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Xue, Bing ORCID logoORCID:, Han, Bin, Li, Hongqing, Gou, Xiaohua, Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID:, Thomas, Heiko and Stückrad, Stefan (2023) Understanding ecological civilization in China: from political context to science. Ambio. ISSN 1654-7209 doi:

Yang, Ping, Tang, Kam W., Zhang, Linhai, Lin, Xiao, Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID:, Tong, Chuan, Hong, Yan, Tan, Lishan, Lai, Derrick Y. F., Tian, Yalan, Zhu, Wanyi, Ruan, Manjing and Lin, Yongxin (2023) Effects of landscape modification on coastal sediment nitrogen availability, microbial functional gene abundances and N2O production potential across the tropical-subtropical gradient. Environmental research, 227. 115829. ISSN 1096-0953 doi:

Liu, Zhanming, Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID:, Wei, Xinghu and Liang, Zhaoxiong (2023) Spatiotemporal variation in extreme precipitation in Beijiang River Basin, Southern Coastal China, from 1959 to 2018. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 11 (1). 73. ISSN 2077-1312 doi:

Wei, Zeyang, Wei, Lifei, Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID:, Wang, Zhengxiang, Xiao, Zhiwei, Li, Zhongqiang, Yang, Yujing ORCID logoORCID: and Xu, Guobin (2022) Water quality grade identification for lakes in middle reaches of Yangtze River using landsat-8 data with deep neural networks (DNN) model. Remote Sensing, 14 (24). 6238. ISSN 2072-4292 doi:

Shen, Ruichang, Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID:, Rinklebe, Jörg, Bolan, Nanthi, Hu, Qiwu, Huang, Xinyun, Wen, Xiuting, Zheng, Bofu and Shi, Lei (2022) Seasonal flooding wetland expansion would strongly affect soil and sediment organic carbon storage and carbon-nutrient stoichiometry. Science of the Total Environment, 828. 154427. ISSN 0048-9697 doi:

Chen, Yanan, Ding, Zhi, Yu, Pujia, Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID:, Song, Lisheng, Fan, Lei, Han, Xujun, Ma, Mingguo and Tang, Xuguang (2022) Quantifying the variability in water use efficiency from the canopy to ecosystem scale across main croplands. Agricultural Water Management, 262. 107427. ISSN 0378-3774 doi:

Tang, Xuguang, Xiao, Jinfeng, Ma, Mingguo, Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID:, Li, Xing, Ding, Zhi, Yu, Pujia, Zhang, Yongguang, Wu, Chaoyang, Huang, Jing and Thompson, Julian R. (2022) Satellite evidence for China's leading role in restoring vegetation productivity over global karst ecosystems. Forest Ecology and Management, 507. 120000. ISSN 0378-1127 doi:

Ma, Xinyao, Li, Yingxue, Xu, Defu, Tian, Hanxin and Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID: (2022) Simultaneous adsorption of ammonia and phosphate using ferric sulfate modified carbon/zeolite composite from coal gasification slag. Journal of Environmental Management, 305. 114404. ISSN 0301-4797 doi:

Yang, Zhengjian, Wei, Chenyu, Liu, Defu, Lin, Qicai, Huang, Yuling, Wang, Congfeng, Ji, Daobin, Ma, Jun and Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID: (2022) The influence of hydraulic characteristics on algal bloom in three gorges reservoir, China: a combination of cultural experiments and field monitoring. Water Research, 211. 118030. ISSN 0043-1354 doi:

Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID: (2022) Team-based learning to improve diversity and inclusion of environmental engineering students: a mixed methods case study. International Journal of Engineering Education, 38 (3). pp. 684-694. ISSN 0949-149X (In Press)

Chang, Yunni, Zhong, Quanlin, Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID:, Xu, Chaobin, Hua, Weiping and Li, Baoyin (2022) Patterns and driving factors of leaf C, N, and P stoichiometry in two forest types with different stand ages in a mid-subtropical zone. Forest Ecosystems, 9. 100005. ISSN 2197-5620 doi:

