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Ahmed, Tawhida (2009) Demanding minority (linguistic) rights from the EU: exploiting existing law. European Public Law, 15 (3). pp. 379-402. ISSN 1354-3725 doi: EURO2009029

Almond, Paul (2009) Understanding the seriousness of corporate crime: Some lessons for the new 'corporate manslaughter' offence. Criminology & Criminal Justice, 9 (2). pp. 145-164. ISSN 1748-8958 doi:

Almond, Paul (2009) The dangers of hanging baskets: 'Regulatory myths' and media representations of health and safety regulation. Journal of Law and Society, 36 (3). pp. 352-375. ISSN 0263-323X doi:


Banks, Steve (2009) Art, argument and London observed: the work of Paul Gavarni and the London essayists. In: Banks, Steve (ed.) Gavarni in London: sketches of life and character, with illustrative essays by popular writers. True Bill, New Jersey. ISBN 9780979111648

Banks, Stephen (2009) Dangerous friends: the second and the later English duel. Journal for Eighteenth Century Studies, 32 (1). pp. 87-106. ISSN 1754-0194 doi:

Banks, Steve, ed. (2009) Gavarni in London: sketches of life and character, with illustrative essays by popular writers. True Bill, New Jersey, pp248. ISBN 9780979111648

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Bano, Samia (2009) Shariah Councils and the resolution of matrimonial disputes: gender and justice in the 'shadow' of the law. In: Thiara, R. K. and Gill, A. K. (eds.) Violence Against Women in South Asian Communities: Issues for Policy and Practice. Jessica Kingsley Publishers, pp. 182-210. ISBN 9781843106708

Barker, Nicola and Lamble, Sarah (2009) From social security to individual responsibility: sanctions, conditionality, and punitiveness in the Welfare Reform Bill 2009 (part one). Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law, 31 (3). pp. 321-332. ISSN 1469-9621 doi:

Barnidge, Robert (2009) Neocolonialism and international law, with specific reference to customary counterterrorism obligations and the principle of self-defence. Indian Journal of International Law, 49 (1). pp. 21-36. ISSN 0019-5294

Barnidge, Robert (2009) The United Nations and the African Union: Assessing a partnership for peace in Darfur. Journal of Conflict and Security Law, 14 (1). pp. 93-113. ISSN 1467-7954 doi:

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Bisset, Alison (2009) Rethinking the powers of truth commissions in light of the ICC statute. Journal of International Criminal Justice, 7 (5). pp. 963-982. ISSN 1478-1387 doi:

Bright, Susan and Hopkins, Nick (2009) Low cost home ownership: legal issues of the shared ownership lease. Conveyancer and Property Lawyer (4). pp. 337-349. ISSN 0010-8200


Callus, Therese (2009) De l’anonymat assuré à l’anonymat affaibli : la (r)évolution du droit anglais en matière de procréation médicalement assistée. In: Feuillet-Liger, B. (ed.) Procréation Médicalement Assistée. Panorama International , Bruylant, 2009, pp. 179-193. ISBN 9782802726890

Callus, Therese (2009) La 'filiation' en droit anglais. "La réforme de la filiation". Recherches Familiales, 7.

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Cooke, E. (2009) Wives, widows and wicked step-mothers: a brief examination of spousal entitlement on intestacy. Child and Family Law Quarterly , 21 (4). pp. 423-442. ISSN 1358-8184


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Freedman, Rosa (2009) Improvement on the Commission?: The UN Human Rights Council’s Inaction on Darfur. University of California-Davis Journal of International Law & Policy, 16 (1). pp. 81-129.


Ghandhi, S. (2009) Book review of G. Nesi, L. Nogler & M. Pertile: ‘Child labour in a globalized world’. In: Planck, Max (ed.) United Nations Yearbook. Ashgate Publishing Ltd, pp. 481-484. ISBN 9789004181038

Ghandhi, S. (2009) International human rights law: origins, governance and education. In: Sinha, M. K. (ed.) Global Governance, Human Rights and Development. Satyam Law International, New Delhi, pp. 21-61. ISBN 9788190585224

Ghandhi, S. (2009) Application of the convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination (Georgia v. Russian Federation), Provisional Measures Order of 15 October 2008. International & Comparative Law Quarterly, 58 (2009). pp. 713-725. ISSN 0020-5893 doi:

Green, James A. (2009) The International Court of Justice and self-defence in international law. Oxford Hart Publishing. ISBN 9781841138763

Green, James A. (2009) Fluctuating evidentiary standards for self-defence in the International Court of Justice. International and Comparative Law Quarterly, 58. pp. 163-179. ISSN 0020-5893 doi:


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Hilson, Chris (2009) Framing the local and the global in the anti-nuclear movement: Law and the politics of place. Journal of Law and Society, 36 (1). pp. 94-109. ISSN 0263-323X doi:

Hilson, Chris (2009) Let's get physical: Civil liability and the perception of risk. Journal of Environmental Law, 21. pp. 33-57. ISSN 0952-8873 doi:

Hilson, Chris (2009) Toward a thicker constitutional patriotism? book review of Jan-Werner Müller: Constitutional Patriotism (Princeton and Oxford: Princeton University Press, 2007). The Review of Politics, 71. pp. 159-162. ISSN 0034-6705 doi:

Hopkins, Nick (2009) Regulating trusts of the home: private law and social policy. Law Quarterly Review, 125. pp. 310-337. ISSN 0023-933X

Hopkins, Nick and Laurie, Emma (2009) The "value" of property rights in social security law. Journal of Social Security Law, 16 (4). pp. 180-206. ISSN 1354-7747

Horton, R. and Countouris, N. (2009) The temporary agency work directive: Another broken promise?’. Industrial Law Journal , 38 (3). pp. 329-338. ISSN 0305-9332 doi:


James, Grace (2009) Mothers and fathers as parents and workers: family-friendly employment policies in an era of shifting identities. Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law, 31 (3). pp. 271-283. ISSN 1469-9621 doi:


Kokkoris, Ioannis (2009) Assessment of coordinated effects under the European community merger regulation. Ant. N. Sakkoulas Publishers, Athens, pp152. ISBN 9789601521619

Kokkoris, Ioannis (2009) The EC commission issues a revised version of the merger remedies notice. The Concurrences Review, 2. pp. 1-27.

