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Kan, Y. Y. and Leibrecht, M. (2019) Granger-causes of the Ringgit-US dollar exchange rate after 2005. Journal of Financial Economic Policy, 12 (1). pp. 77-96. ISSN 1757-6385 doi:

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Book or Report Section

Bellak, C. and Leibrecht, M. (2016) The use of investment incentives: the cases of R&D-related incentives and international investment agreements. In: Tavares-Lehmann, A., Toledano, P., Johnson, L. and Sachs, L. (eds.) Rethinking investment incentives: trends and policy options. Columbia University Press, New York, pp. 63-93. ISBN 9780231172981

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Leibrecht, M. and Bellak, C. (2011) Improving infrastructure or lowering taxes to attract foreign direct investment? In: Sauvant , K. P., Sachs, L., Davies , K. and Zandvliet, R. (eds.) FDI PERSPECTIVES: Issues in International Investment. Vale Columbia Center on Sustainable International Investment (Columbia University), pp. 23-26. ISBN 2159-2217

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Conference or Workshop Item

Leibrecht, M. and Bellak, C. (2007) Some further evidence on the role of effective corporate income taxes as determinant of foreign direct investment in central and east European countries. In: Proceedings of the National Tax Association Conference 2006, November, Boston, USA.

Leibrecht, M. and Bellak, C. (2005) New evidence on the tax burden of MNC activities in Central- and East-European New Member States. In: Proceedings of the Workshop Capital Taxation after Enlargement at the Austrian National Bank, January, Vienna.


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Leibrecht, M. (2004) Steuerschätzung in Österreich (Tax Revenue Forecasting in Austria). Springer Fachmedien.

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