Zhang, Yifei, Lyu, Min, Yang, Ping, Lai, Derrick Y. F., Tong, Chuan, Zhao, Guanghui, Li, Ling, Zhang, Yuhan and Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID: (2021) Spatial variations in CO2 fluxes in a subtropical coastal reservoir of Southeast China were related to urbanization and land-use types. Journal of Environmental Sciences, 109. pp. 206-218. ISSN 1001-0742 doi:

Huang, Qiong, Xu, Gongda, Zhang, Kaiqing, Zhu, Jie, Si, Han, Yang, Bo, Tao, Tao, Zhao, Yunxia, Chen, Mindong and Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID: (2021) Improved activity and stability of chlorobenzene oxidation over transition metal-substituted spinel-type catalysts supported on cordierite. Catalysis Letters, 151. pp. 2313-2325. ISSN 1011-372X doi:

Chang, Yunni, Xu, Chaobin, Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID:, Zhou, Junxin, Hua, Weiping, Zhang, Shihe, Zhong, Quanlin and Li, Baoyin (2021) Leaf structural traits vary with plant size in even-aged stands of Sapindus mukorossi. Frontiers in Plant Science, 12. 692484. ISSN 1664-462X doi:

Shen, Chao, Huang, Liuyan, Xie, Guangwu, Wang, Yulai, Ma, Zongkai, Yao, Yu and Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID: (2021) Effects of plastic debris on the biofilm bacterial communities in lake water. Water, 13 (11). pp. 1-13. ISSN 2073-4441 doi:

Yang, Ping, Huang, Jiafang, Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID:, Penuelas, Josep, Tang, Kam W., Lai, Derrick Y. F., Wang, Dongqi, Xiao, Qitao, Sardans, Jordi, Zhang, Yifei and Tong, Chuan (2021) Diffusive CH4 fluxes from aquaculture ponds using floating chambers and thin boundary layer equations. Atmospheric Environment, 253. 118384. ISSN 1352-2310 doi:

Balaji Prasath, Barathan, Ying, Wang, Su, Yuping, Zheng, Wanning, Lin, Hong and Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID: (2021) Coagulant plus Bacillus nitratireducens fermentation broth technique provides a rapid algicidal effect of toxic red tide dinoflagellate. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 9 (4). 395. ISSN 2077-1312 doi:

Wang, Wanfa, Li, Si-Liang, Zhong, Jun, Wang, Lichun, Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID:, Xiao, Huayun and Liu, Cong-Qiang (2021) CO2 emissions from karst cascade hydropower reservoirs: mechanisms and reservoir effect. Environmental Research Letters, 16 (4). 044013. ISSN 1748-9326 doi:

Ma, Baoguo, Guan, Ronghao, Liu, Liang, Huang, Zhixi, Qi, Shuanwang, Xi, Zengfu, Zhao, Ying, Song, Shihao and Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID: (2021) Nitrogen loss in vegetable field under the simulated rainfall experiments in Hebei, China. Water, 13 (4). 552. ISSN 2073-4441 doi:

Li, Jiayu, Zheng, Bohong, Chen, Xiao, Li, Zhe, Xia, Qi, Huang, Hua, Yang, Yuan, Zhou, Yaoyu and Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID: (2021) The use of constructed wetland for mitigating nitrogen and phosphorus from agricultural runoff: a review. Water, 13 (4). 476. ISSN 2073-4441 doi:

Xu, Yunyun, Yuan, Qiqi, Zhao, Chunfa, Wang, Lachun, Li, Yuhua, Ma, Xiaoxue, Guo, Jiaxun and Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID: (2021) Identification of nitrate sources in rivers in a complex catchment using a dual isotopic approach. Water, 13 (1). 83. ISSN 2073-4441 doi:

