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Harloe, K. (2015) Winckelmann in the perspective of Altertumswissenschaft: Christian Gottlob Heyne and Friedrich August Wolf. Aufklärung, 27. pp. 185-203. ISSN 0178-7128

Harloe, K. (2010) Can political theory provide a model for reception? Max Weber and Hannah Arendt. Cultural Critique, 74. ISSN 0882-4371 (special issue 'Classical reception and the political')

Harloe, K. (2010) Pausanias as historian in Winckelmann's History. Classical Receptions Journal, 2 (2). pp. 174-196. ISSN 1759-5142 (special issue Receptions of Pausanias: from Winckelmann to Frazer)

Harloe, K. (2007) Allusion and ekphrasis in Winckelmann's Paris description of the Apollo Belvedere. The Cambridge Classical Journal , 53. pp. 229-252. ISSN 1750-2705

Jardine, N. and Harloe, K. (2005) Kepler's refutation of Ursus's Demonstratio. Journal for the History of Astronomy, 36 (2). pp. 151-165. ISSN 0021-8286

Book or Report Section

Evangelista, S. and Harloe, K. (2017) Pater’s ‘Winckelmann’: aesthetic criticism and classical reception. In: Martindale, C., Prettejohn, E. and Evangelista, S. (eds.) Pater the Classicist. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 63-80. ISBN 9780198723417 (In Press)

Harloe, K. (2016) Sympathy, tragedy and the morality of sentiment in Lessing's Laocoon. In: Lifschitz, A. and Squire, M. (eds.) Re-thinking Lessing's Laocoon: Classical Antiquity, the German Enlightenment and the 'Limits' of Painting and Poetry. Oxford University Press, Oxford. (In Press)

Harloe, K. (2015) Christian Gottlob Heyne and the changing fortunes of the commentary in the age of Altertumswissenschaft. In: Kraus, C. S. and Stray, C. (eds.) Classical Commentaries: Explorations in a scholarly genre. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 435-456. ISBN 9780199688982

Harloe, K. (2013) Questioning the democratic, and democratic questioning. In: Hardwick, L. and Harrison, S. (eds.) Classics in the Modern World: A ‘Democratic Turn’? Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780199673926

Harloe, K. C. (2009) Ingenium et doctrina. Historicism and the imagination in Winckelmann, Heyne and Wolf. In: Hummel, P. (ed.) Metaphilology. Histories and languages of philology. Philologicum, Paris, pp. 91-116. ISBN 9782952952460

Harloe, K. C. (2008) Metaphysical and historical claims in the birth of tragedy. In: Dries, M. (ed.) Nietzsche on time and history. A collection of essays. Walter de Gruyter, Berlin, pp. 271-285. ISBN 9783110190090


Harloe, K. (2013) Winckelmann and the invention of antiquity: history and aesthetics in the age of Altertumswissenschaft. Classical Presences. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780199695843

Harloe, K. and Morley, N., eds. (2012) Thucydides and the modern world: reception, reinterpretation and influence from the Renaissance to the present. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp266. ISBN 9781107019201


Harloe, K. (2004) Franz Neumann, the rule of law and the unfulfilled promise of classical liberal thought. PhD thesis, University of Cambridge.

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