upload, Details, Divisions, Subjects, Comments), make changes and deposit it again.

No, for live items. Contact to request changes to a 'live' item, such as corrections to the metadata, updating the publication status from 'in press' to 'published' or adding a full text. Do not create a duplicate record.

Changes to the full text of a 'live' item are not usually permitted but an updated version can be deposited, and the earlier version hidden from view. For further details, please see the Preservation Policy

Can I remove an output from CentAUR?

You can request withdrawal of a full text. Contact

Acceptable reasons for withdrawal are defined in the Preservation Policy and in the Notice & Takedown policy; they include compliance with copyright agreements, breach of rights, plagiarism and falsified research.

Can I deposit a paper with many multiple authors?

Yes, if you believe the paper to represent a significant research output of the University. To save typing in each name, consider importing the item via DOI or contact for advice. Do not substitute names with 'et al.'

Can I deposit a foreign language paper?

Yes, but if the title is in a language other than English it is preferable that you provide a summary in English in the Abstract field. CentAUR does not handle all foreign language characters; in these cases, translate the title into English.

Can CentAUR store large files/multi-media files/unusual formats?

Yes. However, people searching CentAUR may not be able to open them on their machines.

Aim to provide your output in a widely used format, such as PDF. You can choose to archive the item in its original format as well.

CentAUR can store the separate elements of a multi-media file but cannot make them available as a single combined output.

Formats accommodated include: HTML, PDF, Postscript, Plain Text, Rich Text (RTF), Microsoft PowerPoint/Excel/Word, LaTeX, Image (JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF), Video (MPEG, QuickTime, AVI), XML, Archive (BZ2, TGZ, ZIP), Audio (WAV, MP3, OGG, FLAC, WMA).

Can I add a thesis to CentAUR?

Univertsity of Reading doctoral theses, completed by the cohorts of autumn 2012 and later, are added to CentAUR. Electronic versions should be submitted to the Graduate School together with the printed copy and thesis deposit form. The electronic version of the thesis is then uploaded to CentAUR by CentAUR staff. See the Graduate School website for guidance on submitting electronic theses.

Members of staff can add bibliographic details of their own thesis to CentAUR - but not the full text. It must be doctoral level. It can be from any institution.

I am new to the University. Can I add my outputs published at my previous institution?

Yes, as long as they are consistent with the content policy of CentAUR.

It may be possible to copy and upload your publications in your former institution's repository into CentAUR, rather than you manually entering them. Contact to discuss.

What happens to my outputs in CentAUR if I leave the University?

CentAUR is notified of leavers so there is no need for you to contact us.

Your outputs will remain in CentAUR. However, we will remove your contact address from the 'request a copy from Reading author' facility, unless you have requested that your University email account is to remain open. (We do not replace with personal or other email addresses because we are unable to update them; under Data Protection rules we should not hold out of date email addresses.)

You will no longer be able to log in and add outputs to CentAUR.

It may be possible to copy and upload your publications to your new institution's repository. Contact to discuss.

I have deposited my work in an open access journal. /I have paid for open access for my article. Do I still need to deposit the full text in CentAUR?


CentAUR aims to be as complete an archive as possible of the outputs of the University, for the purposes of long term preservation and compliance with REF and funder policies.

Am I (the author) legally responsible for complying with the publisher's copyright agreement when depositing a full text?

Yes, this responsibility cannot be delegated. However, repository staff will check that the version deposited is consistent with permissions in the publisher's copyright agreement, as long as the agreement is publicly available to them; they will limit access or remove a full text that is not permitted.

CentAUR has a robust Notice & Takedown policy and if repository staff are contacted about a breach of rights they will immediately remove an item from public view for further investigation. The University has insurance and access to legal advice.

I have received an email request from a researcher/student etc asking for a copy of one of my items in CentAUR. Why have I received it and what do I need to do?

If you added your email address into the Contact field when you added the item to CentAUR AND the full text of that item in CentAUR has restricted access due to an embargo period or is not deposited at all, this generates a 'request a copy from Reading author' button, visible to the searcher on the CentAUR summary page of the item.

You can choose the ACCEPT or REJECT options in the email request, or to ignore it. If the full text is archived in CentAUR, then clicking ACCEPT will send a copy to the requester - you will be prompted to log in and confirm your action. If it is not archived in CentAUR, clicking ACCEPT will not send a copy and instead you will need to send a copy from your own email address to the requester's email address.

If you choose to accept or send a copy, you may wish to check the agreement that you signed with your publisher. Usually you are permitted to send the publisher's PDF. You may wish to establish the reason that it has been requested, for example that it is for personal, private or educational use rather than commercial purposes.

Members of the University should not request copies from you if the item is published and the University Library provides access to it.

If you no longer wish to be contacted about one or more of your outputs in CentAUR, please contact and repository staff will remove your contact address from the item(s).

Last updated: 27th January 2018

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