Zhang, Yan, Li, Mingxuan, Dong, Jiefeng, Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID:, Van Zwieten, Lukas, Lu, Hui, Alshameri, Aref, Zhan, Zihan, Chen, Xin, Jiang, Xueding, Xu, Weicheng, Bao, Yanping and Wang, Hailong (2021) A critical review of methods for analyzing freshwater eutrophication. Water, 13 (2). 225. ISSN 2073-4441 doi:

Li, Yunxiao, Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID:, Zhang, Longjun, Yang, Xufeng, Zang, Han, Fan, Wenhua and Wang, Gailing (2020) The spatiotemporal variation and control mechanism of surface pCO2 in winter in Jiaozhou Bay, China. Continental Shelf Research, 206. 104208. ISSN 0278-4343 doi:

Zhou, Yan, Huang, Xianjin, Zhong, Taiyang, Chen, Yi, Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID:, Chen, Zhigang, Xu, Guoliang, Niu, Lede and Li, Hehui (2020) Can annual land use plan control and regulate construction land growth in China? Land Use Policy, 99. 105026. ISSN 0264-8377 doi:

Liu, Zhanming, Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID: and Wei, Xianhu (2020) Spatiotemporal variation in relative humidity in Guangdong, China, from 1959 to 2017. Water, 12 (12). 3576. ISSN 2073-4441 doi:

Yang, Ping, Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID:, Sardans, Jordi, Tong, Chuan, Zhao, Guanghui, Penuelas, Josep, Li, Ling, Zhang, Yifei, Tan, Lishan, Chun, Kwok Pan and Lai, Derrick Y. F. (2020) Large spatial variations in diffusive CH4 fluxes from a subtropical coastal reservoir affected by sewage discharge in southeast China. Environmental Science and Technology, 54 (22). pp. 14192-14203. ISSN 0013-936X doi:

Ma, Mingguo, Lang, Qin, Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID:, Shi, Kaifang and Ge, Wei (2020) Identification of polycentric cities in China based on NPP-VIIRS nighttime light data. Remote Sensing, 12 (19). 3248. ISSN 2072-4292 doi:

Ma, Xiaoxue, Wang, Lachun, Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID:, Li, Na and Gong, Chang (2020) Spatiotemporal analysis of water quality using multivariate statistical techniques and the water quality identification index for the Qinhuai River basin, East China. Water, 12 (10). 2764. ISSN 2073-4441 doi:

Yang, Ping, Zhang, Yefei, Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID:, Guo, Qianqian, Lai, Derrick Y. F., Zhao, Guanghui, Li, Ling and Tong, Chuan (2020) Ebullition was a major pathway of methane emissions from the aquaculture ponds in southeast China. Water Research, 184. 116176. ISSN 0043-1354 doi:

Liu, Dong, Duan, Hongtao, Loiselle, Steven, Hu, Chuanmin, Zhang, Guoqing, Li, Junli, Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID:, Thompson, Julian R., Cao, Zhigang, Shen, Ming, Ma, Ronghua, Zhang, Min and Han, Weixiao (2020) Observations of water transparency in China’s lakes from space. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and GeoInformation, 92. 102187. ISSN 0303-2434 doi:

Yang, Ping, Wang, Dongqi, Lai, Derrick Y. F., Zhang, Yifei, Guo, Qianqian, Tan, Lishan, Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID:, Tong, Chuan and Li, Xiaofei (2020) Spatial variations of N2O fluxes across the water‐air interface of mariculture ponds in a subtropical estuary in southeast China. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, 125 (9). e2019JG005605. ISSN 2169-8961 doi:

Li, Yu, Huang, Jeanne J., Hu, Maochuan, Yang, Hong and Tanaka, Kenji (2020) Design of low impact development in the urban context considering hydrological performance and life-cycle cost. Journal of Flood Risk Management, 13 (3). ISSN 1753-318X doi:

