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Maiarù, Maria ORCID logoORCID:, Acton, Richard J., Woźniak, Eva L., Mein, Charles A., Bell, Christopher G. ORCID logoORCID: and Géranton, Sandrine M. ORCID logoORCID: (2023) A DNA methylation signature in the stress driver gene Fkbp5 indicates a neuropathic component in chronic pain. Clinical Epigenetics, 15. 155. ISSN 1868-7083 doi:

Leese, Charlotte ORCID logoORCID:, Christmas, Claire ORCID logoORCID:, Mészáros, Judit ORCID logoORCID:, Ward, Stephanie, Maiaru, Maria ORCID logoORCID:, Hunt, Stephen P and Davletov, Bazbek ORCID logoORCID: (2023) New botulinum neurotoxin constructs for treatment of chronic pain. Life Science Alliance, 6 (6). e202201631. ISSN 2575-1077 doi:

Maiarù, Maria, Leese, Charlotte, Certo, Michelangelo, Echeverria-Altuna, Irene, Mangione, Antonina S., Arsenault, Jason, Davletov, Bazbek and Hunt, Stephen P. (2018) Selective neuronal silencing using synthetic botulinum molecules alleviates chronic pain in mice. Science Translational Medicine, 10 (450). eaar7384. ISSN 1946-6234 doi:

Maiarù, Maria, Morgan, Oakley B., Mao, Tianqi, Breitsamer, Michaela, Bamber, Harry, Pöhlmann, Max, Schmidt, Mathias V., Winter, Gerhard, Hausch, Felix and Géranton, Sandrine M. (2018) The stress regulator FKBP51: a novel and promising druggable target for the treatment of persistent pain states across sexes. Pain, 159 (7). pp. 1224-1234. ISSN 1872-6623 doi:

Tochiki, Keri K., Maiarú, Maria, Norris, Caspar, Hunt, Stephen P. and Géranton, Sandrine M. (2016) The mitogen and stress-activated protein kinase 1 regulates the rapid epigenetic tagging of dorsal horn neurons and nocifensive behaviour. Pain, 157 (11). pp. 2594-2604. ISSN 0304-3959 doi:

Maiarù, Maria, Morgan, Oakley B, Tochiki, Keri K, Hobbiger, Eleanor J, Rajani, Kaveeta, Overington, Dorothy W U and Géranton, Sandrine M (2016) Complex regulation of the regulator of synaptic plasticity histone deacetylase 2 in the rodent dorsal horn after peripheral injury. Journal of Neurochemistry, 138 (2). pp. 222-232. ISSN 0022-3042 doi:

Mangione, Antonina S, Obara, Ilona, Maiarú, Maria, Geranton, Sandrine M, Tassorelli, Cristina, Ferrari, Enrico, Leese, Charlotte, Davletov, Bazbek and Hunt, Stephen P (2016) Nonparalytic botulinum molecules for the control of pain. Pain, 157 (5). pp. 1045-1055. ISSN 0304-3959 doi:

Maiarù, Maria, Tochiki, Keri K., Cox, Marc B., Annan, Leonette V., Bell, Christopher G., Feng, Xixi, Hausch, Felix and Géranton, Sandrine M. (2016) The stress regulator FKBP51 drives chronic pain by modulating spinal glucocorticoid signaling. Science Translational Medicine, 8 (325). 325ra19. ISSN 1946-6234 doi:

Tochiki, Keri K., Maiarù, Maria, Miller, James R. C., Hunt, Stephen P. and Géranton, Sandrine M. (2015) Short-term anesthesia inhibits formalin-induced extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK) activation in the rostral anterior cingulate cortex but not in the spinal cord. Molecular Pain, 11. 49. ISSN 1744-8069 doi:

Berliocchi, Laura, Maiarù, Maria, Varano, Giuseppe Pasquale, Russo, Rossella, Corasaniti, Maria Tiziana, Bagetta, Giacinto and Tassorelli, Cristina (2015) Spinal autophagy is differently modulated in distinct mouse models of neuropathic pain. Molecular Pain, 11. 3. ISSN 1744-8069 doi:

Berliocchi, Laura, Russo, Rossella, Maiarù, Maria, Levato, Alessandra, Bagetta, Giacinto and Corasaniti, Maria Tiziana (2011) Autophagy impairment in a mouse model of neuropathic pain. Molecular pain, 7. 83. ISSN 1744-8069 doi:

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