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Mancini, M. and Sirota, L. (2023) The end of administrative supremacy in Canada. University of British Columbia Law Review. ISSN 0068-1849 (In Press)

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Book or Report Section

Sirota, L. (2021) Compelled speech: a conscience - and integrity-based approach. In: Macfarlane, E. (ed.) Dilemmas of Free Expression. University of Toronto Press, Toronto. ISBN 9781487529291

Sirota, L. (2020) A Citizen’s Guide to the Rule of Law. In: Biro, P. L. (ed.) Constitutional Democracy Under Stress: A Time For Heroic Citizenship. Mosaic Press. ISBN 9781771614801

Sirota, L. (2019) The paradox of simplicity in Canadian administrative law. In: Daly, P. and Sirota, L. (eds.) Canadian Journal of Administrative Law and Practice Special Issue - A Decade of Dunsmuir / Les 10 ans de Dunsmuir. Carswell, Canada. ISBN 9780779888139

Sirota, L. (2019) The Rule of Law All the Way Up. In: Baron, J. and St-Hilaire, M. (eds.) Attacks on the Rule of Law from Within. Supreme Court Law Review (2d):. LexisNexis. ISBN 9780433502869

Sirota, L. and St-Hilaire, M. (2015) Canadian Voter Identification Requirements in a Comparative Perspective. In: Tardi, G. (ed.) The Informed Citizens' Guide to Elections: Electioneering Based on the Rule of Law. Carswell. ISBN 9780779864645


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