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Heuser, B., Payne, K. B., Mahnken, T. G., Potter, A. B., Sloan, G., Johnson, J. L., White, K. ORCID: and Hoffman, F. G. (2020) Remembering Colin Gray. Texas National Security Review. ISSN 2576-1153

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Book or Report Section

Heuser, B. (2017) The rise, fall and resurgence of 'Just War' thinking from Cicero to Chicago’. In: Gow, J. and Wilkinson, B. (eds.) The art of creating power : Freedman on strategy. Hurst, London, pp. 97-116. ISBN 9781849045810

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Heuser, B., (2014) Insurgencies and counterinsurgency strategies: patterns and dilemmas. Report. RDDC Publishing House, Copenhagen. pp32.

Conference or Workshop Item

Heuser, B. (2016) The virtual world of exercises and deterrence. In: Russia and the West, 11 Apr 2016, CERI, Sciences Po', Paris.


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