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Rist, R. (2024) Crusades against Cathars, c.1207-1229. In: Carr, M., Chrissis, N. G. and Raccagni, G. (eds.) Crusading against Christians in the Middle Ages. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 31-54. ISBN 9783031473388

Rist, R. (2023) Power, scapegoating and the marginalization of Jews in Western Europe in the high middle ages (Eleventh-Fourteenth Centuries). In: Skoda, H. (ed.) A Companion to Crime and Deviance in the Middle Ages. Arc Companions. ARC Humanities Press, Leeds, pp. 233-242. ISBN 9781641891813

Rist, R. (2020) The medieval papacy and the concepts of 'anti-Judaism' and 'anti-semitism'. In: Smith, T. W. (ed.) Authority and Power in the Medieval Church, c.1000-c.1500. Europa Sacra (24). Brepols, Turnhout, Belgium, pp. 79-107. ISBN 9782503585291

Rist, R. A. C. (2019) From a Jewish text: anti-Jewish papal 'policy' of the Lateran IV decrees. In: Champagne, M.-T. and Resnick, I. M. (eds.) Jews and Muslims under the Fourth Lateran Council. RELMIN, 10. Brepols, Turnhout, pp. 97-112. ISBN 9782503581514

Rist, R. (2019) The papacy, inquisition and Saint Guinefort the Holy Greyhound. Reinardus. Yearbook of the International Reynard Society, 30 (1). pp. 190-211. ISSN 0925-4757 doi:

Rist, R. (2017) Innocent III and the Roman Veronica: papal PR or Eucharistic icon? In: Murphy, A., Kessler, H. L., Petolettti, M., Duffy, E. and Milanese, G. (eds.) The European Fortune of the Roman Veronica in the Middle Ages. Brepols, Turnhout, pp. 114-125. ISBN 9782503580005 (Convivium Supplementum II)

Rist, R. (2017) Introduction: transforming male devotional practices from the medieval to the early modern. Reading Medieval Studies, XLIII. ix-xiv. ISSN 0950-3129 (ISBN 9780704915800)

Rist, R. (2017) The crusades, Catholic piety and chivalry in the novels of Walter Scott. Reading Medieval Studies , XLIII. pp. 99-122. ISSN 0950-3129 (ISBN 9780704915800)

Rist, R. (2016) Papal power and protection in the Shebet Yehudah. Journal of Religious History, 40 (4). pp. 490-507. ISSN 1467-9809 doi:

Rist, R. (2016) Jewish memory and the Crusades: the Hebrew Crusade chronicles and protection from Christian violence. In: Cassidy-Welch , M. (ed.) Remembering the Crusades and Crusading. Remembering the Medieval and Early Modern Worlds. Routledge , London, UK, pp. 159-172. ISBN 9781138811140

Rist, R. (2016) 'Lupi rapaces in ovium vestimentis': heretics and heresy in Papal correspondence. In: Sennis, A. (ed.) Cathars in Question. York Medieval Press, pp. 229-241. ISBN 9781903153680

Rist, R. (2016) The Medieval papacy, crusading, and heresy, 1095-1291. In: Sisson, K. and Larson, A. A. (eds.) A Companion to the Medieval Papacy. Brill's Companions to the Christian Tradition. Brill, pp. 309-332. ISBN 9789004299856 doi:

Rist, R. (2016) Popes and Jews, 1095-1291. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp352. ISBN 9780198717980

Rist, R. A.C. (2015) “Les petits renards qui détruisent la Vigne du Seigneur Sabaoth”. Innocent III et le Cantique des cantiques. In: Cahier 50. Innocent III et le Midi. Cahiers de Fanjeaux. Publication annuelle d'histoire religieuse du Midi de la France au Moyen Age, Mairie - Place des Halles, F-11270 FANJEAUX, France, pp. 255-277. ISBN 9782708934542

Leglu, C., Rist, R. and Taylor, C., eds. (2014) The Cathars and the Albigensian Crusade: a sourcebook. Routledge, London and New York, pp242. ISBN 9781408255506

Rist, R. A. C. (2014) The medieval papacy and holy war: General crusading letters and papal authority, 1145-1213. In: Ricci, G.R. (ed.) Faith, War and Violence. Religion and Public Life, 39 (1083-2270). Transaction Publishers, New Brunswick (U.S.A.) and London (U.K.), pp. 105-121. ISBN 9781412854993

Rist, R. (2013) Through Jewish eyes: polemical literature and the medieval papacy. History, 98 (333). pp. 639-662. ISSN 1468-229X doi:

Rist, R. (2013) From 'Sicut' to 'Turbato' again: 'papal policy' towards Jews in central Middle Ages: the evidence revisited. Studies in Medieval and Renaissance History. 3rd Series, 10. pp. 41-78. ISSN 0081-8224

Rist, R. A. C. (2011) The Baltic Crusades (eleventh to fifteenth centuries). In: Martel, G. (ed.) The Encyclopedia of War. Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 231-237. ISBN 9781444338232 doi:

Rist, R. (2011) Pope Gregory IX and the grant of indulgences for military campaigns in Europe in the 1230s: a study in Papal rhetoric. Crusades , 10. pp. 79-102. ISSN 1476-5276

Rist, R. (2010) Introduction. Reading Medieval Studies, XXXVI. pp. 1-6. ISSN 0950-3129

Rist, R. A. (2010) Introduction to special issue: crusading and state building in the central middle ages. Reading Medieval Studies, 36. pp. 1-6. ISSN 0950-3129

Rist, R. (2010) Salvation and the Albigensian Crusade: Pope Innocent III and the plenary indulgence. Reading Medieval Studies, XXXVI. pp. 95-112. ISSN 0950-3129

Rist, R. (2009) The Papacy and crusading in Europe, 1198-1245. Continum, pp288. ISBN 9781441140166

Rist, R. A. C. (2007) The Crusades. In: Dale, A. (ed.) Crusades : authors & audiences. History Teachers' Association of NSW, pp. 66-77. ISBN 9780858543782

Rist, R. A. (2007) Papal protection and the Jews in the context of crusading, 1198-1245. Medieval Encounters: Jewish, Christian and Muslim Culture in Confluence and Dialogue, 13. pp. 281-309. ISSN 1570-0674

Rist, R. A. (2007) The power of the purse: usury, Jews and crusaders 1198-1245. In: Bolton, B. and Meeks, C. (eds.) Aspects of power and authority in the middle ages. International Medieval Research (14). Brepols, Turnhout, pp. 197-213. ISBN 9782503527352

Rist, R. A. (2003) Papal policy and the Albigensian Crusades: continuity or change? Crusades, 2. pp. 99-108. ISSN 1476-5276

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