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Wilhelm, Jannik ORCID logoORCID:, Wapler, Kathrin, Blahak, Ulrich, Potthast, Roland ORCID logoORCID: and Kunz, Michael ORCID logoORCID: (2023) Statistical relevance of meteorological ambient conditions and cell attributes for nowcasting the life cycle of convective storms. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society. ISSN 1477-870X doi:

Kotsuki, Shunji, Miyoshi, Takemasa ORCID logoORCID:, Kondo, Keiichi and Potthast, Roland (2022) A local particle filter and its Gaussian mixture extension implemented with minor modifications to the LETKF. Geoscientific Model Development, 15 (22). pp. 8325-8348. ISSN 1991-9603 doi:

Lang, Oana, Van Leeuwen, Peter Jan, Crisan, Dan and Potthast, Roland ORCID logoORCID: (2022) Bayesian inference for fluid dynamics: a case study for the stochastic rotating shallow water model. Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, 8. 949354. ISSN 2297-4687 doi:

Furuya, Takashi ORCID logoORCID: and Potthast, Roland (2022) Inverse medium scattering problems with Kalman filter techniques. Inverse Problems, 38 (9). 095003. ISSN 0266-5611 doi:

Schenk, Nora, Potthast, Roland and Rojahn, Anne (2022) On two localized particle filter methods for Lorenz 1963 and 1996 Models. Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, 8. ISSN 2297-4687 doi:

Potthast, Roland, Vobig, Klaus, Blahak, Ulrich and Simmer, Clemens (2022) Data Assimilation of nowcasted observations. Monthly Weather Review, 150 (5). pp. 969-980. ISSN 0027-0644 doi:

Sgoff, Christine, Acevedo, Walter, Paschalidi, Zoi, Ulbrich, Sven, Bauernschubert, Elisabeth, Kratzsch, Thomas and Potthast, Roland ORCID logoORCID: (2022) Assimilation of crowd-sourced surface observations over Germany in a regional weather prediction system. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 148 (745). pp. 1752-1767. ISSN 1477-870X doi:

Trömel, Silke, Chwala, Christian, Furusho-Percot, Carina, Henken, Cintia Carbajal, Polz, Julius, Potthast, Roland, Reinoso-Rondinel, Ricardo and Simmer, Clemens (2021) Near-Realtime Quantitative Precipitation Estimation and Prediction (RealPEP). Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 102 (8). E1591-E1596. ISSN 1520-0477 doi:

Lin, Yi-Hsuan, Nakamura, Gen, Potthast, Roland and Wang, Haibing (2021) Duality between range and no-response tests and its application for inverse problems. Inverse problems and imaging, 15 (2). pp. 367-386. ISSN 1930-8337 doi:

Otkin, Jason A., Potthast, Roland W. E. and Lawless, Amos S. (2021) Nonlinear conditional model bias estimation for data assimilation. SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems, 20 (1). pp. 299-332. ISSN 1536-0040 doi:

Otkin, Jason A. and Potthast, Roland (2019) Assimilation of all-sky seviri infrared brightness temperatures in a regional-scale ensemble data assimilation system. Monthly Weather Review, 147 (12). pp. 4481-4509. ISSN 1520-0493 doi:

Udosen, Ndifreke and Potthast, Roland (2019) A framework for solving meta inverse problems: experimental design and application to an acoustic source problem. Modeling Earth Systems and Environment, 5 (2). pp. 519-532. ISSN 2363-6203 doi:

Meng, Deming, Chen, Yaodeng, Wang, Hongli, Gao, Yufang, Potthast, Roland and Wang, Yuanbing (2019) The evaluation of EnVar method including hydrometeors analysis variables for assimilating cloud liquid/ice water path on prediction of rainfall events. Atmospheric Research, 219. pp. 1-12. ISSN 0169-8059 doi:

Potthast, Roland, Walter, Anne and Rhodin, Andreas (2019) A localized adaptive particle filter within an operational NWP framework. Monthly Weather Review, 147 (1). pp. 345-362. ISSN 0027-0644 doi:

Waller, Joanne A., Bauernschubert, Elisabeth, Dance, Sarah L., Nichols, Nancy K., Potthast, Roland and Simonin, David (2019) Observation error statistics for Doppler radar radial wind superobservations assimilated into the DWD COSMO-KENDA system. Monthly Weather Review, 147. pp. 3351-3364. ISSN 0027-0644 doi:

Nadeem, Aamir, Potthast, Roland and Rhodin, Andreas (2018) On sequential multiscale inversion and data assimilation. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 336. pp. 338-352. ISSN 0377-0427 doi:

Janjic, T., Bormann, N., Bocquet, M., Carton, J. A., Cohn, S. E., Dance, S. L., Losa, S. N., Nichols, N. K., Potthast, R., Waller, J. A. and Weston, P. (2018) On the representation error in data assimilation. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 144 (713). pp. 1257-1278. ISSN 0035-9009 doi:

Otkin, J. A., Potthast, Roland and Lawless, Amos S. (2018) Nonlinear bias correction for satellite data assimilation using Taylor series polynomials. Monthly Weather Review, 146 (1). pp. 263-285. ISSN 0027-0644 doi:

