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Eilers, Wouter, Cleasby, Mark and Foster, Keith (2021) Development of antisense-mediated myostatin knockdown for the treatment of insulin resistance. Scientific Reports, 11 (1). 1604. ISSN 2045-2322 doi:

Eilers, Wouter, Chambers, David, Cleasby, Mark and Foster, Keith (2020) Local myostatin inhibition improves skeletal muscle glucose uptake in insulin resistant high fat diet-fed mice. American journal of physiology- Endocrinology and metabolism, 319 (1). E163-E174. ISSN 1522-1555 doi:

Bianchi, Riccardo, Eilers, Wouter, Pellati, Federica, Corsi, Lorenzo, Foster, Helen, Foster, Keith and Tamagnini, Francesco (2020) Hippocampal synaptic and membrane function in the DBA/2J-mdx mouse model of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, 104. 103482. ISSN 1044-7431 doi:

Omairi, Saleh, Matsakas, Antonios, Degens, Hans, Kretz, Oliver, Hansson, Kenth-Arne, Våvang Solbrå, Andreas, Bruusgaard, Jo, Joch, Barbara, Sartori, Roberta, Giallourou, Natasa, Mitchell, Rob, Collins-Hooper, Henry, Foster, Keith, Pasternack, Arja, Ritvos, Olli, Sandri, Marco, Narkar, Vihang, Swann, Jonathan, Huber, Tobias and Patel, Ketan (2016) Enhanced exercise and regenerative capacity in a mouse model that violates size constraints of oxidative muscle fibres. eLIFE, 5. e16940. ISSN 2050-084X doi:

Cleasby, Mark E., Jarmin, Susan, Eilers, Wouter, Elashry, Mohamed, Andersen, Ditte K., Dickson, George and Foster, Keith (2014) Local overexpression of the myostatin propeptide increases glucose transporter expression and enhances skeletal muscle glucose disposal. American Journal of Physiology Endocrinol Metabolism, 306 (7). E814-E823. ISSN 1522-1555 doi:

Collins-Hooper, Henry, Sartori, Roberta, Macharia, Raymond, Visanuvimol, Korntip, Foster, Keith, Matsakas, Antonios, Flasskamp, Hannah, Ray, Steve, Dash, Philip, Sandri, Marco and Patel, Ketan (2014) Propeptide-mediated inhibition of myostatin increases muscle mass through inhibiting proteolytic pathways in aged mice. Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biological and Medical Sciences, 69 (9). pp. 1049-1059. ISSN 1079-5006 doi:

Vandermeulen, Gaelle, Athanasopoulos, Takis, Trundley, Anita, Foster, Keith, Preat, Veronique, Yanez-Munoz, Rafael J. and Dickson, George (2012) Highly potent delivery method of gp160 envelope vaccine combining lentivirus-like particles and DNA electrotransfer. Journal of Controlled Release, 159 (3). pp. 376-383. ISSN 0168-3659 doi:

Koo, Taeyoung, Malerba, Alberto, Athanasopoulos, Takis, Trollet, Capucine, Boldrin, Luisa, Ferry, Arnaud, Popplewell, Linda, Foster, Helen, Foster, Keith and Dickson, George (2011) Delivery of AAV2/9-microdystrophin genes incorporating helix 1 of the coiled-coil motif in the C-terminal domain of dystrophin improves muscle pathology and restores the level of α1-syntrophin and α-dystrobrevin in skeletal muscles of mdx mice. Level of α1-Syntrophin and α-Dystrobrevin in Skeletal Muscles of mdx Mice. Human Gene Therapy, 22 (11). pp. 1379-1388. ISSN 1557-7422 doi:

Kang, Jagjeet K., Malerba, Alberto, Popplewell, Linda, Foster, Keith and Dickson, George (2011) Antisense-induced myostatin exon skipping leads to muscle hypertrophy in mice following Octa‑guanidine morpholino oligomer treatment. Molecular Therapy, 19 (1). pp. 159-164. ISSN 1525-0024 doi:

Malerba, Alberto, Sharp, Paul S, Graham, Ian R, Arechavala-Gomeza, Virginia, Foster, Keith, Muntoni, Francesco, Wells, Dominic J and Dickson, George (2010) Chronic systemic therapy with low-dose morpholino oligomers ameliorates the pathology and normalizes locomotor behavior in mdx Mice. Molecular Therapy, 19 (2). pp. 345-354. ISSN 1525-0024 doi:

Trollet, C., Anvar, S.Y., Venema, A., Hargreaves, I.P., Foster, Keith, Vignaud, A., Ferry, A., Negroni, E, Hourde, C., Baraibar, M.A., t'Hoen, P.A.C., Davies, J.E., Rubinsztein, D.C., Heales, S.J., Mouly, V., van der Maarel, S.M., Butler-Browne, G., Raz, V. and Dickson, G. (2010) Molecular and phenotypic characterization of a mouse model of oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy reveals severe muscular atrophy restricted to fast glycolytic fibres. Human Molecular Genetics, 19 (11). pp. 2191-2207. ISSN 1460-2083 doi:

Foster, Keith, Graham, Ian R, Otto, Anthony, Foster, Helen, Trollet, Capucine, Yaworsky, Paul J, Walsh, Frank S, Bickham, Dale, Curtin, Nancy A, Kawar, Susannah L, Patel, Ketan and Dickson, George (2009) Adeno-associated virus-8-Mediated intravenous transfer of myostatin propeptide leads to systemic functional improvements of slow but not fast muscle. Rejuvenation Research, 12 (2). pp. 85-93. ISSN 1549-1684 doi:

Matsakas, A., Foster, Keith, Otto, A., Macharia, R., Elashry, M. I., Feist, S., Graham, I., Foster, H., Yaworsky, P., Walsh, F., Dickson, G. and Patel, K. (2009) Molecular, cellular and physiological investigation of myostatin propeptide-mediated muscle growth in adult mice. Neuromuscular Disorders, 19 (7). pp. 489-499. ISSN 0960-8966 doi:

Foster, H., Sharp, P. S., Athanasopoulos, T., Trollet, C., Graham, I. R., Foster, Keith, Wells, D. J. and Dickson, G. (2008) Codon and mRNA sequence optimization of microdystrophin transgenes improves expression and physiological outcome in dystrophic mdx mice following AAV2/8 gene transfer. Molecular Therapy, 16 (11). pp. 1825-1832. ISSN 1525-0024 doi:


Sutura Therapeutics LTD (2019) Compounds comprising stapled or stitched peptides for improved drug delivery. WO2019002875. doi: WO2019002875

Sutura Therapeutics LTD (2017) Biologically active compound conjugated to a stapled or stitched peptide. WO2017109494. doi: WO2017109494

GW PHARMA LTD (2016) Use of cannabinoids in the treatment of degenerative skeletal muscle disease. WO2016059411. doi: WO2016059411

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