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Becerra, V. M., Roberts, P.D. and Griffiths, G.W. (1998) Dynamic data reconciliation for sequential modular simulators. In: UKACC International Conference on Control (CONTROL '98). IEEE Press, pp. 1230-1235. ISBN 085296708X doi:

Becerra, V. M. and Roberts, P.D. (1998) Application of a novel optimal control algorithm to a benchmark fed-batch fermentation process. Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control, 20 (1). pp. 11-18. ISSN 1477-0369 doi:

Becerra, V. M., Roberts, P.D. and Griffiths, G.W. (1998) Novel developments in process optimisation using predictive control. Journal of Process Control, 8 (2). pp. 117-138. ISSN 0959-1524 doi:

Bland, I. M. and Megson, G. M. (1998) The systolic array genetic algorithm, an example of systolic arrays as a reconfigurable design methodology. In: Pocek, K. L. and Arnold, J. M. (eds.) IEEE symposium on FPGAs for custom computing machines, 1998. IEEE, pp. 260-261. ISBN 0818689005 doi:

Brooker, J. P., Sharkey, P., Wann, J. P. and Plooy, A. M. (1998) A helmet mounted display system with active gaze control for visual telepresence. In: Adolfsson, J. and Karlsén, J. (eds.) Mechatronics. Pergamon, pp. 799-804. ISBN 9780080552859

Clark, J. Y. and Warwick, K. (1998) Artificial keys for botanical identification using a multilayer perceptron neural network (MLP). Artificial Intelligence Review, 12 (1-3). pp. 95-115. ISSN 0269-2821 doi:

Craddock, R. J., Kambhampati, C., Tham, M. and Warwick, K. (1998) A practical approach for training dynamic recurrent neural networks: use of Apriori information. In: The UKACC '98 Conference on Control, 1-4 September 1998, Swansea, UK, pp. 324-329. doi:

Craddock, R. and Warwick, K. (1998) Dealing with complexity: an overview of the neural network approach. In: The UKACC '98 International Conference on Control, 1-4 September 1998, Swansea, UK, pp. 705-708. doi:

Craddock, R.J. and Warwick, K. (1998) State-space central theory based analysis of feedforward neural networks. In: 1998 IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Networks Proceedings. IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (Cat. No.98CH36227). IEEE, pp. 1383-1387. ISBN 0-7803-4859-1 doi:

Delgado, A., Warwick, K. and Kambhampati, C. (1998) Limit cycles in neurocontrolled minirobots. In: The UKACC '98 Conference on Control, 1-4 September 1998, Swansea, UK, pp. 173-177.

Duffy, D., Blackman, J. A., Mulheran, P. and Williams, S. A. (1998) Transition metal clusters on graphite. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 177-181 (2). pp. 953-954. ISSN 0304-8853 doi:

Gan, J. and Warwick, K. (1998) A genetic algorithm with dynamic niche clustering for multimodal function optimisation. In: Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms. Springer, pp. 248-255.

Garces, F., Warwick, K. and Craddock, R. (1998) Multiple PID mapping using neural networks in a MIMO steam generator system. In: The UKACC '98 International Conference on Control, 1-4 September 1998, Swansea, UK, pp. 503-508. doi: (Conference publication number 455)

Haworth, G. M. ORCID: and Velliste, M. (1998) Chess Endgames and Neural Networks. ICGA Journal, 21 (4). pp. 211-227. ISSN 1389-6911

Howe, T. and Sharkey, P. M. (1998) Identifying likely successful users of virtual reality systems. Presence, Teleoperators and Virtual Environments, 7 (3). pp. 308-316. ISSN 1531-3263 doi:

Hunneman, R., Sherwood, R., Deeley, C. and Spragg, R. (1998) Achieving accurate FTIR measurements on high performance bandpass filters. In: deHaseth, J.A. (ed.) Fourier Transform Spectroscopy. AIP Conference Proceedings (430). American Institute of Physics, pp. 435-438. ISBN 1563967464

Kambhampati, C., Craddock, R., Tham, M. and Warwick, K. (1998) Internal model control of nonlinear systems through the inversion of recurrent neural networks. In: 1998 IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Networks Proceedings. IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence. IEEE, pp. 1361-1366. doi:

Kambhampati, C., Craddock, R., Tham, M. and Warwick, K. (1998) Inverting recurrent neural networks for internal model control of nonlinear systems. In: Proceedings of the 1998 American Control Conference. ACC. IEEE, pp. 975-979. ISBN 0-7803-4530-4 doi:

McCulloch, M.D. and Shirsavar, S. A. (1998) Speed sensorless vector control of induction machines with parameter estimation. In: The Eighth Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference (PEMC98), Prague, 5/78-5/83. (Unpublished)

Megson, G. M. and Bland, I. M. (1998) Synthesis of a systolic array genetic algorithm. In: Proceedings of the first merged International Parallel Processing Symposium & Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing. IEEE, pp. 316-320. ISBN 0818684038 doi:

Pece, A.E.C. and Worrall, A.D. (1998) A Newton method for pose refinement of 3D models. In: 6th International Symposium on Intelligent Robotic Systems, 21-23 July 1998, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh UK.

