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Hilson, C. (2024) Climate change and the politicisation of ESG in the US. Frontiers in Political Science, 6. 1332399. ISSN 2673-3145 doi:

Hilson, C. (2023) Emissions intensity: do we need a CBAM for oil and gas imports? Journal of World Energy Law & Business. ISSN 1754-9965 doi:

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Hilson, C. (2018) The Polluter Pays Principle in the Privy Council: Fishermen and Friends of the Sea (Appellant) v The Minister of Planning, Housing and the Environment (Respondent) (Trinidad and Tobago) [2017] UKPC 37. Journal of Environmental Law, 30 (3). pp. 507-517. ISSN 0952-8873 doi:

Hilson, C. (2018) Substantive environmental rights in the EU: doomed to disappoint? In: Bogojevic, S. and Rayfuse, R. (eds.) Environmental Rights in Europe and Beyond. Swedish Studies in European Law. Hart Publishing, pp. 87-103. ISBN 9781509911110

Hilson, C. (2018) The impact of Brexit on the environment: exploring the dynamics of a complex relationship. Transnational Environmental Law, 7 (1). pp. 89-113. ISSN 2047-1033 doi:

Hilson, C. (2018) Republican ecological citizenship in the 2015 Papal Encyclical on the environment and climate change. Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, 21 (6). pp. 754-766. ISSN 1743-8772 doi:

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Hilson, C. (2015) Framing fracking: which frames are heard in English planning and environmental policy and practice? Journal of Environmental Law, 27 (2). pp. 177-202. ISSN 1464-374X doi:

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Hilson, C. (2013) It's all about climate change, stupid! Exploring the relationship between environmental law and climate law. Journal of Environmental Law, 25 (3). pp. 359-370. ISSN 0952-8873 doi:

Hilson, C., (2013) The courts and social movements: two literatures and two methodologies. Center for the Study of Social Movements, University of Notre Dame, USA.

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