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Alhefeiti, A. and Nakata, K. (2016) A preliminary study on information sharing between police and private security companies in the United Arab Emirates. In: 17th IFIP WG 8.1 International Conference on Informatics and Semiotics in Organisations, 1-3 August 2016, Campinas, Brazil, pp. 231-233.

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Herrerias, M. J., Cuadros, A. and Luo, D. (2016) Foreign versus indigenous innovation and energy intensity: further research across Chinese regions. Applied Energy, 162. pp. 1374-1384. ISSN 0306-2619 doi:


Khalid, S. M. (2016) Corporate governance in the Ghanaian mining industry: stakeholder perspectives on accountability, transparency and corporate social responsibility. PhD thesis, University of Reading.

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Lane, D., Monefeldt, C. and Rosenhead, J. V. (2016) Looking in the wrong place for healthcare improvements: a system dynamics study of an Accident and Emergency Department. In: Mustafee, N. (ed.) Operational Research for Emergency Planning in Healthcare. Palgrave Macmillan, London, pp. 92-121. ISBN 9781137573261

Lane, D. C. (2016) “Till the muddle in my mind have cleared awa”: can we help shape policy using systems modelling? Systems Research and Behavioral Science, 33 (5). pp. 633-650. ISSN 1099-1743 doi:

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Li, W. (V.) and Yang, G. (2016) Best practice of "Internet+" hospital: seamless medical services across whole process. China Digital Medicine, 2016 (5). pp. 31-33. ISSN 1673-7571 doi:

Li, W., Liu, K., Belitski, M., Ghobadian, A. and O'Regan, N. (2016) e-Leadership through strategic alignment: an empirical study of small- and medium-sized enterprises in the digital age. Journal of Information Technology, 31 (2). pp. 185-206. ISSN 0268-3962 doi:

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Liu, S. and Yang, J. (2016) Responding to the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and Climate Change Act: an empirical analysis of corporate longitudinal carbon disclosure strategy. In: 39th European Accounting Association Annual Congress.

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Liu, Y., Liu, Y., Liu, J., Li, M., Ma, Z. and Taylor, G. (2016) High-performance predictor for critical unstable generators based on scalable parallelized neural networks. Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy, 4 (3). pp. 414-426. ISSN 2196-5420 doi:

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Rimmel, G., Jonåll, K. and Inwinkl, P. (2016) Kapitel 2 - Redovisningens föreställningsramar (in Swedish, Chapter 2 – Conceptual frameworks). In: Rimmel, G. and Jonäll, K. (eds.) Redovisningsteorier. Sanomautbildning, Sweden, pp. 29-40. ISBN 9789152318163

Rimmel, G. and Jon'll, K. (2016) Redovisning för hållbarhet - kommunikation genom integrerad rapportering (Accounting for sustainability –communication through integrated reporting). Organisation & Samhälle , 3 (1). pp. 44-48. ISSN 2001-9114


Solangasenathirajan, S. and Nakata, K. (2016) Characterisation of an electronic booking system in the National Health Service: a semiotic perspective. In: 17th IFIP WG 8.1 International Conference on Informatics and Semiotics in Organisations, 1-3 August 2016, Campinas, Brazil.

Stouraitis, V. and Kyritsis, M. (2016) Small and medium-sized enterprises’ exporting: Home and host country motivators effect on first and successive export venture decisions. Management : Journal of Contemporary Management Issues, 21 (1). pp. 97-115. ISSN 1846-3363

Syynimaa, N. (2016) Modelling the resistance of Enterprise Architecture adoption process. In: 17th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems, 27 - 30 April 2015, Barcelona, Spain, pp. 577-594.


Tan, Y. L., Nakata, K. and Debra, P. (2016) Aligning IS programs with industry: linking business analysis curricula design with the professional body. In: 22nd Americas Conference on Information Systems, August 11-14, 2016, San Diego, USA.

Tian, B., Han, J. and Liu, K. (2016) Closed-loop feedback computation model of dynamical reputation based on the local trust evaluation in business-to-consumer e-commerce. Information, 7 (1). 4. ISSN 2078-2489 doi:


Xu, S., Liu, K., Tang, L. C.M. T. and Li, W. (2016) A framework for integrating syntax, semantics and pragmatics for computer-aided professional practice: With application of costing in construction industry. Computers in Industry, 83. pp. 28-45. ISSN 0166-3615 doi:

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