Pece, A.E.C. and Worrall, A.D. (1998) A statistically-based Newton method for pose refinement. Image and Vision Computing. pp. 541-544.

Roberts, D. J., Ryan, M. D. and Sharkey, P. (1998) Combining Two Techniques for Overcoming Network Delays in a Distributed Virtual Ball Game. In: 2nd Workshop on Systems Aspects of Sharing a Virtual Reality: Collaborative Virtual Environments (CVE 98), 17-19 June 1998, Manchester.

Roberts, D.J., Richardson, A.T., Sharkey, P. and Lake, T. (1998) Optimising exchange of attribute ownership in the DMSO RTI. Proceedings of the Spring Simulation Interoperability Workshop, SISO. pp. 379-386.

Ryan, M. D. and Sharkey, P. (1998) Distortion in Distributed Virtual Environments. In: Virtual Worlds. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (1434/1998). Springer, pp. 42-48. doi:

Ryan, M. D. and Sharkey, P. M. (1998) Distortion in distributed virtual environments. In: Heudin, J.-C. (ed.) Virtual Worlds. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (1434). Springer, New York, pp. 42-48. ISBN 9783540647805 doi:

Sharkey, P. and Lindström, J.-I., eds. (1998) International Journal of Virtual Reality: special issue on Special Issue on Disability & Virtual Reality I. International Journal of Virtual Reality, 3 (4). IPI Press.

Sharkey, P., Rose, F. D. and Lindström, J.-I., eds. (1998) Proceedings of the 2nd European conference on disability, virtual reality and associated technologies (ECDVRAT 1998). ICDVRAT. The University of Reading, Reading, UK, pp265. ISBN 0704911418

Sharkey, P. M., Ryan, M.D. and Roberts, D.J. (1998) A local perception filter for distributed virtual environments. In: IEEE Virtual Reality Annual International Symposium (VRAIS 98), 14-18 March 1998, Atlanta GA, USA, pp. 242-249. doi:

Sharkey, P. M., Murray, D. W., McLauchlan, P. F. and Brooker, J. P. (1998) Hardware development of the Yorick series of active vision systems. Microprocessors and Microsystems , 21 (6). pp. 363-375. ISSN 0141-9331 doi:

Soeda, M., Warwick, K., Craddock, R. J. and Furuya, T. (1998) Human-computer cooperative teleoperation with time delay. In: UKACC International Conference on Control (CONTROL '98). UKACC, pp. 1444-1449. ISBN 0-85296-708-X doi:

Triantifillidis, I. and Guy, C. (1998) Approximations for the Error Probability in a Binary CDMA System. In: 1st IMA Conference on Mathematics in Communications, December 1998, Loughborough, pp. 1-6.

Warwick, K. (1998) In the mind of the machine: breakthrough in artificial intelligence. Arrow Books Ltd. ISBN 9780099703013

Warwick, K. (1998) Recent developments in intelligent control. In: IEE Colloquium on Developments in Intelligent Control, 23 October 1998, London, UK, 1/1-1/5. doi:

Warwick, K. (1998) Robots can't really be intelligent can they? In: Proceedings of IEEE TENCON '98. IEEE Region 10 International Conference on Global Connectivity in Energy, Computer, Communication and Control. IEEE, pp. 153-157. ISBN 0780348869 doi:

Warwick, K., Dautenhahn, K. and McOwan, P. (1998) Robot neuroscience: a cybernetic approach. In: Smith, L. S. and Hamilton, A. (eds.) Neuromorphic systems: engineering silicon from neurobiology. Progress in neural processing (10). World Scientific Publishing, pp. 113-125. ISBN 9789810233778

Warwick, K. and Kang, Y.-H. (1998) Self-tuning proportional, integral and derivative controller based on genetic algorithm least squares. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers- Part I: Journal of Systems and Control Engineering, 212 (6). pp. 437-448. ISSN 0959-6518 doi:

Williams, S. A. and Walmsley, S. M. (1998) Discover Delphi: programming principles explained. Addison-Wesley, pp400. ISBN 9780201342864

Woolley, I., Kambhampati, C., Sandoz, D. and Warwick, K. (1998) Intelligent control toolkit for an advanced control system. In: UKACC International Conference on Control (CONTROL '98). UKACC, pp. 445-450. ISBN 0-85296-708-X doi:

Zheng, F.-C. (1998) A three-shot improvement scheme for hard-decision based linear decorrelating detector in DS/CDMA. In: Proceedings of 48th IEEE vehicular technology conference. IEEE Press, pp. 2009-2012. ISBN 0780343204 doi:

Zheng, F.-C., Berangi, R. and Faulkner, M. (1998) Some optimisation issues in smart antenna design. In: 4th International Conf. on Optimisation: Techniques and Applications, 1-3 July 1998, Perth, Australia, pp. 1063-1070. (Unpublished)

Zheng, F.-C. and Barton, S.K. (1998) Orthogonal on-off BPSK: a convenient signaling scheme for near-far resistant detection in DS/CDMA. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 47 (3). pp. 969-976. ISSN 0018-9545 doi:

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