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Mitchell, R. J., Warwick, K., Browne, W. N. L., Gasson, M. N. and Wyatt, J. (2010) Engaging robots: innovative outreach for attracting cybernetics students. IEEE Transactions on Education, 53 (1). pp. 105-113. ISSN 0018-9359 doi:

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Browne, W., Scott, D. and Ioannides, C. (2008) Abstraction for genetics-based reinforcement learning. In: Weber, C., Elshaw, M. and Mayer, N.M. (eds.) Reinforcement learning: theory and applications. I-Tech Education and Publishing, Vienna, Austria, pp. 187-198. ISBN 9783902613141

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Anrig, B., Browne, W. and Gasson, M. N. (2008) The role of algorithms in profiling. In: Hildebrandt, M. and Gutwirth, S. (eds.) Profiling the European citizen: cross-disciplinary perspectives. Springer, London, pp. 65-87. ISBN 9781402069130

Parslow, P., Williams, S. and Browne, W. (2007) Collaborative eLearning Assistant Network: caring agents are conscious agents. In: The Eighth Annual Durham Blackboard Users’ Conference, 13-14th December 2007, Durham University.

Ioannides, C. and Browne, W. (2007) Investigating scaling of an abstracted LCS utilising ternary and S-Expression alphabets. In: 11th International Workshop, IWLCS 2007, London, UK. doi:

McMahon, A., Scott, D., Baxter, P. and Browne, W.N. (2006) An Autonomous Explore/Exploit Strategy in Mark Bishop and Slawek Nasuto, Exploration vs. Exploitation in Naturally Inspired Search, in Tim Kovacs and James Marshall. In: Proceedings of AISB 06; Adaptation in Artificial and Biological Systems, Bristol,United Kingdom, pp. 192-201.

Bryndoor, S., Browne, W.N., Yao, L., Postlethwaite, I. and Lowes, S. (2006) Control of long plate quality: development of novel measurement systems and rolling simulation. In: 14th IFAC Symposium on System Indentification, Newcastle, Australia.

Browne, W.N. and Tingley, C. (2006) Developing an emotion-based architecture for autonomous agents. In: Third International Conference on Automonous Robots and Agents (ICARA 2006), Palmerston North, New Zealand, 225 - 230.

Joshi, B., Browne, W.N. and Corne, D.S. (2006) Developing greedy and adaptive algorithms for practical laboratory resource scheduling problem. In: Adaptive Computing in Design and Manufacture VII (ACDM 06), Bristol, United Kingdom, pp. 1-4.

Browne, W.N., Yao, L., Postlethwaite, I., Lowes, S. and Mar, M. (2006) Fusing data-mining and knowledge elicitation for the supervisory control of an aluminium plate mill. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 19 (3). pp. 345-359. ISSN 0952-1976 doi:

Browne, W., Yao, L., Postlethwaite, I., Lowes, S. and Mar, M. (2006) Knowledge-elicitation and data-mining: fusing human and industrial plant information. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 19 (3). pp. 345-359. ISSN 0952-1976 doi:

Elliott, P.T., Topiwala, D. and Browne, W.N. (2006) Training reformulated product units in hybrid neural networks. In: 2006 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN 2006), Vancouver, Canada, 10150 - 10157.

Moradkhan, M. D. and Browne, W. N. (2006) A knowledge-based evolution strategy for the multi-objective minimum spanning tree problem. In: 2006 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation, Vols 1-6. IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation. IEEE, New York, pp. 1376-1383. ISBN 9780780394872 doi:

Yao, L., Postlethwaite, I., Browne, W., Gu, D., Mar, M. and Lowes, S. (2005) Design, implementation and testing of an intelligent knowledge-based system for the supervisory control of a hot rolling mill. Journal of Process Control, 15 (6). pp. 615-628. ISSN 0959-1524 doi:

Yao, L., Postlethwaite, I., Browne, W., Gu, D., Mar, M. and Lowes, S. (2005) Design, implementation and testing of an intelligent knowledge-based system for the supervisory control of hot rolling. Journal of Process Control, A Journal of IFAC, the International Federation of Automatic Control, 15 (6). 618 - 628.

Gee, F. C., Browne, W. N. and Kawamura, K. (2005) Uncanny Valley revisited. In: 2005 IEEE International Workshop on Robot and Human Interactive Communication. Ieee, New York, pp. 151-157. ISBN 0780392744

Browne, W. and Scott, D. (2005) An abstraction algorithm for genetics-based reinforcement learning. In: GECCO 2005, Washington DC, USA.

Kern, M., Browne, W.N. and Sharkey, P.M. (2004) Toward Evolutionary Design: First Steps. In: Proc. Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, Seattle, Washington.

Sharkey, P. M., Becerra, V.M., Browne, W.N., Grimbleby, J., Guy, C., Harwin, W.S. ORCID:, Linfoot, S., Nasuto, S.J., Ruiz, V.F., Sherratt, R. S. ORCID: and Shirsavar, S. (2003) On Serving Members in Embargoed Countries - A Response to Dr Adler. IEEE Spectrum. p. 8.

Yao, L., Postlethwaite, I., Ozen, T., Browne, W., Atack, P., Mar, M. and Lowes, S. (2003) An architecture for intelligent knowledge-based supervisory control of rolling mills. IFAC Workshop on New Technologies for Automation of Metallurgical Industry, Shanghai, China.

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