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Allen, Kate and Hollinworth, Nic (2017) ‘From the Outside In’ art award box, log and workshop plans. [Project]

Allen, Kate and Hollinworth, Nic (2017) Madhouse My House: an immersive reclaiming of old long stay hospitals. Hackney Museum Exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Allen, Kate, Hwang, Faustina and Minnion, Andy (2017) Sensory Objects Enterprise - Co-Development and Start Up project AHRC Follow on Fund Project pupleSTARS. [Project]


Clarke, Ami, Cooke, Kirsten, Roberts, Mer Maggie, Holmes, Dale, Iveson, Michael, Jenkins, Tina, Kivland, Sharon, Nader, Mark, Woodham, Nicola and Frearson, Annabel (2017) Decorative dormitories for sleep workers. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, Susanne (2017) Reading International 3: Abel Auer ‘how a black void replaces the white cube and a painting moves from the fine to the performing arts’. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, Susanne (2017) Reading International 4: Rochelle Goldberg, Veit Laurent Kurz, Stefan Tcherepnin, Hanna Törnudd ‘Ante Phylloxera’. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, Susanne (2017) Reading International 5: the critic as artist. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, Susanne (2017) Reading International: CRASH! ‘Xerox Interview Book’. Reading International. ISBN 9781912115716

Clausen, Susanne and Kerestey, Pavlo (2017) I will survive, video, 8:05mins. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, Susanne and Kerestey, Pavlo (2017) Soviart. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, Susanne, Hunt, Andrew and Marshall, Bertie (2017) Reading International: Bertie Marshall ‘Wilde Re-Write’. Reading International. ISBN 9781912115709

Clausen, Susanne (2017) Reading International. [Project]

Clausen, Susanne (2017) Reading International 1: Matt Copson and Alastair MacKinven ‘Eggy and Seedy’. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, Susanne (2017) Reading International 2: CRASH! presents ‘A Better Britain II: Britlins’. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, Susanne (2017) Reading International: Eggy + Seedy + Friends - ‘All Day Breakfast’. Reading International. ISBN 9781912115006

Clausen, Susanne (2017) Rehearsing Szuper Gallery. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, Susanne and Kerestey, Pavlo (2017) Bonobo. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, Susanne and Kerestey, Pavlo (2017) Work, Arbeit, Rabota. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, Susanne and Kerestey, Pavlo (2017) Work, Arbeit, Rabota. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, Susanne, Worley, Matthew, King, Scott and Hunt, Andrew (2017) Reading International: CRASH! ‘A Better Britain II: Britlins’. Reading International. ISBN 9781912115723


Ellison, Christine (2017) Let's interface the music and dance. [Project] (Collection)

Ellison, Christine (2017) Workshop: making beyond the post-medium condition. Visual Culture in Britain, 18 (2). pp. 133-162. ISSN 1941-8361 doi:


Frearson, Annabel (2017) Affectation Correspondence. Tombstone Press, London, UK, pp312. ISBN 9780957675612

Frearson, Annabel (2017) Wollstonochlincraft. [Project] (Collection)

Frearson, Annabel (2017) Wollstonochlincraft 1791-1971. The Good Reader. MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE, London, UK, pp16. ISBN 9781910055328

Frearson, Annabel (2017) Sic. Y Press, London, UK, pp345. ISBN 9781389201875


Garfield, Rachel (2017) Between seeing and knowing: Stephen Dwoskin’s Behindert and the camera’s caress. In: Clayton, Sue and Mulvey, Laura (eds.) Other Cinemas: Politics, Culture and British Experimental Film in the 1970s. IB Taurus, London. ISBN 9781784537180

Garfield, Rachel (2017) Deflationary tactics with the archive of life: contemporary Jewish art and popular culture. Journal of Modern Jewish Studies, 16 (1). pp. 38-56. ISSN 1472-5886 doi:

Garfield, Rachel (2017) This way out of England: Gallery House in retrospect. Raven Row.

Garfield, Rachel (2017) Valences of subjectivity: the politics of personal narrative in video art. In: Feldman, Zinaida (ed.) Art and the Politics of Visibility: Contesting the Global, Local and the In-Between. I.B.Tauris & Co. Ltd., London, UK, pp. 137-166. ISBN 9781780769066

Garnett, Robert (2017) Address: Critical irony, neo-authenticity and humour in the art we call public. Art and the Public Sphere, 1 (6). pp. 69-79. ISSN 2042-793X doi:


Kim, Celestine Jung Hee (2017) Painting in the expanded field from the perspective of Merleau-Ponty’s phenomenology: a practice-based investigation on Western and Eastern approaches. PhD thesis, University of Reading.

