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Schiemann, Reinhard, Demory, Marie-Estelle, Shaffrey, Len C., Strachan, Jane, Vidale, Pier Luigi, Mizielinski, Matthew S., Roberts, Malcolm J., Matsueda, Mio, Wehner, Michael F. and Jung, Thomas (2017) The resolution sensitivity of Northern Hemisphere blocking in four 25-km atmospheric global circulation models. Journal of Climate, 30 (1). pp. 337-358. ISSN 1520-0442 doi:

Johnson, Stephanie J., Levine, Richard C., Turner, Andy G., Martin, Gill M., Woolnough, Steven J., Schiemann, Reinhard, Mizielinski, Matthew S., Roberts, Malcolm J., Vidale, Pier Luigi, Demory, Marie-Estelle and Strachan, Jane (2016) The resolution sensitivity of the South Asian monsoon and Indo-Pacific in a global 0.35◦ AGCM. Climate Dynamics, 46 (3-4). pp. 807-831. ISSN 0930-7575 doi:

Roberts, Malcolm J., Vidale, Pier Luigi, Mizielinski, Matthew S., Demory, Marie-Estelle, Schiemann, Reinhard, Strachan, Jane, Hodges, Kevin, Bel, Ray and Camp, Joanne (2015) Tropical cyclones in the UPSCALE ensemble of high resolution global climate models. Journal of Climate, 28 (2). pp. 574-596. ISSN 1520-0442 doi:

Bell, Ray, Hodges, Kevin, Vidale, Pier Luigi, Strachan, Jane and Roberts, Malcolm (2014) Simulation of the global ENSO–Tropical cyclone teleconnection by a high-resolution coupled general circulation model. Journal of Climate, 27 (17). pp. 6404-6422. ISSN 1520-0442 doi:

Schiemann, Reinhard, Demory, Marie-Estelle, Mizielinski, Mattew S., Roberts, Malcolm J., Shaffrey, Len C, Strachan, Jane and Vidale, Pier Luigi (2014) The sensitivity of the tropical circulation and Maritime Continent precipitation to climate model resolution. Climate Dynamics, 42 (9-10). pp. 2455-2468. ISSN 0930-7575 doi:

Bell, R., Strachan, Jane, Vidale, Pier Luigi, Hodges, Kevin and Roberts, Malcolm (2013) Response of tropical cyclones to idealized climate change experiments in a global high resolution coupled general circulation model. Journal of Climate, 26 (20). pp. 7966-7980. ISSN 1520-0442 doi:

Demory, Marie-Estelle, Vidale, Pier Luigi, Roberts, Malcolm J., Berrisford, Paul, Strachan, Jane, Schiemann, Reinhard and Mizielinski, Matthew S. (2013) The role of horizontal resolution in simulating drivers of the global hydrological cycle. Climate Dynamics, 42 (7-8). pp. 2201-2225. ISSN 0930-7575 doi:

Strachan, Jane, Vidale, Pier Luigi, Hodges, Kevin, Roberts, Malcolm and Demory, Marie-Estelle (2013) Investigating global tropical cyclone activity with a hierarchy of AGCMs: the role of model resolution. Journal of Climate, 26 (1). pp. 133-152. ISSN 1520-0442 doi:

Ackerley, D., Joshi, Manoj M., Highwood, Ellie J., Ryder, Claire L., Harrison, M. A. J., Walters, D. N., Milton, S. F. and Strachan, Jane (2012) A comparison of two dust uplift schemes within the same general circulation model. Advances in Meteorology, 2012. 260515. ISSN 1687-9309 doi:

Book or Report Section

Vidale, Pier Luigi, Roberts, Malcolm, Hodges, Kevin, Strachan, Jane, Demory, Marie-Estelle and Slingo, Julia (2010) Tropical Cyclones in a hieararchy of climate models of increasing resolution. In: Charabi, Y (ed.) Indian ocean tropical cyclones and climate change. Earth and environmental science, 1. Springer, pp. 9-14. doi:

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