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Bell, J. (1999) Was there a political consensus on foreign policy in the United States in the early years of the Cold War? No, any notion of bipartisanship in the face of a perceived Soviet threat was undermined by clear ideological differences between political leaders in America. In: Allison, R. (ed.) American Social and Political Movements, 1900-1945: Pursuit of Liberty. History in Dispute, 2. St James Press, Detroit, pp. 208-212. ISBN 9781558623965


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Gardner, J. F. (1999) Sexing a Roman: Imperfect Men in Roman Law. In: Foxhall, L. and Salmon, J. (eds.) When Men were men: Masculinity, Power and Identity in Classical Antiquity. Routledge, pp. 136-152.

Gardner, J. F. (1999) Women in Business Life: Some evidence from Puteoli. In: Setälä, P. (ed.) Female Networks and the Public Sphere in Roman Society, Acta Instituti Romani Finlandiae. Institutum Romanum Finlandiae, pp. 11-27.


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Major, P. (1999) Vor und nach dem 13. August 1961: Reaktionen der DDR-Bevölkerung auf den Bau der Berliner Mauer. Archiv für Sozialgeschichte, 39. pp. 325-354. ISSN 0066-6506


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Pollmann, K. (1999) The City of God in Current Research (1991-1999). In: Vessey, M., Pollmann, K. and Fitzgerald, A. D. (eds.) History, Apocalypse, and the Secular Imagination. New Essays on Augustine's City of God. Bowling Green State University Philosophy, pp. 16-20. ISBN 9781889680040

Pollmann, K. (1999) Moulding the Present: Apocalyptic as Hermeneutics in City of God 21-22. Augustinian Studies, 30 (2). pp. 165-181. ISSN 0094-5323 doi:


Rutherford, I. (1999) Canons of Style in the Antonine Age: Idea-Theory and Its Literary Context. Clarendon Press, Oxford. ISBN 978-0198147299

Rutherford, I. (1999) To the Land of Zeus. Patterns of Pilgrimage in Aelius Aristides. Aevum Antiquum, 12. pp. 133-148.


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Taylor, S. (1999) Bishop Edmund Gibson's proposals for a church reform. In: Taylor, S. (ed.) From Cranmer to Davidson: A Church of England miscellany. Church of England Record Society (7). The Boydell Press , Woodbridge, pp. 169-202. ISBN 9780851157429


Vessey, M., Pollmann, K. and Fitzgerald, A. D., eds. (1999) History, Apocalypse, and the Secular Imagination: New Essays on Augustine's City of God. Villanova University Press. ISBN 9781889680040


West, E. (1999) The Debate on the Strength of Slave Families: South Carolina and the Importance of Cross-Plantation Marriages. Journal of American Studies, 33 (2). pp. 221-241. ISSN 1469-5154

West, E. (1999) Surviving Separation: Cross-Plantation Marriages and the Slave Trade in Antebellum South Carolina. Journal of Family History, 24 (2). pp. 212-231.

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