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Wade, Andrew J. ORCID logoORCID:, Skeffington, Richard A., Couture, Raoul-Marie, Erlandsson Lampa, Martin, Groot, Simon, Halliday, Sarah J., Harezlak, Valesca, Hejzlar, Josef, Jackson-Blake, Leah A., Papastergiadou, Eva, Lluís Riera, Joan, Rankinen, Katri, Shahgedanova, Maria ORCID logoORCID:, Trolle, Denis, Whitehead, Paul G., Psaltopoulos, Demetris and Skuras, Dimitris (2022) Land use change to reduce freshwater nitrogen and phosphorus will be effective even with projected climate change. Water, 14 (5). 829. ISSN 2073-4441 doi:

de Vries, Jip, Kraak, Michiel H. S., Skeffington, Richard A., Wade, Andrew J. and Verdonschot, Piet F. M. (2021) A Bayesian network to simulate macroinvertebrate responses to multiple stressors in lowland streams. Water Research, 194. 116952. ISSN 0043-1354 doi:

Jackson-Blake, Leah A., Sample, James E., Wade, Andrew, Helliwell, Rachel C. and Skeffington, Richard (2017) Are current dynamic water quality models too complex? A comparison of a new parsimonious phosphorus model, SimplyP, and INCA-P. Water Resources Research, 53 (7). pp. 5382-5399. ISSN 0043-1397 doi:

Rode, M., Wade, Andrew J., Cohen, M. J., Hensley, R. T., Bowes, M. J., Kirchner, J. W., Arhonditsis, G. B., Jordan, P., Kronvang, B., Halliday, Sarah J., Skeffington, Richard A., Rozemeijer, J. C., Aubert, A. H., Rinke, K. and Jomaa, S. (2016) Sensors in the stream: the high-frequency wave of the present. Environmental Science and Technology, 50 (19). pp. 10297-10307. ISSN 1520-5851 doi:

Halliday, Sarah J., Skeffington, Richard A., Wade, Andrew J., Bowes, M. J., Reed, D. S., Jarvie, H. P. and Loewenthal, M. (2016) Riparian shading controls instream spring phytoplankton and benthic diatom growth. Environmental Science: Process and Impacts, 18 (6). pp. 677-689. ISSN 2050-7895 doi:

Schmidt, Anja, Skeffington, Richard A., Thordarson, Thorvaldur, Self, Stephen, Forster, Piers M., Rap, Alexandru, Ridgewell, Andy, Fowler, David, Wilson, Marjorie, Mann, Graham W., Wignall, Paul B. and Carslaw, Kenneth S. (2015) Selective environmental stress caused by magmatic sulfur emissions from continental flood basalt eruptions. Nature Geoscience, 9 (1). pp. 77-82. ISSN 1752-0894 doi:

Halliday, Sarah J., Skeffington, Richard A., Wade, Andrew J., Bowes, Michael J., Gozzard, Emma, Newman, Jonathan R., Loewenthal, Matthew, Palmer-Felgate, Elizabeth J. and Jarvie, Helen P. (2015) High-frequency water quality monitoring in an urban catchment: hydrochemical dynamics, primary production and implications for the Water Framework Directive. Hydrological Processes, 29 (15). pp. 3388-3407. ISSN 0885-6087 doi:

Jackson-Blake, L. A., Dunn, S. M., Helliwell, R. C., Skeffington, R. A., Stutter, M. I. and Wade, A. J. (2015) How well can we model stream phosphorus concentrations in agricultural catchments? Environmental Modelling and Software, 64. pp. 31-46. ISSN 1364-8152 doi:

Bowes, M. J., Jarvie, H. P., Halliday, S. J., Skeffington, R. A., Wade, A. J., Loewenthal, M., Gozzard, E., Newman, J. R. and Palmer-Felgate, E. J. (2015) Characterising phosphorus and nitrate inputs to a rural river using high-frequency concentration-flow relationships. Science of the Total Environment, 511. pp. 608-620. ISSN 0048-9697 doi:

Skeffington, R. A., Halliday, S. J., Wade, A. J., Bowes, M. J. and Loewenthal, M. (2015) Using high-frequency water quality data to assess sampling strategies for the EU Water Framework Directive. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 19. pp. 2491-2504. ISSN 1027-5606 doi:

Arnell, Nigel, Halliday, Sarah, Battarbee, R. W., Skeffington, Richard and Wade, Andrew (2015) The implications of climate change for the water environment in England. Progress in Physical Geography, 39 (1). pp. 93-120. ISSN 1477-0296 doi:

Halliday, Sarah J, Skeffington, Richard A, Bowes, Michael J., Gozzard, Emma, Newman, Jonathan R., Loewenthal, Matthew, Palmer-Felgate, Elizabeth J., Jarvie, Helen P. and Wade, Andrew J (2014) The water quality of the River Enborne, UK: observations from high-frequency Monitoring in a rural, lowland river system. Water, 6 (1). pp. 150-180. ISSN 2073-4441 doi:

Halliday, S. J., Skeffington, R. A., Wade, A. J., Neal, C., Reynolds, B., Norris, D. and Kirchner, J. W. (2013) Upland streamwater nitrate dynamics across decadal to sub-daily timescales: a case study of Plynlimon, Wales. Biogeosciences, 10. pp. 8013-8038. ISSN 1726-4189 doi:

Rankinen, K., Futter, M. N., Butterfield, D., Wade, A. J., Skeffington, R., Arvola, L., Veijalainen, N., Huttunen, I. and Lepisto, A. (2013) Controls on inorganic nitrogen leaching from Finnish catchments assessed using a sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of the INCA-N model. Boreal Environment Research, 18 (5). pp. 373-386.

