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Meen, G. (2016) Spatial housing economics: a survey. Urban Studies, 53 (10). pp. 1987-2003. ISSN 1360-063X doi: 10.1177/0042098016642962

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Book or Report Section

Meen, G. (2012) Forecasting in housing research. In: Smith, S. J., Elsinga, M., Fox-O’Mahony, L., Ong, S. E. and Wachter, S. (eds.) International encyclopedia of housing and home. Elsevier. ISBN 9780080471631

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Meen, G. (2012) Policies to address social mix in communities. In: Smith, S. J., Elsinga, M., Fox-O’Mahony, L., Ong, S. E. and Wachter, S. (eds.) International encyclopedia of housing and home. Elsevier . ISBN 9780080471631

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Andrew, M., Evans, A., Koundouri, P. and Meen, G., (2003) Residential stamp duty: time for a change? Report. Council of Mortgage Lenders pp72. ISBN 9781872423999

Conference or Workshop Item

Meen, G. (2007) Micro cosmos: dynamics of long-term change in inner London. In: The Vital City, 12-14 Sep 2007, University of Glasgow.

Nygaard, C., Meen, D. and Meen, G. (2007) A tale of two Victorian cities in the 21st century. In: 13th Pacific Rim Real Estate Society Conference, 21-24 Jan 2007, Fremantle.


Meen, G., Gibb, K., Leishman, C. and Nygaard, C. A. (2016) Housing economics: a historical approach. Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 9781137472700

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