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Clausen, S. (2011) Ballet-performing normality in the face of crisis. The International Journal of the Image, 1 (Issue 2). pp. 157-178. ISSN 2152-7857

Book or Report Section

Clausen, S. (2007) Szuper gallery. In: Culture Shock. The Artists' Studio, London, pp. 70-79. ISBN 9780954699955


Clausen, S. and Kerestey, P. (2014) Ballet by Szuper Gallery. ONCURATING Books, Zurich, pp150. ISBN 9783952407813

Clausen, S. and Kerestey, P., eds. (2007) Liftarchiv. Revolver, Frankfurt, pp120. ISBN 9783865884039


Clausen, S. and Kerestey, P. (2017) I will survive, video, 8:05mins. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2016) These are the people in your neighbourhood - Mammalian Diving Reflex. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2015) Liquid trust. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2015) Bonobo. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2015) Liquid trust at ICA. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2014) I will survive. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2014) Work, Arbeit, Rabota. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2013) Rehearsing Szuper Gallery. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2012) Performance as social practice. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2011) INDEPENDENT/NEZALEZHNI. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2011) The Cave: Etant Ballet. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2011) Étant Ballet. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2010) The strength of the system and my experiences of it, was that in fact, oddly enough, it was actually a very collaborative enterprise already. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2010) Work/Arbeit/Работа. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2010) Transfer zone 4; temporary life; temporary communities. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2010) Szuper Gallery materials. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2010) Ballet. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2010) Fallstudie - Künstlerische (Selbst) Ausbildung. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2010) Festival VideoDanzaBa. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2010) Moves 10 - Framing Motion. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2009) Suck. Swallow. Breathe. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2009) The artist's studio. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2009) Translation paradoxes and misunderstandings. [Show/Exhibition]

Beasely, M., Rowlands, A. and Russell, J. (2009) Barefoot in the head. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2008) Curatorial vaudeville. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2008) The Extras Regina, 2008. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. and Kerestey, P. (2007) I will survive. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. and Tervaniemi, S. (2007) Loving revolution. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2007) Bohemian work out. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. (2007) Curating degree zero. [Show/Exhibition]

Clausen, S. and Kerestrey, P. (2007) Szuper gallery. [Show/Exhibition]


Clausen, S. and Kerestey, P. (2011) Ballet-Granite. [Performance]

Clausen, S. and Kerestey, P. (2007) I will survive. [Performance]


Clausen, S. (2009) Ballet. [Video]

Clausen, S. (2009) Suck. Swallow. Breathe. [Video]


Clausen, S. and Richter, D. (2016) The six enemies of greatness. ONCURATING.ORG, Zurich.

Clausen, S. (2016) Slapping scenes. ONCURATING.ORG, Zurich.

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