Halliday, Sarah J., Wade, Andrew J., Skeffington, Richard A., Neal, Colin, Reynolds, Brian, Rowland, Philip, Neal, Margaret and Norris, David (2012) An analysis of long-term trends, seasonality and short-term dynamics in water quality data from Plynlimon, Wales. Science of the Total Environment, 434. pp. 186-200. ISSN 0048-9697 doi:

Skeffington, Richard and Hill, Tim (2012) The effects of a changing pollution climate on throughfall deposition and cycling in a forested area in southern England. Science of the Total Environment, 434. pp. 28-38. ISSN 0048-9697 doi:

Jarvie, H. P., Jickells, T. D., Skeffington, Richard A. and Withers, P. J. A. (2012) Climate change and coupling of macronutrient cycles along the atmospheric, terrestrial, freshwater and estuarine continuum. Science of the Total Environment, 434. pp. 252-258. ISSN 0048-9697 doi:

Wade, Andrew J., Palmer-Felgate, E. J., Halliday, Sarah J., Skeffington, Richard A., Loewenthal, M., Jarvie, H. J., Bowes, M. J., Greenway, G. M., Haswell, S. J., Bell, I. M., Joly, E., Fallatah, A, Neal, C., Williams, R. J., Gozzard, E. and Newman, J. R. (2012) Hydrochemical processes in lowland rivers: insights from in situ, high-resolution monitoring. Hydrology and Earth System Science, 16 (11). pp. 4323-4342. ISSN 1027-5606 doi:

Futter, M. N., Skeffington, Richard Arthur, Whitehead, Paul G and Moldan, F. (2009) Modelling stream and soil water nitrate dynamics during experimentally increased nitrogen deposition in a coniferous forest catchment at Gardsjon, Sweden. Hydrology Research, 40 (2-3). pp. 187-197. ISSN 0029-1277 doi:

Heywood, E.A., Skeffington, Richard Arthur, Whitehead, Paul and Reynolds, B. (2007) Comparison of critical load exceedance and its uncertainty based on national and site-specific data. Water Air & Soil Pollution: Focus, 7 (1-3). pp. 391-397. ISSN 1573-2940 doi:

Skeffington, Richard Arthur, Whitehead, Paul, Heywood, E., Hall, J. R., Wadsworth, R. A. and Reynolds, B. (2007) Estimating uncertainty in terrestrial critical loads and their exceedances at four sites in the UK. Science of the Total Environment, 382 (2-3). pp. 199-213. ISSN 0048-9697 doi:

Skeffington, R. (2006) Quantifying uncertainty in critical loads: (A) literature review. Water Air and Soil Pollution, 169 (1-4). pp. 3-24. ISSN 0049-6979 doi:

Skeffington, R., Whitehead, Paul and Abbott, J. (2006) Quantifying uncertainty in critical loads: (B) acidity mass balance critical loads on a sensitive site. Water Air and Soil Pollution, 169 (1-4). pp. 25-46. ISSN 0049-6979 doi:

Neal, C., Skeffington, R., Neal, M., Wyatt, R., Wickham, H., Hill, L. and Hewitt, N. (2004) Rainfall and runoff water quality of the Pang and Lambourn, tributaries of the River Thames, south-eastern England. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 8 (4). pp. 601-613. ISSN 1027-5606

Moldan, F., Skeffington, Richard Arthur, Mörth, C. M., Torssander, P., Hultberg, H. and Munthe, J. (2004) Results from the Covered Catchment Experiment at Gårdsjön, Sweden, after ten years of clean precipitation treatment. Water Air and Soil Pollution, 154 (1-4). pp. 371-384. ISSN 0049-6979

Book or Report Section

Skeffington, Richard Arthur, Wade, Andrew John, Whitehead, Paul G, Butterfield, Daniel, Kaste, Øyvind , Andersen, H E, Rankinen, K and Grenouillet, G (2010) Modelling Catchment Scale Responses to Climate Change. In: Kernan, M, Battarbee, R W and Moss, B (eds.) Climate Change Impacts on Freshwater Ecosystems. Blackwell Publishing, Oxford, pp. 236-261. ISBN 9781405179133 doi:

Battarbee, R. W., Kernan, M., Livingstone, D. M., Nickus, U., Verdonschot, P., Hering, D., Moss, B., Wright, R. F., Evans, C. D., Grimalt, J. O., Johnson, R. K., Maltby, E., Linstead, C. and Skeffington, R. A. (2008) Freshwater ecosystem responses to climate change: the Euro-limpacs project. In: Quevauviller, P., Thompson, C. and Simonart, T. (eds.) The Water Framework Directive - Ecological and Chemical Status Monitoring. John Wiley and Sons, pp. 313-354. ISBN 9780470518366 doi:


Skeffington, Richard Arthur, Hall, J.R., Heywood, E., Wadsworth, R.A., Whitehead, Paul, Reynolds, B., Abbott, J. and Vincent, K., (2007) Uncertainty in critical load assessment models. Science Report: SC030172/SR. Technical Report. Environment Agency, Bristol.

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