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Please also see our FAQs
New staff - Getting started
Please see:
Depositing on behalf of an author
Please read the guidelines about the mandatory and key fields to complete.
How to import items (EndNote, DOI, PMID)
Please read the import guidelines.
How to export items (lists, bibliographies, EndNote)
Please read the export guidelines.
Please read the copyright guidelines.
How to set up feeds to the University's CMS web pages
Please see instructions for University of Reading staff. Log in with your University username and password when prompted.
How to search
The search screens offer integrated help text. For further advice refer to the Search and Save section of the CentAUR LibGuide.
How to cite from CentAUR
Please read the guide on how to cite publications from the institutional repository, CentAUR
Help with ROSS
See the Research Intelligence web pages for an overview of the process and for screenshot guides to using the ROSS tool in CentAUR
Help with ORCID
Please read the guide, ORCID iDs in CentAUR

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