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Barlow, J. F., Halios, C. H. ORCID:, Lane, S. E. and Wood, C. R. (2015) Observations of urban boundary layer structure during a strong urban heat island event. Environmental Fluid Mechanics, 15 (2). pp. 1567-7419. ISSN 1567-7419 doi:

Wood, C. R., Pauscher, L., Ward, H. C., Kotthaus, S., Barlow, J., Gouvea, M., Lane, S. E. and Grimmond, C. S. B. ORCID: (2013) Wind observations above an urban river using a new lidar technique, scintillometry and anemometry. Science of the Total Environment, 442. pp. 527-533. ISSN 0048-9697 doi:

Lane, S. E., Barlow, J. F. and Wood, C. R. (2013) An assessment of a three-beam Doppler lidar wind profiling method for use in urban areas. Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, 119. pp. 53-59. ISSN 0167-6105 doi:

Harrison, R. G. ORCID: and Wood, C. R. (2012) Ventilation effects on humidity measurements in thermometer screens. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 138 (665). pp. 1114-1120. ISSN 1477-870X doi:

Barlow, J. F., Harrison, J., Robins, A. G. and Wood, C. R. (2011) A wind-tunnel study of flow distortion at a meteorological sensor on top of the BT Tower, London, UK. Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, 99 (9). pp. 899-907. ISSN 0167-6105 doi:

Barlow, J. F., Dunbar, T. M., Nemitz, E. G., Wood, C. R., Gallagher, M. W., Davies, F., O'Connor, E. and Harrison, R. M. (2011) Boundary layer dynamics over London, UK, as observed using Doppler lidar during REPARTEE-II. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 11 (5). pp. 2111-2125. ISSN 1680-7316 doi:

Helfter, C., Famulari, D., Phillips, G. J., Barlow, J. F., Wood, C., Grimmond, C. S. B. ORCID: and Nemitz, E. (2011) Controls of carbon dioxide concentrations and fluxes above central London. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 11 (5). pp. 1913-1928. ISSN 1680-7316 doi:

Wood, C. R. and Harrison, R. G. ORCID: (2011) Scorch marks from the sky. Weather, 66 (2). pp. 39-41. ISSN 0043-1656 doi:

Martin, D., Petersson, K. F., White, I. R., Henshaw, S. J., Nickless, G., Lovelock, A., Barlow, J. F., Dunbar, T., Wood, C. R. and Shallcross, D. E. (2011) Tracer concentration profiles measured in central London as part of the REPARTEE campaign. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 11 (1). pp. 227-239. ISSN 1680-7316 doi:

Charlton-Perez, A. ORCID:, Dacre, H. ORCID:, Maskell, K., Reynolds, R., South, R. and Wood, C. (2010) Meteorology and climate inspire secondary school students. School Science Review, 92 (339). pp. 75-82. ISSN 0036-6811

Wood, C. R. (2010) Adapting our cities for future climates: 17 February 2010. Weather, 65 (11). pp. 307-309. ISSN 0043-1656 doi:

Wood, C. R., Lacser, A., Barlow, J. F., Padhra, A., Belcher, S. E., Nemitz, E., Helfter, C., Famulari, D. and Grimmond, C.S.B. ORCID: (2010) Turbulent flow at 190 m height above London during 2006-2008: A climatology and the applicability of similarity theory. Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 137 (1). pp. 77-96. ISSN 0006-8314 doi:

Balogun, A. A., Tomlin, A. S., Wood, C. R., Barlow, J. F., Belcher, S. E., Smalley, R. J., Lingard, J. J. N., Arnold, S. J., Dobre, A., Robins, A. G., Martin, D. and Shallcross, D. E. (2010) In-street wind direction variability in the vicinity of a busy intersection in central London. Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 136 (3). pp. 489-513. ISSN 0006-8314 doi:

Wood, C. R., Clark, S. J., Barlow, J. F. and Chapman, J. W. (2010) Layers of nocturnal insect migrants at high-altitude: the influence of atmospheric conditions on their formation. Agricultural and Forest Entomology, 12 (1). pp. 113-121. ISSN 1461-9555 doi:

Wood, C. R. and Harrison, R. G. ORCID: (2009) Anthropogenic snowfall events in the UK: examples of urban weather modification? Weather, 64 (10). pp. 277-280. ISSN 0043-1656 doi:

Wood, C. R., Reynolds, D.R., Wells, P.M., Barlow, J. F., Woiwod, I.P. and Chapman, J.W. (2009) Flight periodicity and the vertical distribution of high-altitude moth migration over southern Britain. Bulletin of Entomological Research, 99 (05). pp. 525-535. ISSN 0007-4853 doi:

Wood, C. R., Arnold, S. J., Balogun, A. A., Barlow, J. F., Belcher, S. E., Britter, R. E., Cheng, H., Dobre, A., Lingard, J. J. N., Martin, D., Neophytou, M. K., Petersson, F. K., Robins, A. G., Shallcross, D. E., Smalley, R. J., Tate, J. E., Tomlin, A. S. and White, I. R. (2009) Dispersion Experiments in Central London: The 2007 DAPPLE project. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 90 (7). pp. 955-970. ISSN 1520-0477 doi:

Wood, C. R., O'Connor, E. J., Hurley, R. A., Reynolds, D. R. and Illingworth, A. J. (2009) Cloud-radar observations of insects in the UK convective boundary layer. Meteorological Applications, 16 (4). pp. 491-500. ISSN 1469-8080 doi:

Wood, C. R. (2009) Insects, weather and climate. Weather, 64 (8). pp. 221-223. ISSN 0043-1656 doi:

Wood, C. R., Chapman, J. W., Reynolds, D. R., Barlow, J. F., Smith, A. D. and Woiwod, I. P. (2006) The influence of the atmospheric boundary layer on nocturnal layers of noctuids and other moths migrating over southern Britain. International Journal of Biometeorology, 50 (4). p. 193. ISSN 1432-1254 doi:

Reynolds, D.R., Chapman, J.W., Edwards, A.S., Smith, A.D., Wood, C. R., Barlow, J. F. and Woiwod, I.P. (2005) Radar studies of the vertical distribution of insects migrating over southern Britain: the influence of temperature inversions on nocturnal layer concentrations. Bulletin of Entomological Research, 95 (3). pp. 259-274. ISSN 0007-4853


Wood, C. R. and Harrison, R. G. ORCID:, (2009) Some reports of snowfall from fog during the UK winter of 2008/09. Technical Report. ArXiv pp7.


Wood, C. R. (2007) The biometeorology of high-altitude insect layers. PhD thesis, University of Reading.

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