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Branford, S., Sahin, C., Thandavan, A., Weihrauch, C., Alexandrov, V. N. and Dimov, I. T. (2008) Monte Carlo methods for matrix computations on the grid. Future Generation Computer Systems-the International Journal of Grid Computing Theory Methods and Applications, 24 (6). pp. 605-612. ISSN 0167-739X doi:

Kornmayer, H., Polak, M., Thandavan, A., Tsoulpoupas, G. and Wolniewicz, P. (2006) G-Eclipse: an integrated, Grid enabled workbench tool for Grid application users, Grid developers and Grid operators based on the Eclipse platform. In: Proceedings of the 2nd Austrian Grid Symposium.

Urmetzer, F., Thandavan, A., Alexandrov, V.A. and Robert, A.J. (2006) Visual workflow editors: a critical review from users' perspective. Production Systems and Information Engineering, 4. 21 - 32.

Calleja, S., Bruin, R.P., Tucker, M.G., Dove, M.T., Tyer, R.P., Blanshard, L.J., Kleese van Dam, K., Allan, R.J., Chapman, C., Emmerich, W., Wilson, J.G., Brodholt, J., Thandavan, A. and Alexandrov, V.N. (2005) Collaborative grid infrastructure for molecular simulations: The eMinerals minigrid as a prototype integrated computer and data grid. Molecular Simulation, 35 (5). pp. 303-313. doi:

Thandavan, A., Sahin, C. and Alexandrov, V.N. (2005) Experiences with the Globus toolkit on AIX and deploying the Large Scale Air Pollution Model as a grid service. Proceedings of the Cracow Grid Workshop '04. 412 - 418.

Sahin, C., Thandavan, A. and Alexandrov, V. N. (2005) Grid Enablement of the Danish Eulerian Air Pollution Model. In: High Performance Computing and Communications: First International Conference, HPCC 2005, Sorrento, Italy.

Alexandrov, V. N., Atanassov, E., Dimov, I., Branford, S., Thandavan, A. and Wiehrauch, C. (2005) Parallel Hybrid Monte Carlo Algorithms for Matrix Computations. Lecture Notes In Computer Science, 3516. 752 - 759. doi:

Dove, M.T., Artacho, E., White, T.O., Bruin, R.P., Tucker, M.G., Murray-Rust, P., Allan, R.J., Kleese van Dam, K., Smith, W., Tyer, R.P., Todorov, I.T., Emmerich, W., Chapman, C., Parker, S.C., Marmier, A., Alexandrov, V. N., Lewis, G.J., Hasan, S.M., Thandavan, A., Wright, K., Catlow, C.R.A., Blanchard, M., De Leeuw, N.H., Du, Z., Price, G.D., Brodholt, J. and Alfredsson, M. (2005) The eMinerals project: developing the concept of the virtual organisation to support collaborative work on molecular-scale environmental simulations. In: Proceedings of the UK e-Science All Hands Meeting 2005, Nottingham.

Dove, M.T., White, T.O., Bruin, R.P., Tucker, M.G., Calleja, S., Artacho, E., Murray-Rust, P., Tyer, R.P., Todorov, I.T., Allan, R.J., Kleese van Dam, K., Chapman, C., Smith, W., Emmerich, W., Parker, S.C., Lewis, G.J., Hasan, S.M., Thandavan, A., Alexandrov, V. N., Blanchard, M., Wright, K., Catlow, C.R.A., de Leeuw, N.H., Alfredsson, M., Price, G.D. and Brodholt, J. (2005) escience usability: the eMinerals experience. In: Proceedings of the UK e-Science All Hands Meeting 2005, Nottingham.

Alexandrov, V., Thandavan, A. and Kacsuk, P. (2004) Using P-GRADE for Monte Carlo Computations in a Distributed Environment. Lecture Notes In Computer Science (No. 3039). pp. 475-482.

Dove, M.T., Calleja, M., de Leeuw, N.H., Allan, R.J., van Dam, K.K., Alexandrov, V.N., Thandavan, A. and Hasan, S.M. (2003) Environment from the molecular level: an escience testbed project. In: Proceedings of UK e-Science All Hands Meeting 2003.

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