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Carter, D. M. (2005) The co-operative temper: a third dramatic role in Sophoclean tragedy. Mnemosyne, 58 (2). pp. 161-182. ISSN 0026-7074 doi:


Duff, Timothy Elliott (2005) Education in Plutarch's Themistocles. In: Jufresa, M, Mestre, F, Gomez, P and Gilabert, P (eds.) Plutarc a la seva epoca: paideia i societa: actas del VIII Simposio Español sobre Plutarco (Barcelona, 6-8 de noviembre de 2003). Sociedad Española de Plutarquistas, Barcelona, pp. 553-560. ISBN 9788460802686

Duff, Timothy E (2005) The first five anecdotes of Plutarch's Life of Alkibiades. In: De Blois, L, Bons, J, Kessels, T and Schenkeveld, D M (eds.) The statesman in Plutarch's Greek and Roman Lives. Mnemosyne supplement 250, 2. Brill, Leiden, pp. 157-166. ISBN 9789004138735


Goff, Barbara, ed. (2005) Classics and Colonialism. Duckworth, London, pp166. ISBN 9780715633113


Jardine, Nicholas and Harloe, Katherine (2005) Kepler's refutation of Ursus's Demonstratio. Journal for the History of Astronomy, 36 (2). pp. 151-165. ISSN 0021-8286


King, Helen (2005) Women's health and recovery in the Hippocratic corpus. In: King, Helen (ed.) Health in antiquity. Routledge, pp. 150-161. ISBN 9780415220651

King, Helen (2005) The mathematics of sex: one to two, or two to one? In: Soergel, Philip M (ed.) Sexuality and culture in medieval and renaissance Europe. Studies in medieval and renaissance history. Studies in Medieval and Renaissance History, 3rd series (Series 3). AMS Press, pp. 47-58. ISBN 0404645526

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King, Helen (2005) Introduction: what is health? In: King, Helen (ed.) Health in antiquity. Routledge, pp. 1-11. ISBN 9780415220651

Knight, Gillian (2005) Friendship and erotics in the Late Antique Verse Epistle: Ausonius to Paulinus revisited. Rheinisches Museum fur Philologie, 148. pp. 361-403. ISSN 0035-449X

Kruschwitz, Peter (2005) Lehre oder Dichtung? Die archaische didaktische Poesie der Römer. In: Horster, Marietta and Reitz, Christiane (eds.) Wissensvermittlung in dichterischer Gestalt (Palingenesia 85). Franz Steiner Verlag, Wiesbaden, pp. 115-131.

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Marzano, Annalisa (2005) Country villas in Roman central Italy: reassessing the evidence. In: Aubert, Jean-Jacques and Várhelyi, Zsuzsanna (eds.) A tall order. Writing the social history of the ancient world. Essays in honor of William V. Harris. Beiträge zur Altertumskunde (216). K G Saur Verlag Gmbh & Co, Munchen, pp. 241-262. ISBN 9783598778285


Nicholls, Matthew (2005) Roman public libraries. DPhil thesis, University of Oxford.


Oakley, S. P. (2005) A commentary on Livy books vi-x, volume 3: book ix. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp774. ISBN 9780199271436

Oakley, S.P (2005) A commentary on Livy books vi-x, volume 4: book x. Oxford Univerity Press, Oxford, pp670. ISBN 9780199272563


Papaconstantinou, Arietta (2005) La Prosopographie chrétienne du Bas-Empire: le cas du volume égyptien. In: Baslez, M.-F. and Prevot, F. (eds.) Prosopographie et histoire religieuse:Actes du colloque tenu en l'Université Paris XII-Val de Marne les 27 & 28 octobre 2000. De Boccard, Paris, pp. 315-328. ISBN 9782701801869

Papaconstantinou, Arietta (2005) La reconstruction de Saint-Philoxène à Oxyrhynchos: l’inventaire dressé par Philéas le tailleur de pierres. In: Baratte, F. (ed.) Mélanges Jean-Pierre Sodini. Association des amis du centre d'histoire et civilisation de Byzance, Paris, pp. 183-192. ISBN 9782951919877

Papaconstantinou, Arietta (2005) Aux marges de l’empire ou au centre du monde? De l’Égypte des Byzantins à celle des historiens. Journal of Juristic Papyrology, 35. pp. 195-236. ISSN 0075-4277

