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Schmidt, Heike I. (2015) Shaming men, performing power: female authority in Zimbabwe and Tanzania on the eve of colonial rule. In: Shetler, Jan B. and Hodgson, Dorothy (eds.) Gendering Ethnicity in African History: Women's Subversive Performance of Ethnicity. Women in Africa and the Diaspora. University of Wisconsin Press, Madison WI, pp. 265-289. ISBN 9780299303945

Schmidt, Heike I. (2014) Who is master in the colony? Propriety, honor, and manliness in German East Africa. In: Eley, Geoff and Naranch, Bradley (eds.) German Colonialism in a Global Age. Politics, History, and Culture. Duke University Press, Durham, pp. 109-128. ISBN 9780822357117

Schmidt, Heike I. (2013) Colonialism and violence in Zimbabwe: a history of suffering. James Currey and Weaver, Oxford and Harare, pp303. ISBN 9781847010513

Schmidt, Heike I. (2013) Keine romantische liebe in Africa? Mission, Manner, Monogamie. L'Homme: European Journal of Feminist History, 24 (1). pp. 93-102. ISSN 1016-362x

Schmidt, Heike I. (2010) Deadly silence predominates in the district: the Maji Maji War and its aftermath in Ungoni. In: Giblin, James and Monson, Jamie (eds.) Maji Maji: Lifting the Fog of War. African Social Studies. Brill, Leiden, pp. 183-219. ISBN 9789004183421

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Schmidt, Heike (2010) (Re)Negotiating Marginality: The Maji Maji War and Its Aftermath in Southwestern Tanzania, ca. 1905–1916. International Journal of African Historical Studies, 43 (1). pp. 27-62. ISSN 0361-7882

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Schmidt, Heike I. (2008) Colonial intimacy: the Rechenberg scandal, homosexuality and sexual crime in German East Africa. Journal of the History of Sexuality, 17 (1). pp. 25-59. ISSN 1535-3605

Schmidt, Heike I. (2008) Silence and absence: violence and the dislocation of memory in Zimbabwe. In: Oral History - A dialogue with our Times: Proceedings of the 15th International Oral History Conference. International Oral History Association, Guadalajara, Mexico, p. 15.

Schmidt, Heike (2007) The future of Africa's past: observations on the discipline. History in Africa, 34. pp. 453-460. ISSN 0361-5413 doi:

Schmidt, Heike (2006) The Governor has not been sexually active: Homosexuality and Sexual Crime in German East Africa. In: Proceedings of the American Historical Association 112th Annual Meeting, 5-8 January 2006, Philadelphia.

Schmidt, Heike I (2004) Kongo. In: McNeill, William (ed.) Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History. Volume III. Berkshire Publishing Group, Great Barrington, pp. 1087-1090. ISBN 0974309109

Schmidt, Heike (2004) Zimbabwe, Great. In: McNeill, William (ed.) Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History. Volume V. Berkshire Publishing Group, Great Barrington, pp. 2114-2117. ISBN 0974309109

Deutsch,, Jan-Georg, Probst, Peter and Schmidt, Heike, eds. (2002) African modernities: entangled meanings in current debate. James Currey, Oxford, p. 192. ISBN 0852557922

Schmidt, Heike (2002) Entangled memories: Bindung and identity. In: Elkana, Yehuda, Krastev, Ivan, Macamo, Elisio and Randera, Shalini (eds.) Unraveling ties: from social cohesion to new practices of connectedness. Campus, Frankfurt, pp. 199-212. ISBN 9783593368467

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Schmidt, Heike (2000) Gender and power: changing political institutions in precolonial Africa. In: Biennial Meeting of the African Studies Association, Germany, March 30 - April 1, Leipzig, p. 13.

Schmidt, Heike (2000) Wissensproduktion und die Frage nach dem Ort der Weltgeschichte und Weltsgeschickte: Kommentare zu Steve Feierman. In: Harneit-Sievers, A (ed.) Afrikanische Geschichte. Klaus Schwarz Verlag, Berlin, pp. 25-35. ISBN 9783879975822

Schmidt, Heike (1999) Neither war nor peace: making sense of violence. Sociologus, 1. pp. 211-225. ISSN 0038-0377

Schmidt, Heike and Wirz, Albert, eds. (1998) Afrika und das Andere: Alteritaet und Innovation. Schriften der VAD (17). Lit., Hamburg, pp408. ISBN 382583395X

Schmidt, Heike (1998) Afrikanische Moderne(n). Humboldt-Spektrum, 5 (4). pp. 62-64. ISSN 0946-641x

Schmidt, Heike (1998) Heilungsprozebe: Korperlichkeit und Machtverhaltnisse Einleitung. In: Schmidt, Heike and Wirz, Albert (eds.) Afrika und das Andere: Alteritaet und Innovation. Lit, Hamburg, pp. 43-44. ISBN 382583395x

Schmidt, Heike (1998) Roads or other notable features do not exist: the Anglo Portuguese boundary commissions of 1898 and 1905/06. In: Proceedings of the 1998 Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association, October 26 - November 1, Chicago, p. 15.

Schmidt, Heike (1997) Healing the wounds of war: memories of violence and the making of history in Zimbabwe's most recent past. Journal of South African Studies, 23 (2). pp. 301-310. ISSN 1465-3893 doi:

Schmidt, Heike (1997) Geschlechterverhältnisse. Gegenstand und Methode. In: Deutsch, Jan-Georg and Wirz, Albert (eds.) Geschichte in Afrika: Einfuhrung in Probleme und Debatten. Studien (Zentrum Moderner Orient) (7). Arabische Buch, Berlin, pp. 175-200. ISBN 3860931679

Schmidt, Heike (1996) Love and healing in forced communities: borderlands in Zimbabwe's war of liberation. In: Nugent, Paul and Asiwaju, A. I. (eds.) African boundaries: barriers, conduits and opportunities. Frances Pinter, London, pp. 183-204. ISBN 185567372X

Schmidt, Heike (1995) 'Penetrating' foreign lands: contestations over African landscape. A case study from Eastern Zimbabwe. Environment and History, 1 (3). pp. 351-376. ISSN 1752-7023

Schmidt, Heike (1993) Muredzwa superwoman: mapping areas of female power in the Mutasa Mamboship, Eastern Zimbabwe. In: Women, Colonialism and Commonwealth Seminar, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London, p. 16.

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