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Nicholls, M., (2020) Virtual Rome for REF Impact. University of Reading

Nicholls, M. (2019) Sketchup and digital modelling for Classics. In: Natoli, B. and Hunt, S. (eds.) Teaching Classics with Technology. Bloomsbury, London, pp. 131-144. ISBN 9781350110939

Nicholls, M. (2019) 'Bookish places' in Imperial Rome: bookshops and the urban landscape of learning. In: Adams, S. A. (ed.) Scholastic Culture in the Hellenistic and Roman Eras: Greek, Latin, and Jewish. De Gruyter, pp. 51-68.

Nicholls, M. (2018) The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest commemorated: from the Arch of Germanicus to the Arminius Monument. In: Heuser, D. B. G. and Leoussi, A. S. ORCID: (eds.) Famous Battles and How They Shaped the Modern World: From Troy to Courtrai, 1200 BC-1302 AD. Pen & Sword Books, Barnsley and Havertown, PA. ISBN 9781473893733

Nicholls, M. (2017) Libraries and communication in the Ancient World. In: Naiden, F. S. and Talbert, R. J.A. (eds.) Mercury's Wings: exploring modes of communication in the ancient world. Oxford University Press, New York. ISBN 9780195386844

Nicholls, M. (2017) Classics and 3D digital modelling at the University of Reading. In: Fung, D. (ed.) A connected curriculum for higher education. UCL Press, London, pp. 52-53. ISBN 9781911576334

Nicholls, M. (2016) Digital visualisation in Classics teaching and beyond. Journal of Classics Teaching, 17 (33). pp. 27-30. ISSN 2058-6310 doi:

Nicholls, M. (2015) Libraries and networks of influence in the Roman world. Segno e Testo, 13. pp. 125-146. ISSN 2037-0245

Nicholls, M. (2014) 30-second Ancient Rome. 30-second guides. Ivy Press, London, pp160. ISBN 9781782401315

Nicholls, M. C. (2014) A library at Antium? In: Rothschild, C. K. and Thompson, T. W. (eds.) Galen's De Indolentia: essays on a newly discovered letter. Studien und Texte zu Antike und Christentum (88). Mohr Siebeck, Tübingen, pp. 65-78. ISBN 9783161532153

Nicholls, M. (2014) Le biblioteche come centri di cultura nel mondo Romano. In: Meneghini, R. and Rossella, R. (eds.) La biblioteca Infinita: i luoghi di sapere nel mondo antico. Electa, Milan, pp. 82-97. ISBN 9788837098551

Nicholls, M. (2013) Public libraries in the cities of the Roman Empire. In: Woolf, G., König, J. and Oikonomopolou, K. (eds.) Ancient Libraries. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9781107012561

Nicholls, M. (2013) Libraries and literature in Rome. In: Claridge, A. and Holleran, C. (eds.) Companion to the City of Rome. Companions to the Ancient World. Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN 9781405198196

Kruschwitz, P., Campbell, V. and Nicholls, M. (2012) Menedemerumenus: tracing the routes of Pompeian graffiti writers. Tyche, 27. pp. 93-111. ISSN 1010-9161

Nicholls, M. (2011) Bibliotheca Latina Graecaque: on the possible division of Roman libraries by language. Latomus: SIEN Neronia VIII, 327 . pp. 11-21. ISSN 0023-8856

Nicholls, M. C. (2011) Galen and libraries in the Peri Alupias. Journal of Roman Studies, 101. pp. 123-142. ISSN 1753-528X doi:

Nicholls, M. (2010) Parchment codices in a new text of Galen. Greece and Rome, 57 (2). pp. 378-386. ISSN 0017-3835 doi:

Nicholls, M. (2010) Euergetism. In: Bevir, M. (ed.) Encyclopaedia of political theory. SAGE Publications Inc. , USA. ISBN 9781412958653

Nicholls, M. (2009) Les bibliothèques du Palatin. Dossiers D'Archéologie, 336. p. 93. ISSN 1141-7137

Nicholls, M. (2005) Roman public libraries. DPhil thesis, University of Oxford.

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