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Aitken, D.L.P., Bishop, J.M., Mitchell, R. J. and Pepper, S.E. (1989) Pattern separation in digital learning nets. Electronics Letters, 25 (11). pp. 685-686. ISSN 0013-5194 doi:

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Bunse-Gerstner, A., Mehrmann, V. and Nichols, N. (1989) Derivative feedback for descriptor systems. In: IFAC Workshop on System Structure and Control: State-Space and Polynomial Methods, 1989, Prague, Czechoslovakia, pp36. (Availability also from TIB Hannover ... RN 7886(58))


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Oke, T. R., Cleugh, H. A., Grimmond, S. ORCID:, Schmid, H. P. and Roth, M. (1989) Evaluation of spatially-averaged fluxes of heat, mass and momentum in the urban boundary layer. Weather and Climate, 9 (1). pp. 14-21. ISSN 0111-5499


Shepherd, T. G. (1989) Nonlinear saturation of baroclinic instability: part II: continuously stratified fluid. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 46 (7). pp. 888-907. ISSN 1520-0469 doi:<0888:NSOBIP>2.0.CO;2

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Winser, K.J., Jones, G.O.L., Williams, P.J.S. and Lockwood, M. (1989) Observations of large field-aligned flows of thermal plasma in the auroral ionosphere. Advances in Space Research, 9 (5). pp. 57-63. ISSN 02731177 doi:

Winser, K.J., Lockwood, M., Jones, G.O.L. and Suvanto, K. (1989) Radar observations of non-thermal plasmas at different aspect angles. Advances in Space Research, 9 (5). pp. 107-112. ISSN 02731177 doi:

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