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CentAUR - Depositing on behalf of an author

The following is a list of the information that you will need about a publication in order to be able to add it to CentAUR on behalf of an author.

Please note that if the publication has already been added, e.g. by a co-author, you do not need to add a duplicate.

For instructions about using CentAUR itself, please refer to the relevant guides in Help

Bibliographic details (author, title etc.)

The following is a list of the most important fields to complete for standard text items, such as books, chapters, journal articles, conference items and reports. You can complete as many of the other fields as you have details for. Fields marked* are mandatory.

Don’t panic! Not all fields are relevant to all types of publications and many can be completed by selecting from drop down or pick lists.

Repository staff will check all the information that you enter and complete any key fields left blank, by referring to online databases (e.g. Web of Science).

  1. *Type of publication (e.g. article, book, report)
  2. *Title (e.g. journal article, chapter, book)
  3. * Author(s)
  4. * Journal or Publication title
  5. * Publisher (of book, report)
  6. * Event title (e.g. of conference)
  7. * Event type (e.g conference, workshop)
  8. Volume
  9. Page range
  10. * Date
  11. * Refereed: whether peer reviewed
  12. * Publication status (i.e. published or in-press)
  13. * Date type (i.e. date of publication, acceptance etc.)
  14. * Funders: name of funder
  15. * Projects: name (or internal or external code) of funded project
  16. Contact email address: Author's University of Reading email address ONLY if they are happy to be contacted by a researcher requesting a PDF of their publication. The email address is not visible to the researcher, but produces a ‘request a copy from Reading author’ button on the item's summary page in CentAUR. The button does not appear if the address is not supplied.
  17. DOI
  18. * Department(s) and/or Research Group(s)

Full text

The author should supply you with the associated full text to upload, but only if their publisher will allow them to deposit it in an institutional repository. It should be the accepted for publication, author final draft, or occasionally the publisher’s PDF if allowed by the copyright agreement. No early drafts are permitted.

It is the responsibility of the author to check copyright and for repository staff to check again. You do not need to check the copyright yourself - just upload the document that you are given and repository staff will delete it if not permitted.

If a full text is attached, there are a few mandatory fields that will need to be completed, using drop-down options.

  1. * Content: (e.g. whether ‘Published Version’ or ‘Accepted’ for publication)
  2. * Type: (e.g. Text
  3. * Visible to: (e.g. ‘anyone’, ‘registered users’, ‘repository staff’). If you are unsure which to select, leave it as ‘anyone’ and repository staff will check/change as necessary.

Last updated: 17th May 2012

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