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Kindel, Eric ORCID logoORCID: (2022) “When things are equal all over the world the symbols can be the same”: Isotype in West Africa. InfoDesign - Revista Brasileira De Design Da Informação, 19 (2). pp. 1-21. ISSN 1808-5377 doi:

Kindel, Eric (2013) A tradition with breaks. Eye Magazine, 22 (86). pp. 38-55. ISSN 0960-779X

Kindel, Eric (2010) Fit to be seen: stencils for architects, engineers and surveyors. AA Files, 61. pp. 100-109. ISSN 0261-6823

Kindel, Eric and Walker, Sue (2010) Isotype revisited. Il progetto sugli aspetti meno conosciuti di Isotype. Progetto grafico, 18. pp. 48-57. ISSN 1824-1301

Kindel, Eric (2009) Delight of men and gods: Christiaan Huygens's new method of printing. Journal of the Printing Historical Society, 14 (new se. pp. 5-40.

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Kindel, Eric (2001) Marked by time. Eye Magazine, 10 (40). pp. 48-51. ISSN 0960-779X

Book or Report Section

Kindel, Eric (2022) Stencil-making in Paris in the eighteenth century. In: Berton-Blivet, Nathalie, Davy-Rigaux, Cécile and Guilloux, Fabien (eds.) Le livre de musique au pochoir à la fin de l’époque moderne. Institut de Recherche en Musicologie. (In Press)

Kindel, Eric (2018) Eminents observed: a century of writing, lettering, type and typography at the Central School, London. In: Kindel, Eric (ed.) Typeform Dialogues (2nd edition). Hyphen Press, London, pp. 50-87. ISBN 9780907259527

Kindel, Eric (2017) Future, Fortune, and the graphic design of information. In: Black, Alison, Luna, Paul, Lund, Ole and Walker, Sue (eds.) Information Design: Research and Practice. Routledge, pp. 127-146. ISBN 9781472430700

Kindel, Eric (2014) Stencil dies: new tools for an old trade. In: Blume, Julia, Pané-Farré, Pierre and Smeijers, Fred (eds.) Vom Buch auf die Strasse: Grosse Schrift im öffenlichen Raum (Journal der HGB #3). Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig, pp. 41-61, 127–145 (colour images); 193–210 (English text).

Kindel, Eric (2013) The description of stencilling by Gilles Filleau des Billettes: transcription and translation. In: Kindel, Eric and Luna, Paul (eds.) Typography papers 9. Hyphen Press, London, pp. 66-86. ISBN 9780907259480

Kindel, Eric (2013) A reconstruction of stencilling based on the description by Gilles Filleau des Billettes. In: Kindel, Eric and Luna, Paul (eds.) Typography papers 9. Hyphen Press, London, pp. 28-65. ISBN 9780907259480

Kindel, Eric (2013) Isotype in Africa, 1952–58. In: Burke, Christopher, Kindel, Eric and Walker, Sue (eds.) Isotype: design and contexts, 1925–1971. Hyphen Press, London. ISBN 9780907259473

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Kindel, Eric (2011) Reaching the people: Isotype beyond the West. In: Heinrich, Richard, Nemeth, Elisabeth, Pichler, Wolfram and Wagner, David (eds.) Image and Imaging in Philosophy, Science and the Arts. Publications of the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society, new series, vol. 17, 2 (17). Ontos Verlag, Frankfurt, Paris, Lancaster, New Brunswick, pp. 175-193. ISBN 9783868381160

Kindel, Eric (2007) The 'Plaque Decoupee Universelle': a geometric sanserif in 1870s Paris. In: Typography Papers 7. Hyphen Press, pp. 71-80. ISBN 9780907259336

Kindel, Eric (2003) Recollecting stencil letters. In: Typography Papers 5. University of Reading, Reading, pp. 65-101.


Kindel, Eric (2019) Stencil: a descriptive bibliography. Éditions à jour, Reading, pp24.

Kindel, Eric, ed. (2018) Typeform Dialogues (2nd edition). Hyphen Press, London.

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Kindel, Eric, ed. (2012) Typeform dialogues. Hyphen Press, London, pp48. ISBN 9780907259152


Kindel, Eric, Minns, Emma, Nairne, Katie, Odling-Smee, Anne and Walker, Sue (2019) Marie Neurath: Picturing Science. [Show/Exhibition]

Kindel, Eric and Smeijers, Fred (2012) Between writing and type: the stencil letter. [Show/Exhibition]

Burke, Christopher, Kindel, Eric and Walker, Sue (2010) Isotype: international picture language. [Show/Exhibition]

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