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Andow, J. (2017) Do non-philosophers think epistemic consequentialism is counterintuitive? Synthese, 194 (7). pp. 2631-2643. ISSN 1573-0964 doi:

Andow, J. (2017) Epistemic consequentialism, truth fairies and worse fairies. Philosophia, 45 (3). pp. 987-993. ISSN 1574-9274 doi:

Andow, J. (2017) Intuition-talk: virus or virtue? Philosophia, 45 (2). pp. 523-531. ISSN 1574-9274 doi:

Andow, J. (2017) A partial defence of descriptive evidentialism about intuitions: a reply to Molyneux. Metaphilosophy, 48 (1-2). pp. 183-195. ISSN 1467-9973 doi:


Benocci, M. (2017) Priority monism and essentiality of fundamentality: a reply to Steinberg. Philosophical Studies, 178 (8). pp. 1983-1990. ISSN 1573-0883 doi:

Borg, E. ORCID: (2017) Local vs. global pragmatics. Inquiry, 60 (5). pp. 509-516. ISSN 1502-3923 doi:

Borg, E. ORCID: (2017) Mirroring, mindreading and smart behaviour-reading. Journal of Consciousness Studies, 24 (5-6). pp. 24-49. ISSN 1355-8250


De Gaynesford, M. ORCID: (2017) Attuning philosophy and literary criticism: a response to 'In the Heart of the Country'. In: Hayes, P. and Wilm, J. (eds.) Beyond th Ancient Quarrel: Literature, Philosophy, and J.M. Coetzee. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780198805281

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De Gaynesford, M. ORCID: (2017) The rift in the lute: attuning poetry and philosophy. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780198797265


Elson, L. ORCID: (2017) Incommensurability as vagueness: a burden-shifting argument. Theoria, 83 (4). pp. 341-363. ISSN 1755-2567 doi:


Francis, K. B., Terbeck, S., Briazu, R. A., Haines, A., Gummerum, M., Ganis, G. and Howard, I. S. (2017) Simulating moral actions: an investigation of personal force in virtual moral dilemmas. Scientific Reports, 7. 13954. ISSN 2045-2322 doi:


Grindrod, J. ORCID: (2017) Epistemic contextualism as a linguistic thesis. PhD thesis, University of Reading.


Hansen, N. ORCID: (2017) Color comparisons and interpersonal variation. Review of Philosophy and Psychology, 8 (4). pp. 809-826. ISSN 1878-5158 doi:

Hansen, N. ORCID: (2017) Must we measure what we mean? Inquiry, 60 (8). pp. 785-815. ISSN 1502-3923 doi:

Hansen, N. ORCID: (2017) A new argument from interpersonal variation to subjectivism about color: a response to Gómez-Torrente. Noûs, 51 (2). pp. 421-428. ISSN 1468-0068 doi:

Hansen, N. ORCID: and Chemla, E. (2017) Color adjectives, standards, and thresholds: an experimental investigation. Linguistics and Philosophy, 40 (3). pp. 239-278. ISSN 1573-0549 doi:

Hassan, P. (2017) Nietzsche on human greatness. Journal of Value Inquiry, 51 (2). pp. 293-310. ISSN 1573-0492 doi:

Hooker, B. (2017) What makes a judgement a moral judgement. Journal of Political Theory and Philosophy, 1 (1). pp. 97-112.


Kapembwa, J. (2017) Wildlife rights and human obligations. PhD thesis, University of Reading.


Mosquera, J. (2017) Disability, equality, and future generations. PhD thesis, University of Reading.

Mosquera, J. (2017) An egalitarian argument against reducing deprivation. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, 20 (5). pp. 957-968. ISSN 1572-8447 doi:

Mutch, D. (2017) A metaethic made useful: a Wittgenstein-inspired approach to metaethics. PhD thesis, University of Reading.


Ng, G. (2017) Bernard Williams and the materials of internalism. PhD thesis, University of Reading.


Oderberg, D. S. ORCID: (2017) Co-operation in the age of Hobby Lobby: when sincerity is not enough. Expositions: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities, 11 (1). pp. 15-30. ISSN 1747–5376

Oderberg, D. S. ORCID: (2017) Finality revived: powers and intentionality. Synthese, 194 (7). pp. 2387-2425. ISSN 1573-0964 doi:

Oderberg, D. S. ORCID: (2017) Further clarity on co-operation and morality. Journal of Medical Ethics, 43 (4). pp. 192-200. ISSN 1473-4257 doi:

Oderberg, D. S. ORCID: (2017) No beginning, no explanation: the kalām cosmological argument and the principle of sufficient reason. In: Copan, P. and Lane Craig, W. (eds.) The Kalām Cosmological Argument Philosophical Arguments for the Finitude of the Past. Bloomsbury.

Oderberg, D. S. ORCID: (2017) Should there be freedom of dissociation? Economic Affairs, 37 (2). pp. 167-181. ISSN 1468-0270 doi:


Playford, R. C. (2017) It’s for your own good: natural law and the good life. PhD thesis, University of Reading.


Sandstad, P. ORCID: (2017) The formal cause in the Posterior Analytics. Filozofski Vestnik, 37 (3). pp. 7-26. ISSN 0353-4510

Schroeder, S. ORCID: (2017) Franz Josef Czernin und die Metapher. In: Franz Josef Czernin. Edition Text + Kritik, Munich, pp. 191-196. ISBN 9783869166254

Schroeder, S. ORCID: (2017) Reasons and first-person authority. In: Padilla Gálvez, J. and Gaffal, M. (eds.) Intentionality and Action. de Gruyter, pp. 123-138. ISBN 9783110559095

Schroeder, S. ORCID: (2017) ‘Too ridiculous for words’: Wittgenstein on scientific aesthetics. In: Beale, I. and Kidd, I. J. (eds.) Wittgenstein and Scientism. Routledge, London, pp. 116-132. ISBN 9781138829398

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Schroeder, S. ORCID: (2017) Wittgenstein on grammar and grammatical statements. In: Glock, H.- J. and Hyman, J. (eds.) The Blackwell Companion to Wittgenstein. Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford.

Shields, M. R. (2017) Peter Lamarque’s aesthetic essentialism. PhD thesis, University of Reading.

Sinha, S. (2017) The metaphysics of self in Praśastapāda's differential naturalism. In: Ganeri, J. (ed.) The Oxford Handbook of Indian Philosophy. Oxford University Press, New York. ISBN 9780199314621 doi:

Stratton-Lake, P. (2017) The buck passing account of value: assessing the negative thesis. In: Kirchin, S. (ed.) Reading Parfit: On On What Matters. Routledge, London, pp. 82-95. ISBN 0415529506


Whiston, A. (2017) Moral judgements and motivation: (an 'emotionalist' externalism about the 'reliable connection'). PhD thesis, University of Reading.

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