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Bradley, R., Lewis, J., Mullin, D. and Branch, N. ORCID: (2015) 'Where water wells up from the earth’: excavations at the findspot of the Late Bronze Age hoard from Broadward, Shropshire. Antiquaries Journal, 95. pp. 21-64. ISSN 1758-5309 doi:

Bradley, R. (2013) Houses of commons, houses of lords: domestic dwellings and monumental architecture in prehistoric Europe. Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society, 79. pp. 1-18. ISSN 0079-797X

Bacelar Alves, L., Bradley, R. and Fábregas Valcarce, R. (2013) Tunnel visions: a decorated cave at El Pedroso, Northern Spain, in the light of fieldwork. Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society, 79. pp. 225-264. ISSN 0079-797X

Bradley, R. and Nimura, C. (2013) The earth, the sky and the water's edge: changing beliefs in the earlier prehistory of Northern Europe. World Archaeology, 45 (1). pp. 12-26. ISSN 0043-8243 doi:

Bradley, R. and Clarke, A. (2012) Scottish henges re-excavated. Current Archaeology, 270. pp. 36-42.

Brown, A. D., Bradley, R. J., Goldhahn, J., Nord, J., Skoglund, P. and Yendell, V. (2011) The environmental context of a prehistoric rock carving on the Bjäre Peninsula, Scania, southern Sweden. Journal of Archaeological Science, 38 (3). pp. 746-752. ISSN 0305-4403 doi:

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Bradley, R., Haselgrove, C., Vander Linden, M. and Webley, L. (2009) Britain and the nearby continent during later prehistory, and the contribution of Malta-related archaeology: a research project. Bulletin de l'association pour la promotion des recherches sur l'âge du bronze, 6. pp. 71-72.

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Bradley, R., Sheridan, A. and Schulting, R. (2009) Radiocarbon dates arranged though National Museums Scotland Archaeology Department during 2008/9. Discovery and Excavation in Scotland, 10. pp. 212-214.

Bradley, R. and Phillips, T. (2008) Display, disclosure and concealment: the organization of raw materials in the chambered tombs of Bohuslän. Oxford Journal of Archaeology, 27 (1). pp. 1-13. ISSN 0262-5253 doi:

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Bradley, R., Jones, A., Nordenborg Myhre, L. and Sacket, H. (2002) Sailing through stone. Carved ships and the rockface at Revheim, southwest Norway. Norwegian Archaeological Review, 35 (2). pp. 109-118. ISSN 1502-7678 doi:

Book or Report Section

Clarke, A. and Bradley, R. (2016) Excavations at Hillhead, Tarland, Aberdeenshire: a recumbent stone circle and its history. In: Bradley, R. and Nimura, C. (eds.) The Use and Reuse of Stone Circles: Fieldwork at Five Scottish Monuments and its Implications. Oxbow Books, Cheshire, pp. 7-27. ISBN 9781785702433

Clarke, A., Bradley, R. and Hunter, F. (2016) Excavations at Waulkmill, Tarland, Aberdeenshire: a Neolithic pit, Roman Iron Age burials and an earlier prehistoric stone circle. In: Bradley, R. and Nimura, C. (eds.) The Use and Reuse of Stone Circles: Fieldwork at Five Scottish Monuments and its Implications. Oxbow Books, Cheshire, pp. 27-56. ISBN 9781785702433

Bradley, R. and Clarke, A. (2016) The Hill of Tuach, Kintore, Aberdeenshire: the excavation of a small stone circle and henge. In: Bradley, R. and Nimura, C. (eds.) The Use and Reuse of Stone Circles: Fieldwork at Five Scottish Monuments and its Implications. Oxbow Books, Cheshire, pp. 74-102. ISBN 9781785702433

Bradley, R. (2013) Hoards and the deposition of metalwork. In: Fokkens, H. and Harding, A. (eds.) Handbook of the European Bronze Age. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780199572861

Bradley, R. (2013) Enclosures, mounds and great houses. In: O'Sullivan, M., Scarre, C. and Doyle, M. (eds.) Tara. From the Past to the Future. Wordwell, Dublin, pp. 207-213. ISBN 9781905569762

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Bradley, R. (2012) Frances Lynch and the prehistory of Wales and the West. In: Britnell, W. and Silvester, R. (eds.) Reflections on the Past: Essays in Honour of Frances Lynch. Cambrian Archaeological Association, Welshpool, pp. 1-3. ISBN 9780947846084

Bradley, R. and Hall, M. (2012) Excavation and palynological investigation in Mickleden. In: Leech, R. H. and Quartemaine, J. (eds.) Cairns, Fields and Cultivation: Archaeological Landscapes of the Lake District Uplands. Lancaster Imprints, Lancaster, pp. 284-287. ISBN 9781907686078

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Bradley, R. (2012) Postscript: recorded time. In: Haselgrove, C., Webley, L., Bradley, R. and Vander Linden, M. (eds.) Development-led archaeology in North-West Europe. Oxbow, Oxford. ISBN 9781842174661

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Bradley, R. J. (2010) Epilogue: Drawing on stone. In: Goldhahn, J., Fuglestvedt, I. and Jones, A. (eds.) Changing Pictures: Rock Art Traditions and Visions in Northern Europe. Oxbow, Oxford, pp. 197-205. ISBN 9781842174050

Bradley, R. J. (2010) Prehistoric and Roman Berkshire. In: Tyack, G., Bradley, S. and Pevsner, N. (eds.) The Buildings of England. Berkshire. Pevsner Architectural Guides: Buildings of England. Yale University Press, New Haven, pp. 9-15. ISBN 9780300126624

Bradley, R. (2010) Missing links and false relations: architecture and ideas in Bronze Age Scotland and Ireland. In: Cooney, G., Becker, K., Coles, J., Ryan, M. and Sievers, S. (eds.) Relics of old decency: Archaeological studies in later prehistory: Festschrift for Barry Raftery. Wordwell, Bray, pp. 221-223. ISBN 9781905569373

Bradley, R. (2010) Prefácio. In: Bettancourt, A. M. S. and Alves, L. B. (eds.) Dos montes, das pedras e das águas. Formas de integracção com o espaço natural da prê-história à actualidade. Centro de Investigação Transdisciplinar 'Cultura, Espaço e Memória', Braga, pp. 5-6. ISBN 9789898351029

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Bradley, R., Evans, C., Fleming, A. and Pryor, F. (2009) The field system triumvirate: a dialogue. In: Evans, C. (ed.) Fengate Revisited: Further Fen-edge Excavations, Bronze Age Fieldsystems and Settlement and the Wyman Abbott/Leeds Archives. Oxbow Books/Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Oxford, pp. 260-267. ISBN 9780954482480

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Bradley, R. (2003) In the Dutch mountains: the ritualization of domestic life in Neolithic Europe. In: Groenman-van-Waateringe, W., van Beek, B. and Metz, W. (eds.) Het Instituut. Vijftig jaar IPP/AAC. Koninklijke Bibliotheek, The Hague, pp. 22-32.

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Conference or Workshop Item

Bradley, R. (2010) Passage graves, statues and standing stones: megaltihic and social identities in prehistoric Scotland and Ireland. In: Megaliths and Identities: Third European Megalithic Studies Group Meeting, 13-15 May 2010, Kiel University, Germany, pp. 1-7.


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Bradley, R. (2005) A Visitor's Guide to Balnuaran of Clava. Historic Scotland, Edinburgh, pp6.

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