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Mitchell, R. J., Warwick, K., Browne, W. N. L., Gasson, M. N. and Wyatt, J. (2010) Engaging robots: innovative outreach for attracting cybernetics students. IEEE Transactions on Education, 53 (1). pp. 105-113. ISSN 0018-9359 doi:

Browne, W., Kawamura, K., Krichmar, J. , Harwin, W. ORCID: and Wagatsuma, H. (2009) Cognitive robotics: new insights into robot and human intelligence by reverse engineering brain functions. Robotics and Automation Magazine IEEE, 16 (3). pp. 17-18. ISSN 1070-9932 doi:

Wyatt, J., Browne, W. N., Gasson, M. N. and Warwick, K. (2008) Consumer robotic products: studying the factors that influence market adoption. IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine, 15 (1). pp. 71-79. ISSN 1070-9932 doi:

Browne, W.N., Yao, L., Postlethwaite, I., Lowes, S. and Mar, M. (2006) Fusing data-mining and knowledge elicitation for the supervisory control of an aluminium plate mill. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 19 (3). pp. 345-359. ISSN 0952-1976 doi:

Browne, W., Yao, L., Postlethwaite, I., Lowes, S. and Mar, M. (2006) Knowledge-elicitation and data-mining: fusing human and industrial plant information. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 19 (3). pp. 345-359. ISSN 0952-1976 doi:

Yao, L., Postlethwaite, I., Browne, W., Gu, D., Mar, M. and Lowes, S. (2005) Design, implementation and testing of an intelligent knowledge-based system for the supervisory control of a hot rolling mill. Journal of Process Control, 15 (6). pp. 615-628. ISSN 0959-1524 doi:

Yao, L., Postlethwaite, I., Browne, W., Gu, D., Mar, M. and Lowes, S. (2005) Design, implementation and testing of an intelligent knowledge-based system for the supervisory control of hot rolling. Journal of Process Control, A Journal of IFAC, the International Federation of Automatic Control, 15 (6). 618 - 628.

Sharkey, P. M., Becerra, V.M., Browne, W.N., Grimbleby, J., Guy, C., Harwin, W.S. ORCID:, Linfoot, S., Nasuto, S.J., Ruiz, V.F., Sherratt, R. S. ORCID: and Shirsavar, S. (2003) On Serving Members in Embargoed Countries - A Response to Dr Adler. IEEE Spectrum. p. 8.

Yao, L., Postlethwaite, I., Ozen, T., Browne, W., Atack, P., Mar, M. and Lowes, S. (2003) An architecture for intelligent knowledge-based supervisory control of rolling mills. IFAC Workshop on New Technologies for Automation of Metallurgical Industry, Shanghai, China.

Book or Report Section

Browne, W., Scott, D. and Ioannides, C. (2008) Abstraction for genetics-based reinforcement learning. In: Weber, C., Elshaw, M. and Mayer, N.M. (eds.) Reinforcement learning: theory and applications. I-Tech Education and Publishing, Vienna, Austria, pp. 187-198. ISBN 9783902613141

Anrig, B., Browne, W. and Gasson, M. N. (2008) The role of algorithms in profiling. In: Hildebrandt, M. and Gutwirth, S. (eds.) Profiling the European citizen: cross-disciplinary perspectives. Springer, London, pp. 65-87. ISBN 9781402069130

Moradkhan, M. D. and Browne, W. N. (2006) A knowledge-based evolution strategy for the multi-objective minimum spanning tree problem. In: 2006 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation, Vols 1-6. IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation. IEEE, New York, pp. 1376-1383. ISBN 9780780394872 doi:

Gee, F. C., Browne, W. N. and Kawamura, K. (2005) Uncanny Valley revisited. In: 2005 IEEE International Workshop on Robot and Human Interactive Communication. Ieee, New York, pp. 151-157. ISBN 0780392744

Conference or Workshop Item

Baxter, P. E. and Browne, W. (2008) Memory-based Embodied Cognition: a computational architecture. In: SSE Systems Engineering Conference 2008, 25-26 Sep 2008, The University of Reading. (Unpublished)

Browne, W. (2008) Emotional cognitive steps towards consciousness. In: Nokia Workshop on Machine Consciousness 2008 , Helsinki, Finland.

Baxter, P. and Browne, W. (2008) Towards a developmental memory-based and embodied cognitive architecture. In: Epigenetic Robotics.

Davis-Moradkhan, M. and Browne, W.N. (2008) A hybridised evolutionary algorithm for multi-criterion minimum spanning tree problems. In: 8th International Conference on Hybrid Intelligent Systems (HIS 2008) , Barcelona, Spain. doi:

Parslow, P., Williams, S. and Browne, W. (2007) Collaborative eLearning Assistant Network: caring agents are conscious agents. In: The Eighth Annual Durham Blackboard Users’ Conference, 13-14th December 2007, Durham University.

Ioannides, C. and Browne, W. (2007) Investigating scaling of an abstracted LCS utilising ternary and S-Expression alphabets. In: 11th International Workshop, IWLCS 2007, London, UK. doi:

McMahon, A., Scott, D., Baxter, P. and Browne, W.N. (2006) An Autonomous Explore/Exploit Strategy in Mark Bishop and Slawek Nasuto, Exploration vs. Exploitation in Naturally Inspired Search, in Tim Kovacs and James Marshall. In: Proceedings of AISB 06; Adaptation in Artificial and Biological Systems, Bristol,United Kingdom, pp. 192-201.

Bryndoor, S., Browne, W.N., Yao, L., Postlethwaite, I. and Lowes, S. (2006) Control of long plate quality: development of novel measurement systems and rolling simulation. In: 14th IFAC Symposium on System Indentification, Newcastle, Australia.

Browne, W.N. and Tingley, C. (2006) Developing an emotion-based architecture for autonomous agents. In: Third International Conference on Automonous Robots and Agents (ICARA 2006), Palmerston North, New Zealand, 225 - 230.

Joshi, B., Browne, W.N. and Corne, D.S. (2006) Developing greedy and adaptive algorithms for practical laboratory resource scheduling problem. In: Adaptive Computing in Design and Manufacture VII (ACDM 06), Bristol, United Kingdom, pp. 1-4.

Elliott, P.T., Topiwala, D. and Browne, W.N. (2006) Training reformulated product units in hybrid neural networks. In: 2006 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN 2006), Vancouver, Canada, 10150 - 10157.

Browne, W. and Scott, D. (2005) An abstraction algorithm for genetics-based reinforcement learning. In: GECCO 2005, Washington DC, USA.

Kern, M., Browne, W.N. and Sharkey, P.M. (2004) Toward Evolutionary Design: First Steps. In: Proc. Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, Seattle, Washington.


Mitchell, R., Browne, W., Harwin, W. ORCID: and Warwick, K. (2008) Cybernetics and its application. Pearson , Harlow. ISBN 9781847764287

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