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Configurational preferences of two 1,2-diamine adducts of bis(1-(2-thienyl)-4,4,4-trifluoro-1,3-butanedionato)cobalt(II)

Tzavellas, L. C., Tsiamis, C., Kavounis, C. A. and Cardin, C. (1997) Configurational preferences of two 1,2-diamine adducts of bis(1-(2-thienyl)-4,4,4-trifluoro-1,3-butanedionato)cobalt(II). Inorganica Chimica Acta, 262 (1). pp. 53-59. ISSN 0020-1693

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To link to this item DOI: 10.1016/S0020-1693(97)05503-5


The preparation, the IR and ligand field spectra and the structures of the mixed-ligand addition compounds [(N,N-dimethyl-1,2-diaminoethane)bis(1-(2-thienyl)-4,4,4-trifluoro-1,3-butanedionato)cobalt(II)], [Co(thtf)2me2en], and [(N,N,N′,N′-tetramethyl-1,2-diaminoethane)bis(1-(2-thienyl)-4,4,4-trifluoro-1,3-butanedionato)cobalt(II)], [Co(thtf)2me4en], are reported. The structures were determined by single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis (monoclinic, space group P21/c, Z=4 with a=10.708(6), b=19.531(6), c=13.352(6) Å, β=111.64(10)°, R1=0.0642 and wR2=0.1719 for [Co(thtf)2(me2en)] and a=12.033(6), b=15.565(6), c=15.339(6) Å, β=92.57(6)°, R1=0.0612 and wR2=0.1504 for [Co(thtf)2me4en]). The structures are distorted octahedral and the shortest cobalt–cobalt separation distances are 5.388(2) Å in [Co(thtf)2me2en] and 8.675(3) Å in [Co(thtf)2me4en]. In both compounds the diamine molecules attain the gauche conformation. The U(Z,Z) conformation of the β-dione leads to a semi-chair conformation of the β-dionato chelate rings. The relative orientation of the groups attached to the β-dionato moiety depends on the extent of stereoelectronic effects the N-substitution of the diamine entails. In [Co(thtf)2me2en] the intraligand distance separating the trifluoromethyl carbon atoms is 5.281(18) Å while in [Co(thtf)2me2en] it increases to 8.338(9) Å. The cobalt–cobalt separation distance, the orientation of the chelate rings and the extent of N-substitution seem to affect hydrogen bonding. While in [Co(thtf)2me2en] inter- and intraligand hydrogen bonding is implicated, it is totally absent in [Co(thtf)2me4en].

Item Type:Article
Divisions:Faculty of Life Sciences > School of Chemistry, Food and Pharmacy > Department of Chemistry
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Uncontrolled Keywords:Crystal structures; Cobalt complexes; Diamine complexes; Dionato complexes

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