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Carter, D. M. (2005) The co-operative temper: a third dramatic role in Sophoclean tragedy. Mnemosyne, 58 (2). pp. 161-182. ISSN 0026-7074 doi:


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Papaconstantinou, A. ORCID: (2005) La reconstruction de Saint-Philoxène à Oxyrhynchos: l’inventaire dressé par Philéas le tailleur de pierres. In: Baratte, F. (ed.) Mélanges Jean-Pierre Sodini. Association des amis du centre d'histoire et civilisation de Byzance, Paris, pp. 183-192. ISBN 9782951919877

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Rutherford, I. ORCID: (2005) In a Virtual Wild Space. Pilgrimage and Rite of Passage from Delphi from Sabarimalai. In: Yatromanolakis, D. and Roilos, P. (eds.) Greek Ritual Poetics. Center for Hellenic Studies, pp. 323-338. ISBN 978-0674017924

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Rutherford, I. ORCID: (2005) The dance of the wolf-men of Ankuwa. Networks, amphictionies and pilgrimage in Hittite religion. In: The 5th International Congress of Hittitology, Corum, pp. 623-37. (Unpublished)


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Vasunia, P. (2005) Greek, Latin, and the Indian Civil Service. The Cambridge Classical Journal, 51. pp. 35-71. ISSN 1750-2705

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