Kolb, Ronald, Richter, Dorothee, Ahmed, Sabih, Allain Bonilla, Marie-Laure, Choi, Binna, Danon, Eyal, Farago, Claire, van der Heide, Yolande, Mabaso, Nkule, Mdluli, Same, Merali, Shaheen, Muñiz-Reed, Ivan, Patel, Shwetal, Jain, Rohit, Raqs Media, Collective, Voegele, Sophie, Saner, Philippe, Wei, Woon Tien, Williamson, Sophie J., Wintle, Claire and Wong, Michelle (2017) Decolonizing Art Institutions. On-Curating, 35 (35). On-Curating, Zurich, pp142. ISBN 9781981991747

Kollectiv, Galia and Kollectiv, Pil (2017) Playing like a girl. In: Cesura // Accesso. Cesura // Accesso, London, pp. 236-256. ISBN 9780993024610

Kollectiv, Pil and Kollectiv, Galia (2017) Towards an anti-humanist critique of immaterial labour, or how to negotiate with vampires. In: Sampanikou, E. D. (ed.) Audiovisual Posthumanism. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Cambridge, pp. 343-354. ISBN 9781443881777

Kollectiv, Pil and Kollectiv, Galia (2017) The Immigrants. [Show/Exhibition]

Kontopoulou, Anna (2017) Democracy. [Project] (Collection)

Kontopoulou, Anna (2017) Democracy and community. In: Bicknell, Annie (ed.) BP Art Exchange: Sowing Seeds, Generating Art, Ideas and a Connected Global Community. Tate Publishing, London, pp. 88-98.


O'Connell, Tina (2017) All that is data that melts into air. [Show/Exhibition]

O'Connell, Tina (2017) Study for a pavilion: Askeaton. [Show/Exhibition]

O'Connell, Tina (2017) Temporal Data Study. [Project] (Collection)


Renshaw, Timothy (2017) Notebook architecture at Kunstgriff. [Show/Exhibition]

Renshaw, Timothy (2017) Plan Unplan. [Show/Exhibition]

Richter, Dorothee (2017) Being singular/plural in the exhibition context: curatorial subjects at documenta 5, dX, D12, d(13). In: Buurman, Nanne and Richter, Dorothee (eds.) documenta. Curating the History of the Present. On-Curating, 33 (33). On-Curating, Zurich, pp. 76-88. ISBN 9781546946120

Richter, Dorothee (2017) Invisible philosophers, my fellow travelers. In: Baltensperger + Siepert, , Baltensperger, Stefan and Siepert, David (eds.) Invisible philosophy. Amsel Verlag, Zurich. ISBN 9783906325170

Richter, Dorothee (2017) Learning from Dhaka. OnCurating (35). pp. 61-71. ISSN 2673-2904 (Decolonizing Art Institutions)

Richter, Dorothee (2017) Propositions on curating, or how much curating is involved in social change. In: Krämer, Nuria and Müller, Patrick (eds.) With: A Bookazine on Collaboration between Cultures, Art Forms, and Disciplines. Connecting Spaces, Zurich University of the Arts, Zürich.

Richter, Dorothee, Kolb, Ronald, Clausen / Szuper Gallery, Susanne, Alves, Maria Thereza, Durham, Jimmie, Keller, San, Ponger, Lisl, Rosen, Roee and Zhao, Zou (2017) De-Colonizing Art Institutions: Artists’ Book. On-Curating, 34 (34). On-Curating, Zurich, pp108. ISBN 9781982088897

Roithmayr, Florian (2017) Chelsea Embankment - London. [Project]

Roithmayr, Florian (2017) Home is not a Place. [Show/Exhibition]

Roithmayr, Florian (2017) Ir re par sur. [Show/Exhibition]

Roithmayr, Florian (2017) They call us screamers. [Show/Exhibition]

Roithmayr, Florian (2017) With, and, or, without. [Project] (Collection)

Rowlands, Alun and Williams, Matthew (2017) On Reading. [Project]

Rowlands, Alun (2017) Our words return in patterns. [Project] (Collection)

Rowlands, Alun and Williams, Matt (2017) Our words return in patterns. [Show/Exhibition]

Russell, John (2017) Against interpretation. [Show/Exhibition]

Russell, John (2017) As above, so below: portals, visions, spirits & mystics. [Show/Exhibition]

Russell, John (2017) Encore! [Show/Exhibition]

Russell, John (2017) DOGGO. [Show/Exhibition]

Russell, John (2017) DOGGO. Miami and Zurich: NAME and Zurich Kunsthalle, Miami/Zurich. ISBN 9780997494020

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