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Van de Noort, R., Cumby, B., Blue, L., Harding, A., Hurcombe, L., Monrad Hansen, T., Wetherelt, A., Wittamore, J. and Wyke, A. (2014) Morgawr: an experimental Bronze Age-type sewn-plank craft based on the Ferriby boats. International Journal of Nautical Archaeology, 43 (2). pp. 292-313. ISSN 1057-2414 doi:

Van de Noort, R. (2011) Conceptualising climate change archaeology. Antiquity, 85 (329). pp. 1039-1048. ISSN 0003-598X

Van de Noort, R. (2006) Argonauts of the North Sea: a social maritime archaeology for the 2nd Millennium BC. Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society, 72. pp. 243-266. ISSN 0079-797X

Book or Report Section

O'Sullivan, A. and Van de Noort, R. (2007) Places, perceptions, boundaries and tasks: rethinking landscapes in wetland archaeology. In: Archaeology from the Wetlands: recent perspectives. Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, pp. 79-89.

O'Sullivan, A. and Van de Noort, R. (2007) Temporality, cultural biography and seasonality: rethinking time in wetland archaeology. In: Archaeology from the Wetlands: recent perspectives. Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, pp. 67-78.

Fletcher, W. and Van de Noort, R. (2007) The lake-dwellings in Holderness, East Yorkshire, revisited: a journey into antiquarian and contemporary wetland archaeology. In: Archaeology from the Wetlands: recent perspectives. Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, pp. 313-322.

Van de Noort, R. (2004) The Humber, its sewn-plank boats, their context and the significance of it all. In: Clark, P. (ed.) The Dover Bronze Age boat in context: society and water transport in Prehistoric Europe. Oxbow Books, pp. 90-98. ISBN 9781842171394

Van de Noort, R. (2004) Sutton Common (South Yorkshire): a monument at risk in England’s wetlands. In: Nixon, T. (ed.) Preserving archaeological remains in situ? Museum of London Archaeology Service, pp. 79-86.

Van de Noort, R. (2002) Flat, flatter, flattest: the English Heritage wetland surveys in retrospect. In: Lane, T. and Coles, J. (eds.) Through wet and dry; essays in honour of David Hall. Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire in conjunction with WARP and English Heritage, Sleaford and Exeter, pp. 87-95. ISBN 0954022408

Van de Noort, R. (2001) Bronze Age perceptions of wetlands: recent archaeological work on the Humber estuary. In: Raftery, B. and Hickey, J. (eds.) Recent Developments in Wetland Research. Department of Archaeology, University College Dublin, Dublin, pp. 271-279. ISBN 0953952010

Van de Noort, R., Chapman, H. and Cheetham, J. (2001) Science-based conservation and management in wetland archaeology: the example of Sutton Common, UK. In: Purdy, B. A. (ed.) Enduring Records. The Environmental and Cultural Heritage of Wetlands. WARP Occasional Papers 15. Oxbow, Oxford, pp. 277-286. ISBN 1842170481

Van de Noort, R. (2001) Thorne Moors: a contested wetland in north-eastern England. In: Coles, B. and Olivier, A. (eds.) The Heritage Management of Wetlands In Europe. Europae Archaeologiae Consilium and Wetland Archaeology Research Project, Brussels, pp. 133-140. ISBN 907697201X

Van de Noort, R. and Fletcher, W. (2000) Bronze Age human ecodynamics in the Humber estuary. In: Bailly, G., Charles, R. and Winder, N. (eds.) Human Ecodynamics. Symposia of the Association for Environmental Archaeology 19. Oxbow, Oxford, pp. 47-54. ISBN 9781842170014

Van de Noort, R. (2000) Where are Yorkshire’s terps? Wetland exploitation in the early medieval period. In: Geake, H. and Kenny, J. (eds.) Early Deira: Archaeological studies of the East Riding in the fourth to ninth centuries AD. Oxbow, Oxford, pp. 121-131. ISBN 1900188902

Dinnin, M. and Van de Noort, R. (1999) Wetland habitats, their resource potential and exploitation: a case study from the Humber wetlands. In: Coles, B., Coles, J. and Shou-Jørgenson, M. (eds.) Bog bodies, sacred sites and wetland archaeology. WARP, Exeter. ISBN 0951911759


Van de Noort, R., Fletcher, W. and Thomas, G., (2002) English Heritage wetlands strategy. Project Report. University of Exeter

Van de Noort, R., Fletcher, W., Thomas, G., Carstairs, I. and Patrick, D., (2002) Monuments at risk in England's wetlands. Working Paper. University of Exeter


Van de Noort, R. (2011) North Sea archaeologies: a maritime biography, 10,000 BC - AD 1500. Oxford University Press, pp296. ISBN 9780199566204

Van de Noort, R. and O'Sullivan, A. (2006) Rethinking wetland archaeology. Duckworth Debates in Archaeology. Bloomsbury Academic. ISBN 9780715634387


Van de Noort, R. (2011) North Sea archaeologies. PhD thesis, University of Exeter.


Van de Noort, R. (2014) Bronze Age Boat. University of Exeter.

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