Alswaihli, Jehan, Potthast, Roland, Bojak, Ingo, Saddy, Doug and Hutt, Axel (2018) Kernel reconstruction for delayed neural field equations. The Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience, 8. 3. ISSN 2190-8567 doi:

Geisinger, Armin, Behrendt, Andreas, Wulfmeyer, Volker, Strohbach, Jens, Förstner, Jochen and Potthast, Roland (2017) Development and application of a backscatter lidar forward operator for quantitative validation of aerosol dispersion models and future data assimilation. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 10 (12). pp. 4705-4726. ISSN 1867-8548 doi:

Zia, Qazi Muhammad Zaigham and Potthast, Roland (2016) The range test and the no response test for Oseen problems: theoretical foundation. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 304. pp. 201-211. ISSN 0377-0427 doi:

Bick, T., Simmer, C., Trömel, S., Wapler, K., Hendricks Franssen, H.-J., Stephan, K., Blahak, U., Schraff, C., Reich, H., Zeng, Y. and Potthast, Roland (2016) Assimilation of 3D radar reflectivities with an ensemble Kalman filter on the convective scale. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142 (696). pp. 1490-1504. ISSN 1477-870X doi:

Schraff, C., Reich, H., Rhodin, A., Schomburg, A., Stephan, K., Perianez, A. and Potthast, Roland (2016) Kilometre-scale ensemble data assimilation for the COSMO model (KENDA). Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142 (696). pp. 1453-1472. ISSN 1477-870X doi:

Nadeem, Aamir and Potthast, Roland (2016) Transformed and generalized localization for ensemble methods in data assimilation. Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences, 39 (4). pp. 619-634. ISSN 0170-4214 doi:

Schomburg, A., Schraff, C. and Potthast, Roland (2015) A concept for the assimilation of satellite cloud information in an Ensemble Kalman Filter: single-observation experiments. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 141 (688). pp. 893-908. ISSN 1477-870X doi:

Perianez, Africa, Reich, Hendrik and Potthast, Roland (2014) Optimal localization for ensemble Kalman filter systems. Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. II, 92 (6). pp. 585-597. ISSN 0026-1165 doi:

Zia, Qazi Muhammad Zaigham and Potthast, Roland W. E. (2013) Flow and shape reconstructions from remote measurements. Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences, 36 (10). pp. 1171-1186. ISSN 1099-1476 doi:

Lowery, Natalie L.H., Vahdati, Maria M., Potthast, Roland W.E. and Holderbaum, William (2013) Classification and fault detection methods for fuel cell monitoring and quality control. Journal of Fuel Cell Science and Technology, 10 (2). 021002. ISSN 1550-624X doi:

Moodey, Alexander J. F., Lawless, Amos S., Potthast, Roland W. E. and Van Leeuwen, Peter Jan (2013) Nonlinear error dynamics for cycled data assimilation methods. Inverse Problems, 29 (2). 025002. ISSN 0266-5611 doi:

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Lowery, Natalie, Potthast, Roland, Vahdati, Maria and Holderbaum, William (2012) On discrimination algorithms for ill-posed problems with an application to magnetic tomography. Inverse Problems , 28 (6). 065010. ISSN 1361-6420 doi:

Potthast, R.W.E. (2011) An iterative contractive framework for probe methods: LASSO. Radio Science, 46 (RS0E14). ISSN 1944–799x doi:

Potthast, Roland (2010) A study on orthogonality sampling. Inverse Problems, 26 (7). 074015. ISSN 1361-6420 doi:

Potthast, Roland, Fazi, Filippo M. and Nelson, Philip A. (2010) Source splitting via the point source method. Inverse Problems, 26 (4). 045002. ISSN 1361-6420 doi:

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Beim Graben, Peter and Potthast, Roland (2009) Inverse problems in dynamic cognitive modeling. Chaos, 19 (1). p. 21. ISSN 1089-7682 doi:

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Delbary, F.,, Erhard, K., Kress, R., Potthast, R. and Schulz, J. (2008) Inverse electromagnetic scattering in a two-layered medium with an application to mine detection. Inverse Problems, 24 (1). 015002. ISSN 0266-5611 doi:

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Jakubik, P. and Potthast, R. (2008) Testing the integrity of some cavity - the Cauchy problem and the range test. Applied Numerical Mathematics, 58 (6). pp. 899-914. ISSN 0168-9274 doi:

Potthast, Roland (2007) On the convergence of the no response test. SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis (SIMA), 38 (6). pp. 1808-1824. ISSN 0036-1410 doi:

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Book or Report Section

Potthast, R., Fazi, F. M., Nelson, P. A. and Seo, J. (2008) Two sound field reconstruction techniques based on integral equations. In: 2008 Hands-Free Speech Communication and Microphone Arrays. IEEE, pp. 245-248.


Yaman, Fatih, Yakhno, Valery G., Özdemir, Caner, Yu, Tzu-Yang and Potthast, Roland (2015) Recent theory and applications on inverse problems 2014. Hindawi Publishing. doi:

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