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Alexander, C., Sato, M. and Zanghellini, A. (2023) State-enabled killing of same-sex attracted people: a legal pluralist account. Law & Social Inquiry, 48 (3). pp. 719-747. ISSN 1747-4469 doi:

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Book or Report Section

Sato, M. (2018) From measuring support for the death penalty to justifying its retention: Japanese public opinion surveys on crime and punishment, 1956-2014. In: Liu, J. and Miyazawa, S. (eds.) Crime and Justice in Contemporary Japan. Springer Series on Asian Criminology and Criminal Justice Research. Springer, Cham, Switzerland, pp. 237-252. ISBN 9783319693583 doi:

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Sato, M. (2010) Saibanin wa shikei hanketsu wo tekisetsu ni okonaeruka? Shikei ni taisuru taido to chishiki (裁判員は死刑判決を適切に行えるのか?死刑に対する態度を知識). In: Kikan Keiji Bengo (季刊刑事弁護). Gendai Jinbun Sha(現代人文社), pp. 121-125.


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Hough, M. and Sato, M., eds. (2011) Trust in justice: why it is important for criminal policy, and how it can be measured. Final report of the Euro-Justis project. HEUNI Report Series. 70. Project Report. HEUNI pp104. ISBN 9789525333848


Sato, M. (2014) The death penalty in Japan: will the public tolerate abolition? Springer VS. ISBN 9783658006778

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