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Bagheri, S. ORCID: (2024) The silent victim of Israel’s war on Gaza. Verfassungsblog. doi:

Bagheri, S. ORCID: (2023) Perhaps lawful, but awful: the environmental impacts of the Israel-Hamas war. Lawfare.

Bagheri, S. ORCID: (2023) Forced movement of civilians in Nagorno-Karabakh? OpinioJuris.

Bagheri, S. ORCID: (2023) The legal limits to the destruction of natural resources in non-international armed conflicts: applying international humanitarian law. International Review of the Red Cross, 105 (923). pp. 882-913. ISSN 1816-3831 doi:

Bagheri, S. ORCID: (2023) Non-international armed conflicts and the relevance of common article 1. Armed Groups and International Law.

Bagheri, S. ORCID: (2023) Turkey's extraterritorial use of force against armed non-state actors. Israel Law Review, 56 (2). pp. 143-170. ISSN 0021-2237 doi:

Bagheri, S. ORCID: (2022) Iran: hijab protests reflect society-wide anger at regime which trashes rule of law and human rights. The Conversation.

Bagheri, S. ORCID: (2022) Gender equality in the decision-making processes of post-war societies: evidence from Iraqi Kurdistan. Journal of Human Rights Practice, 14 (2). pp. 622-647. ISSN 1757-9627 doi:

Bisset, A. ORCID: and Bagheri, S. ORCID: (2022) Islamic State: how western European states are failing to protect 28,000 children born to foreign fighters. The Conversation.

Bagheri, S. ORCID: (2022) Treatment of persons hors de combat in the Russo-Ukrainian War. EJIL: Talk!.

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Bagheri, S. ORCID: (2021) Exploring the legality of the constitutional and independence referendums in Nagorno-Karabakh under international law. Nordic Journal of International Law, 90 (1). pp. 1-30. ISSN 1571-8107 doi:

Bagheri, S. ORCID: (2020) Book review: Marco Longobardo, the use of armed force in occupied territory. Edinburgh Law Review, 24 (1). pp. 169-171. ISSN 1364-9809 doi:

Bagheri, S. ORCID: (2020) Book review: Marina Lostal, international cultural heritage law in armed conflicts: case-studies of Syria, Libya, Mali, the of Iraq, and the Buddhas of Bamiyan. Journal of Conflict & Security Law, 25 (3). pp. 603-605. ISSN 1467-7962 doi:

Bagheri, S. ORCID: (2019) Book Review: Lindsey Cameron, the privatization of peacekeeping: exploring limits and responsibility under international law. Modern Law Review, 83 (1). pp. 250-253. ISSN 0026-7961 doi:

Bagheri, S. ORCID: (2019) The paths to peace in Post-Islamic-State Iraq. Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice, 31 (4). pp. 539-547. ISSN 1040-2659 doi:

Bagheri, S. ORCID: (2019) Book review: Mark S. Ellis, Yves Doutriaux and Timothy W. Rybac, justice and diplomacy: resolving contradictions in diplomatic practice and international humanitarian law. Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies, 10 (1). pp. 203-206. ISSN 1878-1373 doi:

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Bagheri, S. ORCID: (2019) Book review: Agner Fog, warlike and peaceful societies: the interaction of genes and culture. International Journal on World Peace, 36 (1). pp. 95-98. ISSN 0742-3640

Bagheri, S. ORCID: (2019) Book review: Yishai Beer, military professionalism and humanitarian law: the struggle to reduce the hazards of war. Journal of Conflict and Security Law, 24 (1). pp. 171-173. ISSN 1467-7954 doi:

Bagheri, S. ORCID: (2018) Expanding nuclear threats to peace: prospects for the non-proliferation regime. International Journal on World Peace, 35 (3). pp. 9-44. ISSN 0742-3640

Bagheri, S. ORCID: (2017) Turkish military intervention in Mosul: a legal and political perspective. EJIL:Talk.

Bagheri, S. ORCID: (2017) The legal aspects of Turkey’s war against the PKK: a case for self-defence within the context of international law. Hungarian Yearbook of International Law and European Law (1). pp. 155-172. ISSN 2666-2701

Bagheri, S. ORCID: (2017) The military use of children by the Syrian-Iraqi Salafi-Jihadist group. Russian Law Journal, 5 (1). pp. 79-97. ISSN 2309-8678 doi:

Bagheri, S. ORCID: (2016) Towards fulfillment of fundamental rules of humanitarian law in the context of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. BRICS Law Journal, 3 (1). pp. 66-89. ISSN 2409-9058 doi:

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Bagheri, S. ORCID: (2015) Self-defense in Karabakh Conflict? Russian Law Journal, 3 (4). pp. 150-164. ISSN 2309-8678 doi:

Book or Report Section

Bagheri, S. ORCID: (2023) Military assistance and state responsibility for ‘in bello’ violations during non-international armed conflicts. In: Ní Ghráinne, B., Gallen, J. and Collins, R. (eds.) The Irish Yearbook of International Law. Bloomsbury Publishing, pp. 7-30. ISBN 9781509966295

Bagheri, S. ORCID: (2021) Good governance of natural resources as an indicator of a community-based approach to peacebuilding: lessons from Iraq. In: Zyberi, G. (ed.) Protecting Community Interests through International Law. Intersentia, Cambridge, pp. 185-216. ISBN 9781839701122

Bagheri, S. ORCID: (2020) Theoretical and empirical reflections about the use of children in armed conflicts: a case study of the Afghan refugee children recruited by the IRGC in the Syrian Civil War. In: Czech, P., Heschl, L., Lukas, K., Nowak, M. and Oberleitner, G. (eds.) European Yearbook on Human Rights 2020. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 419-446. ISBN 9781839701139 doi:


Bagheri, S. ORCID: (2021) International law and the war with Islamic State: challenges for Jus ad Bellum and Jus in Bello. Studies in International Law. Hart Publishing, London, pp208. ISBN 9781509950515

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