Qi, Xinxian, Ma, Xiyan, Huang, Xianjin, Wang, Danyang, Zhao, Hongyan and Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID: (2020) Tracing the sources of air pollutant emissions embodied in exports in the Yangtze River Delta, China: a four-level perspective. Journal of Cleaner Production, 254. 120155. ISSN 0959-6526 doi:

Guo, Xinya, Zhang, Xingqi, Du, Shixun, Li, Chao, Siu, Yim Ling, Rong, Yuejing and Yang, Hong (2020) The impact of onshore wind power projects on ecological corridors and landscape connectivity in Shanxi, China. Journal of Cleaner Production, 254. 120075. ISSN 0959-6526 doi:

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Huang, Qiong, Ye, Juan, Si, Han, Yang, Bo, Tao, Tao, Zhao, Yunxiao, Chen, Mindong and Yang, Hong (2020) Differences of characteristics and performance with Bi3+ and Bi2O3 doping over TiO2 for photocatalytic oxidation under visible light. Catalysis Letters. pp. 1-13. ISSN 1011-372X doi:

Yang, Ping, Zhang, Yan, Bastviken, David, Lai, Derrick Y. F., Yang, Hong, Zhang, Yifan, Guo, Qianqian, Tan, Lishan and Tong, Chuan (2020) Large increase in diffusive greenhouse gas fluxes from subtropical shallow aquaculture ponds during the passage of typhoons. Journal of Hydrology, 583. 124643. ISSN 0022-1694 doi:

Li, Yunxiao, Zhang, Longjun, Xue, Liang, Fan, Wenhua, Liu, Fenwu and Yang, Hong (2020) Spatial variation in aragonite saturation state and the influencing factors in Jiaozhou Bay, China. Water, 12 (3). 825. ISSN 2073-4441 doi:

Lai, Peiyu, Zhang, Miao, Ge, Zhongxi, Hao, Binfei, Song, Zengjing, Huang, Jing, Ma, Mingguo, Yang, Hong and Han, Xujun (2020) Responses of seasonal indicators to extreme droughts in southwest China. Remote Sensing, 12 (5). 818. ISSN 2072-4292 doi:

Sun, Yuchuan, Zhang, Siyu, Xie, Zhenglan, Lan, Jiacheng, Li, Tian, Yuan, Daoxian, Yang, Hong and Xing, Baoshan (2020) Characteristics and ecological risk assessment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soil seepage water in karst terrains, southwest China. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 190. 110122. ISSN 0147-6513 doi:

Yang, Ping, Yang, Hong, Lai, Derrick Y. F., Guo, Qianqian, Zhang, Yifei, Tong, Chuan, Xu, Chaobin and Li, Xiaofei (2020) Large contribution of non-aquaculture period fluxes to the annual N2O emissions from aquaculture ponds in Southeast China. Journal of Hydrology, 582. 124550. ISSN 0022-1694 doi:

Chen, Ji-Long, He, Lei, Yang, Hong, Chen, Qiao, Mao, Mao-Hua, Wang, Xiao-Xiao and Xiao, Zuo-Lin (2020) Coupling meteorological variables with Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer atmospheric products for estimating global solar radiation. Energy Conversion and Management, 205. 112383. ISSN 0196-8904 doi:

Huang, Qiong, Qiu, Hua, Ye, Lijihong, Yang, Bo, Tao, Tao, Zhao, Yunxia, Chen, Mindong and Yang, Hong (2020) Development of Ag/MnCeOx catalysts synthesized with ethanol or water for HCHO decomposition at ambient temperature. Materials Chemistry and Physics, 241. 122372. ISSN 0254-0584 doi:

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Book or Report Section

Yang, Hong ORCID logoORCID: (2021) Application of project based learning in an environmental engineering programme. In: Guerra, Aida, Chen, Juebei, Winther, Mainken, Kolmos, Anette and Nielsen, Stine Randrup (eds.) Educate for the future: PBL, Sustainability and Digitalisation 2021. Aalborg University Press, Aalborg, Denmark, pp. 195-205. ISBN 9788772107431


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