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Kokkoris, Ioannis and Lianos, I., eds. (2009) The reform of EC competition law: new challenges. Wolters Kluwer. ISBN 9789041126924


Lakin, Stuart James (2009) Human Rights and the Royal Assent (on Sark): a case comment on R (on the application of Barclay) v Secretary of State for Justice and the Lord Chancellor. UCL Human Rights Review, 2. pp. 24-34.

Leopold, P (2009) The Westminster Parliament’s system of financial scrutiny. In: Carboni, Guilian (ed.) "La Funzione Finanziaria Del Parlamento: Un Confronto tra Italia e Gran Bretagna". UNSPECIFIED, pp. 1-15. ISBN 9788834895825


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McNamara, Lawrence (2009) Anti-terrorism laws and the Australian media. Gazette of Law & Journalism (15 June 20). ISSN 1442-5947

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McNamara, Lawrence (2009) Reporting on terrorism cases: From open justice to closed courts. Precedent, 92. pp. 80-88. ISSN 1913-9985

McNamara, Lawrence (2009) Review of Ivan Hare & James Weinstein (eds): Extreme Speech and Democracy, Oxford University Press (2009). Journal of Media Law, 2. pp. 295-303. ISSN 1757-7632

McNamara, Lawrence Joseph (2009) Closure, caution and the question of chilling: How have Australian counter-terrorism laws affected the media? Media & Arts Law Review, 14. pp. 1-30. ISSN 1325-1570

Murdoch, J.R. (2009) Law Estate Agency. 5th Edition. Estates Gazette, London. ISBN 9780728205598


Newdick, C (2009) The European Court of Justice, transnational health care, and social citizenship – accidental death of a concept? Wisconsin International Law Journal, 26. pp. 845-68. ISSN 0743-7951

Newdick, C (2009) Treating failed asylum seekers in the NHS. British Medical Journal, 338. p. 1614. ISSN 0959-8138 doi:


Riefa, Christine (2009) Liability of Online Auction Sites for Infringing “User-generated Content”: Have IP Owners Lost the Battle but Not the War? In: COUNTER workshop Mashing-up Culture, May 13-14, 2009, Uppsala University, pp. 187-207. (Proceedings Title: 'Mashing-up Culture The Rise of User-generated Content ; Proceedings from the COUNTER Workshop, Mashing-up Culture, Uppsala University'; Proceedings Editors: Eva Hemmungs Wirtén & Maria Ryman;)

Riefa, Christine (2009) A dangerous erosion of consumer rights: the absence of a right to withdraw from online auctions. In: Howells, Geraint and Schulze, Reiner (eds.) Modernising and Harmonising Consumer Contract Law. Sellier, Munich, pp. 177-187. ISBN 9783866530829

Riefa, Christine (2009) The reform of electronic consumer contracts in Europe: towards an effective legal framework? Lex Electronica, 14 (2). ISSN 1480-1787


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Smith, Peter F. (2009) Apartment ownership – The Irish reform package. Conveyancer and Property Lawyer, 73 (1). pp. 21-38. ISSN 0010-8200

Stychin, Carl (2009) Closet cases: 'Conscientious objection' to lesbian and gay legal equality. Griffith Law Review, 18 (1). pp. 17-38. ISSN 1038-3441

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Thies, Anne (2009) The impact of general principles of EC law on its liability regime towards retaliation victims after FIAMM. European Law Review, 34 (6). pp. 889-913. ISSN 0307-5400

Tryfonidou, Alina (2009) Purely internal situations and reverse discrimination in a Citizens' Europe: time to "reverse" reverse discrimination? In: Xuereb, Peter G. (ed.) Issues in Social Policy: A New Agenda. Jean Monnet Seminar Series. Progress Press, Valletta, pp. 11-29. ISBN 97899990967531

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Tryfonidou, Alina (2009) Family reunification rights of (migrant) union citizens: towards a more liberal approach. European Law Journal, 15 (5). pp. 634-653. ISSN 1468-0386 doi:

Tryfonidou, Alina (2009) In search of the aim of the free movement of persons provisions: has the Court of Justice missed the point? Common Market Law Review, 46 (5). pp. 1591-1620. ISSN 0165-0750


Zanghellini, Aleardo (2009) Neither homophobic nor (hetero)sexually pure: contextualising Islam’s objections to same-sex sexuality. In: Habib , Samar (ed.) Islam and Homosexuality. Praeger, pp. 269-295. ISBN 9780313379000

Zanghellini, Aleardo (2009) 'Boys love' in anime and manga: Japanese subcultural production and its end users. Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies, 23 (3). pp. 279-294. ISSN 1469-3666 doi:

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Zanghellini, Aleardo (2009) Who is entitled to parental responsibility? Biology, caregiving, intention and the Family Law Act 1975 (CTH): a jurisprudential feminist analysis. Monash University Law Review , 35 (1). pp. 147-182. ISSN 0311-3140

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