Papaconstantinou, Arietta (2005) Confrontation, interaction, and the formation of the early Islamic oikoumene. Revue des études byzantines, 63. pp. 166-181. ISSN 0766-5598

Papaconstantinou, Arietta (2005) La prière d’Anne dans la version sahidique du Premier Livre des Règnes: quelques témoins méconnus. Adamantius, 11. pp. 227-231. ISSN 1126-6244

Pollmann, Karla (2005) Marriage and Gender in Ovid’s Erotodidactic Poetry. In: Smith, Warren S (ed.) Satiric Advice on Women and Marriage : from Plautus to Chaucer. University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, pp. 92-110. ISBN 9780472114269

Pollmann, Karla (2005) Poetische Paraphrasen der Actio Acaunensium Martyrum des Eucherius von Lyon. In: Wermelinger, Otto, Bruggisser, Philippe, Näf, Beat and Roessli, Jean M (eds.) Mauritius und die Thebäische Legion /Saint Maurice et la Légion Thébaine: Actes du colloque, 17-20 Sept. 2003, Fribourg, Saint-Maurice, Martigny. Academic Press Fribourg, pp. 227-254. ISBN 9783727815270

Pollmann, Karla (2005) Augustine’s Hermeneutics as a Universal Discipline!? In: Pollmann, Karla and Vessey, Mark (eds.) Augustine and the Disciplines : from Cassiciacum to Confessions. Oxford University Press, pp. 206-231. ISBN 9780199274857

Pollmann, Karla and Vessey, Mark, eds. (2005) Augustine and the Disciplines: From Cassiciacum to Confessions. Oxford University Press, pp272. ISBN 9780199274857


Rajak, Tessa (2005) Josephus in the Diaspora. In: Mason, Steven, Edmondson, Jonathon and Rives, James (eds.) Flavius Josephus in Flavian Rome. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 79-100. ISBN 9780199262120

Rutherford, Ian (2005) The dance of the wolf-men of Ankuwa. Networks, amphictionies and pilgrimage in Hittite religion. In: The 5th International Congress of Hittitology, Corum, pp. 623-37. (Unpublished)

Rutherford, Ian (2005) Down-Stream to the Cat Goddess: Herodotus on Egyptian Pilgrimage. In: Rutherford, Ian and Elsner, J (eds.) Pilgrimage in Graeco-Roman and Early Christian Antiquity: Seeing the Gods. Oxford University Press, pp. 131-150.

Rutherford, Ian (2005) In a Virtual Wild Space. Pilgrimage and Rite of Passage from Delphi from Sabarimalai. In: Yatromanolakis, D and Roilos, P (eds.) Greek Ritual Poetics. Center for Hellenic Studies, pp. 323-338. ISBN 978-0674017924

Rutherford, Ian (2005) Mestra at Athens: Hesiod fr 43 and the Poetics of Panhellenism. In: Hunter, RL (ed.) The Hesiodic Catalogue of Woman: Constructions and Reconstructions. Cambridge University Press, pp. 99-117. ISBN 978-0521836845


Smith, Amy C (2005) From drunkenness to a hangover. In: Herrin, J. and Stafford, E. (eds.) Personification in the Greek world. Ashgate, pp. 211-230. ISBN 9780754650317

Smith, Amy C. (2005) 'Homeric' art in ancient Greece: the case of Polyphemos. In: Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, 27 June 2005. (Proceedings of the BRLSI 9)

Smith, Amy C (2005) The virtual lightbox for museums and archives: a portlet solution for structured data reuse across distributed visual resources. In: Museums and the Web 2005, 14-16 April 2005, Toronto.

Smith, Amy Claire (2005) The politics of weddings at Athens: an iconographic assessment. Leeds International Classical Studies, 4 (1). pp. 1-32. ISSN 1477-3643


Vasunia, Phiroze (2005) Greater Rome and Greater Britain. In: Goff, Barbara Elizabeth (ed.) Classics and Colonialism. Duckworth Academic and Bristol Classical Press, London, pp. 38-64.

Vasunia, Phiroze (2005) Greek, Latin, and the Indian Civil Service. The Cambridge Classical Journal, 51. pp. 35-71. ISSN 1750-2705

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