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Murray, C. A., Zhu, Z., Cardin, C. J., Colquhoun, H. M. and Greenland, B. W. (2017) Quadruple stacking of macrocyclic viologen radical-cations. Supramolecular Chemistry. ISSN 1061-0278 doi: 10.1080/10610278.2017.1375113

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Zhu, Z., Walsby, N.M., Colquhoun, H.M., Thompsett, D. and Petrucco, E. (2009) Microblock ionomers: a new concept in high temperature, swelling-resistant membranes for PEM fuel cells. Fuel Cells, 9 (4). pp. 305-317. ISSN 1615-6846 doi: 10.1002/fuce.200800140

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JOHNSON MATTHEY PLC (2005) Ion-conducting polymers and membranes comprising them. WO/2005/068536. doi: WO/2005/068536

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