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Pennington, H. G., Gheorghe, D. M., Damerum, A., Pliego, C., Spanu, P. D., Cramer, Rainer and Bindschedler, Laurence V. (2016) Interactions between the powdery mildew effector BEC1054 and barley proteins identify candidate host targets. Journal of Proteome Research, 15 (3). pp. 826-839. ISSN 1535-3907 doi:

Agrawal, Ganesh Kumar, Sarkar, Abhijit, Righetti, Pier Giorgio, Pedreschi, Romina, Carpentier, Sebastien, Wang, Tai, Barkla, Bronwyn J., Kohli, Ajay, Ndimba, Bongani Kaiser, Bykova, Natalia V., Rampitsch, Christof, Zolla, Lello, Rafudeen, Mohamed Suhail, Cramer, Rainer, Bindschedler, Laurence, Tsakirpaloglou, Nikolaos, Job, Dominique, Kikuchi, Shoshi and Rakwal, Randeep (2013) A decade of plant proteomics and mass spectrometry: translation of technical advancements to food security and safety issues. Mass Spectrometry Reviews, 32 (5). pp. 335-365. ISSN 1098-2787 doi:

Bindschedler, Laurence V., McGuffin, Liam J., Burgis, Timothy A., Spanu, Pietro D. and Cramer, Rainer (2011) Proteogenomics and in silico structural and functional annotation of the barley powdery mildew Blumeria graminis f. sp. hordei. Methods, 54 (4). pp. 432-441. ISSN 1046-2023 doi:

Bindschedler, Laurence V. and Cramer, Rainer (2011) Fully automated software solution for protein quantitation by global metabolic labeling with stable isotopes. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 25 (11). pp. 1461-1471. ISSN 1097-0231 doi:

Bindschedler, Laurence Veronique, Smith, Calvin James and Cramer, Rainer Karl (2011) Quantitative plant proteomics using hydroponic isotope labeling of entire plants (HILEP). In: Ivanov, Alexander R. and Lazarev, Alexander V. (eds.) Sample preparation in biological mass spectrometry. Springer, New York. ISBN 9789400707580

Bindschedler, Laurence V and Cramer, Rainer (2011) Quantitative plant proteomics. PROTEOMICS, 11 (4). pp. 756-775. ISSN 1615-9861 doi:

Spanu, Pietro D., Abbott, James C., Amselem, Joelle, Burgis, Timothy A., Soanes, Darren M., Stuber, Kurt, Loren van Themaat, Emiel Ver, Brown, James K.M., Butcher, Sarah A., Gurr, Sarah J., Lebrun, Marc-Henri, Ridout, Christopher J., Schulze-Lefert, Paul, Talbot, Nicholas J., Ahmadinejad, Nahal, Ametz, Christian, Barton, Geraint R., Benjdia, Mariam, Bidzinski, Przemyslaw, Bindschedler, Laurence Veronique, Both, Maike, Brewer, Marin T., Cadle-Davidson, Lance, Cadle-Davidson, Molly M., Collemare, Jerome, Cramer, Rainer Karl, Frenkel, Omer, Godfrey, Dale, Harriman, James, Hoede, Claire, King, Brian C., Klages, Sven, Kleemann, Jochen, Knoll, Daniela, Koti, Prasanna S., Kreplak, Jonathan, Lopez-Ruiz, Francisco J., Lu, Xunli, Maekawa, Takaki, Mahanil, Siraprapa, Micali, Cristina, Milgroom, Michael G., Montana, Giovanni, Noir, Sandra, O'Connell, Richard J., Oberhaensli, Simone, Parlange, Francis, Pedersen, Carsten, Quesneville, Hadi, Reinhardt, Richard, Rott, Matthias, Sacristan, Soledad, Schmidt, Sarah M., Schon, Moritz, Skamnioti, Pari, Sommer, Hans, Stephens, Amber, Takahara, Hiroyuki, Thordal-Christensen, Hans, Vigouroux, Marielle, Wessling, Ralf, Wicker, Thomas and Panstruga, Ralph (2010) Genome expansion and gene loss in powdery mildew fungi reveal tradeoffs in extreme parasitism. Science, 330 (6010). pp. 1543-1546. ISSN 1095-9203 doi:

Bindschedler, Laurence Veronique, Towers, M and Cramer, Rainer Karl (2009) Hydroponic isotope labeling of entire plants (HILEP) for quantitative plant proteomics. In: 55th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry, 3rd - 7th June 2007, Indianapolis, USA.

Bindschedler, Laurence Veronique, Burgis, T, Mills, Davinia Joanne Susan, Ho, J, Spanu, P D and Cramer, Rainer K (2009) In planta proteomics and proteogenomics of the biotrophic barley fungal pathogen blumeria f.sp. hordei. In: 57th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry, 31st May - 4th June 2009, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Boschetti, E., Bindschedler, L.V., Tang, C.R., Fasoli, E. and Righetti, P.G. (2009) Combinatorial peptide ligand libraries and plant proteomics: a winning strategy at a price. Journal of Chromatography A, 1216 (8). pp. 1215-1222. ISSN 0021-9673 doi:

Bindschedler, L. V., Burgis, T. A., Mills, D. J. S., Ho, J. T. C., Cramer, R. and Spanu, P. D. (2009) In planta proteomics and proteogenomics of the biotrophic barley fungal pathogen blumeria graminis f. sp hordei. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, 8 (10). pp. 2368-2381. ISSN 1535-9476 doi:

Bindschedler, L.V. and Cramer, R. (2008) Equalisation of protein amounts for overcoming the high dynamic protein expression range in the analysis of plant proteomes. In: 56th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry, Denver, Colorado, USA, MP 573.

Bindschedler, L.V., Palmblad, M. and Cramer, R. (2008) Hydroponic isotope labelling of entire plants (HILEP) for quantitative plant proteomics; an oxidative stress case study. Phytochemistry, 69 (10). pp. 1962-1972. ISSN 0031-9422 doi:

Palmblad, M., Mills, Davinia J, Bindschedler, L.V. and Cramer, R. (2007) Chromatographic alignment of LC-MS and LC-MS/MS datasets by genetic algorithm feature extraction. Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry, 18 (10). pp. 1835-1843. ISSN 1044-0305 doi:

Palmblad, M., Bindschedler, L.V. and Cramer, R. (2007) Quantitative proteomics using uniform N-15-labeling, MASCOT, and the trans-proteomic pipeline. Proteomics, 7 (19). pp. 3462-3469. ISSN 1615-9853 doi:

Palmblad, M., Bindschedler, Laurence Veronique, Gibson, Trevor Michael and Cramer, Rainer Karl (2006) Comparison of bottom-up protein identification methods. In: 54th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry, 28th May - 1st June 2006, Seattle USA.

Palmblad, M., Bindschedler, L.V., Gibson, Trevor M and Cramer, R. (2006) Automatic internal calibration in liquid chromatography/Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry of protein digests. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 20 (20). pp. 3076-3080. ISSN 0951-4198 doi:

Bindschedler, Laurence Veronique, Palmblad, M. and Cramer, Rainer Karl (2006) First-dimension separation with the MicroRotoforTM cell prior to SDS-PAGE and LC-MS/MS analysis. Bio-Rad Bulletin, 5451. pp. 1-4.

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