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Kairu-Wanyoike, S. W., Kiara, H., Heffernan, C., Kaitibie, S., Gitae, G. K., McKeever, D. and Taylor, N. M. (2014) Control of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia: knowledge, attitudes, perceptions and practices in Narok district of Kenya. Preventive Veterinary Medicine, 115 (3-4). pp. 143-156. ISSN 0167-5877 doi: 10.1016/j.prevetmed.2014.03.029

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Allison, K., Taylor, N. M., Wilsmore, A. J. and Garforth, C. (2011) Equine anthelmintics: survey of the patterns of use, beliefs and attitudes among horse owners in the UK. Veterinary Record, 168 (18). pp. 483-488. ISSN 0042-4900 doi: 10.1136/vr.d731

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Tena-Martinez, M. J., Val-Arreola, D., Hanks, J. D. and Taylor, N. M. (2009) The use of early lactation milk protein content to predict subsequent fertility performance and likelihood of culling, in commercial dairy cows. Journal of Animal and Feed Sciences, 18 (2). pp. 209-220. ISSN 1230-1388

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Muraguri, G. R., McLeod, A. and Taylor, N. (2004) Estimation of milk production from smallholder dairy cattle in the coastal lowlands of Kenya. Tropical Animal Health and Production, 36 (7). pp. 673-684. ISSN 0049-4747 doi: 10.1023/B:TROP.0000042850.73205.93

Honhold, N., Taylor, N.M., Wingfield, A., Einshoj, P., Middlemiss, C., Eppink, L., Wroth, R. and Mansley, L.M. (2004) Evaluation of the application of veterinary judgement in the pre-emptive cull of contiguous premises during the foot and mouth disease epidemic in Cumbria in 2001. Veterinary Record, 155. pp. 349-355.

Honhold, N., Taylor, N.M., Mansley, L.M. and Paterson, A.D. (2004) Relationship of speed of slaughter on infected premises and intensity of culling of other premises to the rate of spread of the foot-and-mouth epidemic in Great Britain, 2001. Veterinary Record, 155. pp. 287-294.

Taylor, N.M., Honhold, N., Paterson, A.D. and Mansley, L.M. (2004) Risk of foot and mouth disease associated with proximity in space and time to infected premises and the implications for control policy during the 2001 epidemic in Cumbria. Veterinary Record, 154. pp. 617-626.

Book or Report Section

McLeod, A., Taylor, N., Lan, L.T.K., Thuy, N.T., Dung, D.H. and Minh, P.Q. (2004) The potential impact of Vietnam’s entry to the WTO on the livelihoods of smallholder pig producers and small pig traders. In: Owen, E., Smith, T., Steele, M.A., Anderson, S., Duncan, A.J., Herrero, M., Reynolds, C.K., Richards, J.I. and Ku-Vera, J.C. (eds.) Responding to the livestock revolution – the role of globalisation and implications for poverty alleviation. Nottingham University Press, Nottingham. ISBN 9781904761518


Taylor, N. and Hinrichs, J. (2012) Designing and implementing livestock value chain studies: a practical aid for Highly Pathogenic and Emerging Disease (HPED) control. FAO Animal Production and Health Guidelines (10). FAO, Rome, pp43. ISBN 9789251071397

Taylor, N. and Rushton, J. (2011) A value chain approach to animal diseases risk management: technical foundations and practical framework for field application. FAO Animal Production and Health Guidelines, 4. FAO, Rome, pp121. ISBN 978925106868

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