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Peng, Y., Guo, Y.-P., Zhao, J., Tan, Z.-M., Chen, X. and Feng, X. ORCID: (2024) Tropical cyclogenesis bias over the central North Pacific in CMIP6 simulations. Journal of Climate. ISSN 1520-0442 doi:

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Book or Report Section

Feng, X. ORCID: and Cheng, Y. (2019) Observing sea levels in the China seas from satellite altimetry. In: Barale, V. and Gade, M. (eds.) Remote Sensing of the Asian Seas. Springer, pp. 321-338. ISBN 978-3-319-94067-0 doi:

Parada, J., Feng, X. ORCID:, Hauerhof, E., Suzuki, R. and Abubakar, U. (2012) The deep sea energy park: harvesting hydrothermal energy for seabed exploration. In: The deep sea energy park: harvesting hydrothermal energy for seabed exploration. University of Southampton, Southampton. ISBN 9780854329519

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